Saturday, June 22, 2019

Modern Blasphemy

Those who know me know I’m a pretty easy going guy. For the most part, things roll off my back, I don’t get angry, I take life as it comes, and the surprises in stride. I don’t suppress anger; I just don’t have it. That said, there are certain times when taking it in stride is not an option. When you have a washed up has been who has lain with enough men to fill a soccer stadium telling you what Jesus would do, or how He would feel, it just gets under my skin.

Of late, it seems every whore of Babylon trying to resurrect her dying career is having diarrhea of the mouth regarding Christians, Christianity, and Christ. They unanimously conclude that Christians are evil, that Christ would give the thumbs up to abortion, and that it is they, these saggy, broken, largely ignored women of ill repute who have tapped into the thought process of the Son of God, and are ready to pass on the information they have deciphered.

The most recent wrinkle bag a few months removed from having to wear an adult diaper to have concluded that Jesus would be praising abortion is Madonna. Just because such shocking statements have become passé, she decided to up the ante by sexualizing Christ on the cross, you know, because she’s so spiritual and all.

You expect vile things from vile people. You expect vile actions from vile people. What you do not expect, what has become disheartening and disappointing is the consistent silence of the church when these daughters of Jezebel openly blaspheme the God of the Bible.

Make no mistake; blasphemy is what it is. It may be a modern version of it, but at the end of the day, it’s still blasphemy. That we can shrug it off and move on with our day is troubling to say the least, because we have either become numb to hearing it, or we don’t care. Neither of these two options is acceptable, yet, somehow, we’ve managed to once again talk ourselves into being silent.

There is only one place where this apathy and disinterest will lead, and that is to greater mockery, blasphemy, and eventual persecution of the church.

If we remain silent now, when we will want to speak, when we will want to make our voices heard, it will be too late, having been successfully muzzled and marginalized to the point that being branded as individuals antithetical to progress will be a foregone conclusion.

It is because we have garnered a reputation for being docile, that amateur prostitutes can take indiscriminate potshots at us. Fine, take a potshot at me, but when you attempt to conflate taking shots at me, with assuming what Jesus would believe, then go a step further in attempting to sexualize His sacrifice, that is a bridge too far, and more Christians should be incensed about it. 

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.

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