Friday, August 7, 2020

Sound and Fury


In recent months there has been an explosion of cross-pollination when it comes to people who have no experience in a particular field or practice telling you what you must do, how you must think, and what you can say. Code writing nerds have suddenly become experts in vaccines, black billionaires have become experts in latent racism, scolding the lowly white women who made them rich for being racist and not even knowing it, and middle-aged divorcees who smell of head cheese and sour milk have become de facto mask enforcement authorities because real law enforcement has better things to do than make sure you’re wearing a dirty cloth on your kisser.

It has become taboo to say you don’t know something, have not formed an opinion, picked a side, or aren’t interested enough in the topic to form one. Not only must you have a solidly cemented opinion about everything all the time, you must also be passionate enough about it that however trite and trivial, it’s a hill you’re willing to die on. Dig your heels in, defend your position, and attempt to destroy anyone not in full agreement. Even though the facts on the ground may have changed, even though the situation may have evolved and new data has transformed the landscape, as the man currently running for the highest office in the land once said, we choose truth over facts.

Self-importance is seductive to the simple-minded, and we are living amidst a whirlwind of voices, each trying to outdo the other for no other reason than to be the last one heard. Not that any of them would do anything about anything. It’s easier to talk the talk than walk the walk, and they figure if they do enough talking, no one will notice they’re not doing any of the walking. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing, but it keeps people glued to their televisions, afraid, uncertain, uncomfortable, and suspicious of their neighbor.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that some days I don’t feel like adding to the whirlwind. Repeatedly pointing out that the house is on fire while everyone else is breaking out the marshmallows and graham crackers gets tiresome after a while, and rather than get bitter, I go for a walk with my kids or feed some ducks at the local lake.

All we can do is press on and hope and pray that there are still enough decent people left in the world to make a difference. I think this is why they’re trying so hard. They are attempting to discourage, dishearten, and dispirit the vast majority who just want to be left alone into believing that what we are seeing play out is inevitable and unavoidable. As far as I know, only three things are inevitable and unavoidable: death, taxes, and final judgment. Everything else is in flux, and if it can’t be avoided altogether, it can be delayed, and that’s a far cry better than rolling over and showing the whites of our bellies to faux-revolutionaries with testosterone deficiencies and an excess of self-importance.

This rant should have been done an hour ago, but I got caught up in watching birds fly to and fro from the bird feeder. More fulfilling by far than watching flaming homosexuals try and lecture me about God, Christianity, and morality, or a would-be tyrant insist that we’re nothing like China even though we’ve set up checkpoints, are demanding papers, and are going into people’s homes uninvited to see if they have the sniffles. We are normalizing the police state, but don’t worry about it, move along, there’s nothing to see here. Just go scream in your neighbor’s face about how he’s a mass murderer for not wearing a mask or something; that will make you feel better.

With love in Christ

Michael Boldea Jr.

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thumbs64 said...

My thoughts exactly. I'm posting it.