Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cold Dead Things

What makes us human? This is not so much a philosophical question as it is an introspective one. I ask this only because the actions of today’s society and the notion of humanity itself seem to be at odds, and the more we get a peek behind the curtain, the more we realize we are become a planet of cold dead things, excusing and justifying practices that would make animals blush if they could.

Can we still call ourselves human when we are nonchalantly discussing the sale of baby parts as though we were ordering meat from our local butcher? Can we still call ourselves human when what we claim to be a clump of cells is actually fingers, and toes, and arms, and hearts, and we still choose to murder them wholesale and profit from their death? Can we still call ourselves human when our ideal isn’t saving lives but rather extracting babies from their mother’s wombs in a more complete manner so as to resell their cadavers for more money?

When murder of the innocent becomes an issue of choice and the demand is ‘murder at any time, for any reason, without apology’, how much if any of our humanity is still left?

A rotting soul walking around in a skin suit does not a human make, no matter how much lipstick and eyeliner you slather on.

We like to use flowery words to cover up our criminality. We use words like reproductive rights, viable tissue, or specimen, but we all know what we’re really talking about here. We’re talking about a human baby, one with eyes and ears and a nose, one which given the chance would have been born and lived and thrived, one which given the chance would have smiled and laughed and giggled.

We are talking about murdering said child because it’s an inconvenience, then selling its remains as though it were a slab of meat. Yes, dignity indeed!

In classic Orwellian fashion, the individuals responsible for exposing the atrocities taking place in the murder mills across America have been ordered to keep silent by a court of law, because you can’t mess with big business without getting your hand slapped, even if the product being peddled happens to be dead baby parts.

It’s sort of like going to report on a rape, and being sanctioned for being a tattle tale. When did it become against the law to expose atrocity? When did it become criminal to defend the innocent and defenseless?

Throughout all of this unfolding, everyone was holding their collective breaths waiting for the church’s reaction on the matter. Some were even rubbing their hands in anticipation, concluding that the church is taking so long to say something because what it has to say is so powerful. Well, the people holding their breaths have since passed out due to lack of oxygen, and the church rolled over on its side, yawned once or twice, got a bit peeved for having its slumber interrupted and went right back to bed.

We are too busy buying private jets, acquiring mansions, racing Bentleys, and telling everyone who will listen that Jesus wants to be their sugar daddy to care about such trivial things as the murder of the unborn and the selling of their remains for profit. That’s just beneath us. Our mission is to win the world don’t you know, and for that we need a brand spanking new jet to puddle around in.

At this point is anyone still praying for God to withhold judgment? I know I’m not!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Marcel Cousineau said...

“Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them; for I will not listen when they call to Me because of their disaster.
Jeremiah 11:4

meema said...

The frustration is almost unbearable. Apparently the only ones who aren't frustrated by all the lies are the ones reaping the benefits from them.

For Him,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Michael Boldea... the young man who just hit another home run, This article is excellent. You said it all, and the church is too silent. God will bring it all into judgment So sad that people have no true perception of right and wrong, and can do such evil and perverse deeds with seemingly no conscience.

Chip said...

"Man" will receive his "Just Desserts" very shortly !The Lord has had ENOUGH

Anonymous said...

I am a christian, and within my soul, i wish that people would wake up to see what is going on around them. By the events in the world, the way people act and live their lives, the total depravity of our once great society... Anyone that is looking should be able to see how dark and evil the days have become. This country (and the entire world, i believe) i am fully convinced is about to receive its judgment from God. Actually, judgment has already been passed, we are just waiting for sentencing to be carried out. There have been many times in the past i have hoped judgment would be delayed, for the hope of the unsaved..., but now... Now i don't see any hope at all. It has become increasingly difficult to talk to people, they just don't want to listen. Or those that do listen, don't take any action to change their lives. They just continue on, thinking everything is and will continue to be fine. Well, folks, it isn't! New articles have come out indicating that percenatages of people who identify as religious or christian are dropping. So people are losing what ever sense of spirituality they had. Evil in this country is at an all time high, and growing. When a satanic group publicly unveils a statue of baphomet, and even receives funding... There is something badly wrong. It wasn't that long ago, that for even being accused of being a witch, without a shred of evidence, you were bruned at the stake. Now, in movies, society, we openly allow and endorse satanism/demonism. We the people of this country, especially christians, have sat on our laurels, doing nothing, while we ignore the visible signs of evil taking hold. We rightly deserve a severe judgment from God, and i fear that is coming sooner than we want.

Unknown said...

Judgement is coming to the USA and will drop us to our knees and many of the ungodly maybe only have months of
This physical life left but would they repent ?
When the judgements in revelation are rapid fired and the evil do not repent and they curse Jesus and the most high father these
People are evil.

Anonymous said...

A very painful but accurate discussion on how far we've fallen. Where we are now is extremely chilling. May God have mercy on us all. Thank you Pastor Michael for your faithful labors for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Let the judgement come.

Chris said...

There is little to add, you have summed up this situation eloquently. What especially hit home was the reaction, or rather the inaction of churches, that is indeed troubling, very troubling. Since the advent of Roe V. Wade this country has murdered approximately 60 million humans, more than any of the so called "oppressive" regimes such as China, the USSR, or even Nazi Germany, an entire generation has been wiped out, and yet there are those who still turn a blind eye and pretend it is not happening. We, as a nation, have lost our moral strength, we have forsaken God, and for that I fear a terrible judgement will soon fall upon us all. Keep sounding the call to arms, and please continue to shine the light of truth on this, our most vile of sins.

