Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Crazy Train

For all intents and purposes, it would seem that the Democrat party is a slow rolling crazy train, with no less than 19 people vying for the position of conductor. Every day, the entire purpose of these nineteen is to out-crazy each other, and if it were not for the scores of people applauding the lunacy, it would merely be something to laugh at, scorn, deride and make fun of.

No matter the position, it seems everyone is intent on one-upping everyone else. If one person said that ex-felons should regain their right to vote at some point, another comes along who thinks they should be able to vote even while incarcerated and in prison. I’m just waiting for yet another to up the ante and say that if you own an Ouija board, you should be able to vote on behalf of your dead relatives if they happened to expire within the last ten years.

That most of them are in lockstep about allowing individuals who are in this country illegally to vote, is just the icing on the crazy cake.

Another hot button topic seems to be reparations, even though no one has conclusively laid out any sort of blueprint as to who should get what and from whom. My family, going back a few generations were likely slaves to Romans. Who do I go to for my reparations?

Not to be outdone, from the latest that has been making its way on the internet, there has even been actual talk by people vying for the presidential nomination of their party, regarding white people giving up their homes to people of a certain level of melanin in their skin, because it’s just the right thing to do.

 Never mind the fact that none of them are willing to set the example, and be the first to do it. Never mind the fact that not one has volunteered to follow their own advice, and give up home and hearth to someone just because of their skin tone. Do you realize how racist that is on its face? I know, to some who just like free stuff it sounds really good, but for an entire political party to so condescend to a whole race insisting that the only way they have a shot at succeeding in this country is to take from someone else is galling to me.

This entire thing reminds me of an asylum for the mentally insane I once visited while my grandfather was still alive. It was right after the Romanian revolution, and the place looked exactly as one would expect it to look given the sort of individuals inhabiting it. If not for the sunny day we chose to go, you would have thought it was a movie set, replete with moss covered brick walls, rusty iron gates, and hooting owls in the trees.

Their funding had been cut in half by the state, and they needed help with food, linens, clothing, and anything else we could provide.

The doctor in charge came to give us the tour and informed us that there were four tiers to the asylum. Tier one was for the nonviolent patients, those who'd just had psychotic breaks, and thought themselves to be Napoleon or Nefertiti, the second tier were those who hurt themselves, the third, those who lashed out occasionally, and the fourth tier were those who were full-blown psychotics, dangerous and violent.

We got to tier two before we decided we’d seen enough. I think the last straw was watching someone calmly, and very judiciously painting a window with their own feces. I didn’t have to see tier three to realize that yes, these people were deeply disturbed, perhaps through no fault of their own, but that the facility needed our help.

What scares me is that I think we’ve only just hit tier two when it comes to the Democrat party contenders for the presidential nomination. I think we have yet to see the truly off the wall ideas, but they are coming, because all of them know they have to do something, anything, to separate themselves from the pack.

If you don’t believe we are living in a dangerous time for this nation, then you’re not looking hard enough. Take a tour, why don’t you, and see what these candidates have already declared as their definitive positions. Once you’ve done that, consider that there are still eighteen months to go until the election.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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