Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A god In Every Cupboard

When the god you worship is a god of your own making and design, the liberties he will afford you are limitless. When men create the gods they worship, the gods they worship are subject to them, to their flesh, to their lusts and desires, and whatever it is they desire to do, their god gives them the freedom to do, because he must abide by their dictates.

If you can stomach being your own god, it’s a worthwhile racket. It eliminates the need for a middle man like in Catholicism, and you don’t have to pony up the big bucks to purchase an indulgence like they did in the good old days. You just do whatever you want, when you want it, and if perchance anyone objects, you just tell them your god is okay with it. You have his permission, he has given you his seal of approval, and anyone who questions the absurdity of your stance, anyone who points out the inconsistency or fallacy of your argument is just a legalistic hater.

How dare you imply that the feelings I feel are not legitimate and do not outweigh whatever you think the Bibles says about it? I can do all things! It’s there somewhere, I heard it once on television from a preacher up in Houston. Are you just trying to keep me in bondage by implying that there are some things I can’t do or shouldn’t do?

We are seeing this more and more, especially when someone is trying to defend a lifestyle or a pet sin that they are unwilling to part with. Suddenly, not only were they born that way, but their god is more than willing to embrace their abomination, validate it, and yes, even celebrate it for its uniqueness.

The only fly in the ointment is that if you claim to serve the God of the Bible, yet say He is permissive of things He called abominations in His own Word, you are either wrong, or the God of the Bible is schizophrenic, and has multiple personalities.

God will not condone in one breath what He condemned in another. He is not double-tongued, He is not double-minded, and He will not change His mind or alter His worldview just because you hold your breath and stomp your feet. God is not impressed by temper tantrums, and He is not influenced by individuals who insist that they know what He meant, rather than what He said.

If the god you serve does not require submission, if the god you serve does not require obedience, if the god you serve does not require renunciation of your old ways, if the god you serve requires nothing of you but your acknowledgment, you may just be serving a god of your own making.

What's worse, is that honest individuals are seeking the truth, seeking direction, seeking Biblical doctrine, and for fear of offense and stepping on toes, men whose sole purpose is to be shepherds fail at it time and again by not being clear as to what the Word of God says.

If you love your sin more than you love God, then you are not worthy of Him! Whatever that sin might be, whatever appearance those shackles might take, if you do not choose freedom in Christ over bondage to sin, you are not really Christ’s.

Just speak the truth! What people do with the truth you sow into their lives is up to them. You are not responsible for their actions once they have been shown the way, nor will their blood be required of you.

You can either believe that there is a god in every cupboard, and each one of these gods has a different set of rules depending on who they are addressing at the time, or you can believe that there is One God, eternal, everlasting, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. The one true God who transforms men that He may inhabit them, and who will not suffer anything wicked or defiled to enter His Kingdom. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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