Anthony said...

Your thoughts are well taken. I am a Pastor of a church and I have the exact same sentiments as you have expressed. My only regret is that I do not have a larger pulpit from which to shout. But we do have facebook, and I will repost this commentary, but I noticed that when I do post these kinds of issues the response is deafeningly silent. But if I should post something unflattering about the Presidents agenda, the wolves start howling. Thank you for this commentary and I will do all that I can to help spread this message. Like you, I do believe that God's judgment is soon to hit this country.

Anonymous said...

Amen...His judgment are knocking at the door. Repent. Time is up.

Anonymous said...

Judgement day is a lot closer than you think.For those who have started this from the begining will come to a hell of an end.His blood runs through this earth and it is boiling.

Anonymous said...

Judgement days is near!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


now, we ALL knew what the outcome of roe v wade would be, whole sale slaughter and another Massacre of the Innocents on the scale Herod could never imagine.
HOPEFULLY more and more will be educated and aware on how roe v wade came about, the LIES presented and that there NEVER WAS A SHRED OF CONSTITUTIONAL BACKING--this is true.
please educate all you can SO our esteemed reps CAN BE put on notice that we, the people REFUSE ACCEPTANCE OF ABORTION ON DEMAND and abortion in general, roe v wade, LEGISLATION FROM THE BENCH etc as it remains ILLEGAL ACTIONS via a court--search these things OUT as IT IS THE TRUTH,

to those on FACEBOOK---PLEASE CONTINUE TO REFUTE THE ABORTION CROWD WITH FACTS--as they are godless and ungodly SIMPLY KEEP SLINGING THE FACTS OF ABORTION AND DEMAND THEY VIEW training videOs SHOWING WHAT ABORTION IS and to view the UNEDITED VIDEOS that expose planned butcherhood as an ABUSER OF WOMEN, AN EXPLOITER OF WOMEN and the FACT that planned butcherhood IS NOT A NECESSITY SINCE EVERYONE HAS OBAMA CARE and or a form of medicaid-
no one is taking HEALTH CARE AWAY.

the abomination of the sale of their body parts and the sale of their "intact" babies obtained HAS BEEN ONGOING and now brought to light.
witnessing the REFUSAL OF OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATION TO CLOSE THEM DOWN simply reflects the stage we are in.
IF YOU CAN TOLERTE THIS, google gosnell trial and testimony--how many BORN ALIVE WERE MURDERED ?
how many intact are shipped out on ice left to die ? I DO BELIEVE THE LAST VIDEO WILL PROVE THIS.

I strongly stress the need to simply lay on the floor, face down and implore Almighty G_d to have mercy on us and on the whole world.
DO NOT BE SO SNIDE TO STATE well He ALREADY HAD MERCY ON US--HE SENT HIS BELOVED SON--no, sin continues, the earth and the heavens CANNOT ABSORB ANYMORE INNOCENT BLOOD and the Almighty is merciful BUT ALSO IS JUST,--man is created IN the IMAGE and LIKENESS OF G_d !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and these people ARE DESTROYING INNOCENT LIVES THAT WERE CREATED IN HIS IMAGE.
The time is now and Divine JUSTICE will be given out.

james said...

It is not yet time for judgement. For now God is longsuffering.

James McClay said...

Judgment is et. No amount of crying out for America will spare her. But God will pour out His Glory one more time and many in the world will be save. MOST OF THE CHURCH -- HOWEVER -- will find that they have not listened to God's voice and prepared themselves --- AND THOUGH THEY CRY OUT FOR MERCY -- it will be too late. They chose their doctrines over a walk of faith and their pastors over serving Jesus alone.


Anonymous said...

I look at what is left of this nation and I am sickened by what remains . The sins of America have truly reached up to heaven and his righteous punishment now is what we have to look forward to. God tells us in his word that he hates the shedding of innocent blood and when you consider that there have been 50+ mil lives snuffed out since 1973 under the guise of a woman's right to choose , whichever way God chooses to destroy this nation you can be certain it will be swift and brutal. God tells us that men's hearts will fail them when they see what is to come upon the world because of our rejection of the Truth. As believers, you can feel his imminent wrath preparing to be poured out on this wicked nation and as sad as it is to say, America will soon be receiving exactly what she deserves. May God have mercy upon all of us.

Anonymous said...

The wonder of it all is that God has been so patient for so long. It can never be said that He has not allowed ample time for abortion laws to be repealed, and for those who perpetrate and profit by this hideous act to humble themselves and repent.

Is the "cup of iniquity" about to overflow, bringing a flood of judgment in its wake? Or maybe the ever-increasing disasters we see around us are the leading edge of that judgment -- the hurricanes, tornadoes, straight-line winds, incredible lightning, dust storms, torrential rains, floods, blood-red waters, sinkholes, record snowfalls, radioactive poisoning from broken-down power plants, massive animal die-offs, strange diseases, and on and on and on. What does it take to persuade the bulk of humanity to humble themselves before their Creator? My heart aches as I remember that only a "remnant" shall ultimately be saved. Let us be sure we are truly part of that remnant by continuously examining our own lives.


Anonymous said...

Right on Mike! Amen