Wednesday, February 10, 2021


It’s funny how some Christians still believe that the people who are basically advocating for the legalization of bow hunting toddlers up until they’re old enough to dial 911 for themselves have any limits on the depths of depravity to which they will sink. They are naïve enough to hope that individuals who have no qualms about dissecting a human baby and selling it for parts as though it were some wrecked car left on the side of the road have any moral compass or self-awareness.

What you defend in your day to day says a lot more about you than what denomination you belong to or what theological bend you represent. If you defend darkness and death, you align yourself with them, becoming them. If you uphold light and righteousness, likewise, you align yourself with them. You cannot defend the darkness while being a servant of the light, just as you can’t defend the light being a servant of darkness. Truth is stubbornly consistent, and though men might try to twist it, fragment it, or interpret it, it reverts to its original state.

The truth is that the servants of darkness today are, as Peter calls them, natural brute beasts, who only have one goal, and that is power. It’s not as though no one saw this coming because if you comb through the things I’ve written, the pattern is undeniably consistent. However, because they know that we know that they know that we know that their positions were not earned but rather stolen, their need to dominate, to silence, and to destroy will only multiply.

It’s like the guy who’s putzing around on a stolen bike in the neighborhood he stole it from. He’s always thinking someone’s eyeballing him, watching him, calling the cops on him, or is about to chase him down the street yelling about him being a thief.

Small people are vindictive people by nature. In their quiet moments of reflection and self-assessment, they acknowledge that they are individuals of no accomplishment, vision, or moral clarity. They are the kind of souls that have never built up anything meaningful, so all they know is how to destroy, tear down, and vilify.

They are not content to let the best argument win out in the end because they know they will lose. As such, we can no longer agree to disagree, but if you disagree, you must be banished, demonized, and ultimately destroyed. You must be brought low to the point that you can no longer provide for your family or afford to keep a roof over your head. Even then, at your lowest, they will say you’ve not suffered nearly enough for the great high crime of questioning the wisdom of pre-pubescent children being fed hormone blockers like it was candy.

In short order, I fear, we will learn a handful of indispensable truths that ought to have been self-evident. We will learn how tyrannical small people can be when given power, how policy ought to trump personality insofar as governance is concerned, and how hurt feelings don’t hurt nearly as much as an empty belly and an empty wallet.

As I was getting ready to publish these musings, a disturbing thought came to me: there’s no one coming to save us! No allied forces are coming over the hill, and there are no liberating armies ready to tear down the enemy’s gates. We were the last of the good guys. We were the last of those willing to sacrifice themselves to rescue strangers in peril. I know how it sounds, but it’s the truth! Sooner or later, you’ll come to realize it as well.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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Anonymous said...

The Lord is on our side!! Vengeance belongs to God!! Brother Bodea, spread hope and, faith in the darkness. We must endure until the end.

The Lord warned us of these days; He will never leave us or, forsake us!!

Praying always to be counted worthy.