Saturday, July 18, 2020

Breach of Trust

I don’t like being repetitive. It’s pedantic, sophomoric, and it leaves me feeling like I’m spinning my wheels. We both have better things to do than for me to write the same thing over and over, and for you to read the same thing over and over.

This nation has reached a point of crisis. Thus far, it’s not supply chain breakdowns, or food shortages, although if this keeps up, those things are only a matter of time. The crisis is I speak of is a breach of trust on the part of duly elected officials, from the highest echelons of power in Washington to the lowliest of one-horse towns in rural Idaho.

It seems there is no immunity from abuse of power no matter where you live in this country. Sure, some are more egregious than others, threatening fines and jail time for not putting on a muzzle, but we seem to have suspended constitutional rights across the board at a clip that is breathtaking to behold.

How sad that the land of the free is no freer than mainland China. Still, certain individuals are beside themselves that we haven’t gone far enough. They want a federal mandate, and nothing less will suffice.

I used to give the benefit of the doubt to people, but I stopped doing that some time ago. Every time I did, I got burned, and usually, the worst possible intentions were the ones that proved true. If someone walks up to you with a knife, chances are they’re not trying to show you the Damascus steel blade; they’re trying to rob you or stab you. By the same token, when pampered, self-serving, narcissistic zealots start screaming about a federal mask mandate, it’s not to protect the public.

They are attempting to make the president into the tyrant they imagine him to be, and to their great displeasure, he is not going along with it. As yet, there is no federal, nationwide mandate to put on a mask, wrap yourself in saran wrap, dip yourself in sanitizer, or become a permanent shut-in. These are all local ordinances, from mayors, and governors, and local health officials who oddly enough never worked in the healthcare field, who see no downside in their proclamations because they’ve been getting paid throughout all this nonsense.

Now the new battlefield is whether or not to reopen schools in the fall. Even though the oft lauded science tells us that children are less likely to die from COVID than they are to die from the flu, teachers’ unions the nation over are insisting that going back to work would be unsafe. 

Therefore they should be able to get full pay and benefits for doing a ten-minute zoom class with their students every morning.

Ten minutes a day for full bennies and pay? Sign me up. I’ll throw in an extra five minutes for free because that’s just the kind of guy I am. What about the parents who have jobs, who now have to contend with their children being home for the rest of the day? What about the demonstrable psychological side effects of children no longer being able to socialize with other children? What about the children whose ne’er-do-well guardians forget to feed regularly, and whose only consistent nutrition was the school lunch?

Never mind all that. The school teachers’ union has spoken, and unless you defund the police, they’re not going back to work. Say what? Huh? Stop the presses! What’s one thing got to do with the other? Well, nothing. Nothing at all, but like everything else nowadays, it is being used as a pretext to advance an agenda.

As I said at the beginning of this rant, I don’t like being repetitive, but sometimes I have to be for the sake of getting the point across. Everything is not as it seems, but the end goal of the entire charade is becoming ever more apparent with each passing day. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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