Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Your Lying Eyes

It takes moxie to stare into a camera straight-faced and insist that what you are seeing isn’t really what is transpiring. Your eyes are lying to you, and preening semi-literates on television will be quick to point that out. There are no riots going on in major US cities; those are just your lying eyes deceiving you. Storefront windows didn’t get shattered with rocks and bricks and all manner of debris, they broke themselves in solidarity with a movement that no one can accurately pinpoint what it’s about anymore.

Cop cars didn’t get torched, and businesses didn’t get looted, vandals aren’t having free reign while law enforcement is threatened with prosecution if they attempt to uphold the law; those are just your lying eyes again, making you see something that isn’t really there.

It’s all peaceful! It is! There is no targeted, concerted effort to overthrow this administration and drag this nation into mob rule and some perverted version of Marxism. The preening homosexuals on CNN just said so, and you should believe them because they wouldn’t lie. They’re journalists, and they take their job seriously, and for you to even query as to why the news is so demonstrably slanted is in itself racist and homophobic. Just shut up and believe what that oozing ball of puss is jabbering on about like looting, rioting, burning, and pillaging being time tested forms of peaceful protest.

What you’re seeing isn’t what you’re seeing, and every major news network and internet platform will be quick to reiterate this point to you time and again. It has become verboten for you the lowly rube, the working schmoe, to be allowed to make up your own mind about any substantive topic. If you must think, they will tell you what you can think. If you try to point to any inconsistency, then the full force of lonely pink-haired jobless women whose only mission in life is to destroy the patriarchy will come for you with a force and ferocity only the tolerant left can muster.  

Yesterday my brother forwarded me a video of a press conference put on by frontline doctors, some of whom made compelling cases for the use of certain prophylactics, and who so vehemently believe in their positive effects that they themselves, as well as their staff, are taking it as a preventative measure. There was one particular doctor of Nigerian descent, who said of the three hundred fifty patients she had treated with the coronavirus, none had perished, and all had made full recoveries.

Because their findings did not support the current narrative of we’re all going to die if we don’t lock ourselves in our basements forever, the press conference has been scrubbed from every major internet platform. They were reasoned, rational, reasonable, and gave people a glimmer of hope, and we can’t have that. How dare anyone attempt to tamp down the fear that is driving some people to suicide? How dare on the ground medical professionals insist that this entire drama is being overblown for political reasons? We can’t have that. The nerd kings of Silicon Valley have declared it so, but once the cat is out of the bag, it’s out of the bag. Now, people who had the foresight to copy it onto a hard drive are passing it around as though it were some bootleg copy of an as-yet-unreleased blockbuster.

Whether your eyes are shut, sneaking a peak, or fully open, just remember that liars lie, propagandists propagandize, and what you see, grotesque and unbelievable as it may seem, is the truth. Believe your eyes, because they’re not lying. They’re showing you exactly what is going on.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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