Saturday, June 8, 2019


It’s hard enough fighting the devil day in and day out. Those who don’t think it is have never had to confront him. Otherwise, they would think different. It’s easy to conclude that our journey towards eternity is like a carriage ride on fluffy pillows when we’ve never had the wherewithal to stand and defend the truth. Those who understand that we are at war, and being a spectator is not an option, know how taxing battle is because they have the scars, wounds, and bruises that remind them every day.

What makes fighting the devil exponentially more difficult is when you have saboteurs pretending to be fighting the good fight, while giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and making the hearts of the righteous sad. All Sisyphus had to do was push a rock up a hill. What we have to do is push a rock up a hill while getting shived in the back by those pretending to be brothers in arms.

While the foot soldiers of the cross are making headway in areas such as abortion on demand, you have faith leaders of varying denominations writing letters to the governors of their states insisting that abortion be kept legal and easily accessible.

This happened recently in Tennessee, where once the governor confirmed that he would be signing the heartbeat bill into law, over 150 faith leaders from Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and everything in between, signed a letter denouncing the legislature, and demanding that the murdering of unborn babies keep jugging along undeterred in their state.

Keep in mind this didn’t take place in some liberal bastion like Oregon or California; this happened in Tennessee! The so-called leaders who signed this letter weren’t from some fringe, unheard of denomination or a group of lesbians pretending to be pastors, they were from mainline protestant denominations, and individuals who shepherd flocks.

Over 150 faith leaders, all incensed at the idea that the wholesale slaughter of the unborn will not be allowed to continue as it has been, saw fit to petition the governor to abstain from signing the legislation.

Imagine the good 150 churches could have done to assuage the panic some are feeling that they will no longer be able to murder their babies on demand. Imagine all the positive results they could have had if they had offered to help new mothers in need or work with adoption agencies on their behalf. Why is it that murdering your unborn baby seems to be the only viable option nowadays when so many other options exist?

It used to be one read the words of Jesus regarding the last days, and although intellectually believed it, there was always that thought that perhaps He was being a bit hyperbolic. It’s not that we didn’t believe, it’s that we didn’t think it could get as bad as He said it would. Men infiltrating the church pretending to be of God only to betray every godly principle? Men rising to prominence and leadership roles within the Body only to attempt and disregard every tenet of Scripture?

Sure, it’ll get worse in the last days, we thought, but would it really get that bad? Would men descend into the darkness to such an extent wherein on one side of their mouth, they proclaimed Christ, and on the other side, advocate for the murder of babies?

The evidence is undeniable and indisputable. Jesus was not hyperbolic, He was seeing the last days play out, and described what would be happening within the church, namely false teachers, false prophets, and false Christs deceiving many, as well as what would be happening in the world as a whole.

If you’ve ever wondered if Biblical descriptions regarding the last days were exaggerated, wonder no longer; they weren’t!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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