Thursday, August 20, 2020

What It Is!

 We’ve been having a hard time of late calling things what they are. We try to find flowery adjectives, apply disingenuous descriptors, and even tell out and out lies regarding what we see with our own eyes because we don’t want to be next on the list. The ad hominem attack has become a staple of the unhinged. Rather than defend their position, they attack the person trying to point out that there’s nothing peaceful about the riots that have been taking place in certain major cities in this country for close to three months now.

A severed arm is not a paper cut, and no one in their right mind could insist that it is. Yet, somehow, every talking head on television continues to insist that what we are seeing is mostly peaceful, with a peppering of people being punted in the head, tackled to the ground, drop kicked, punched, robbed, and threatened.

The latest ghoulishness is people celebrating the murder of a five-year-old boy by his next-door neighbor for the high crime of being white. The consensus is that he deserved it. That’ll show him! White privileged five-year-old riding his bike without a care in the world, he deserved the bullet to the head.

This is not what we are becoming, this is what we have become, and the only way to stem the tide, the only way to reverse course before we go over the edge is to call things what they are, and not be squeamish about it. Whether domestic terrorism, insurrection, rioting, marauding, or attempted overthrow of a duly elected administration, what we are witnessing is anything but peaceful.

Unhappy, unaccomplished people want to make sure that everyone else is as miserable and unaccomplished as them. In a nutshell, this is what we are seeing, and the more credence, credibility, or validation they are given, the more they will believe they are in the right and that they are doing good.

We’ve hopscotched from police reform to defunding police altogether, to doing away with the nuclear family, capitalism, private property, and freedom of expression or independent thought. All this being perpetrated by individuals who couldn’t manage to see themselves out of their parents’ basements by the time they were in their thirties.

The plans once whispered in hushed tones are now platform staples for a particular political party. Though the old guard is getting a bit worried and starting to sweat under their collars upon hearing the plans their replacements have in mind, there’s nothing they can do about it but go along. They built a monster they can’t control, and now they just want to be last on the menu.

Politicians will not solve this because they are by nature, cowardly, spineless, and altogether duplicitous. Even as the grim reaper is chasing them through the halls of congress, they cling to their power, whether real or imagined, because that’s all they have and all they’ll ever have. They forfeited principle, dignity, truth, honesty, and every other worthwhile virtue that makes us human for the sake of power, and now it’s too late to go back.

It’s up to the people, as it always has been, to make a principled stand and call out the insanity before it chokes out the truth altogether. There’s never a guaranteed victory if you choose to stand, but defeat is guaranteed if you choose to bow. I have to believe that those wanting to raise their children in the land of the free far outnumber the children who want to tear it all down. If I didn’t, I’d be learning how to speak Fijian.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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