Saturday, December 8, 2007

But Why?

I think my wife's addicted to 'little cuties'. They are seedless California clementines, and in the last two days she's gone through an entire box. You could probably get yourself a spare kidney in a third world country for what a box costs in Wisconsin, in the winter, but being in love for seven years makes a man do strange things, like putting off the purchase of his limited addition Dr. Grip pen, braving the elements, and going to the supermarket to get yet another box of his wife's favorite citrus fruit.
I was standing in line earlier today, box of clementines under one arm, when I began overhearing a conversation between a mother and her child. Before I begin, I must point out that I love kids. I have a niece and a nephew that I spoil every chance I get, about a hundred children that I feel responsible for in the hand of help orphanage, but there are some kids out there, that whether for lack of parenting or discipline - I will not pronounce myself on the matter until I've raised a couple of my own - are just obnoxious.
"Put on your coat," the haggard mother began speaking to her child, who in my estimation was about five years old.
"But why mommy?" he responded without moving a finger to put on his jacket.
"Because it's cold outside she answered."
"But why mommy?" the child asked again.
"Because it snowed," she answered again in a patient voice that astounded me.
"But why mommy?" the boy queried again.
"Because we live in Wisconsin."
"But why mommy?"
"Because your dad couldn't get a job in Florida."
The conversation digressed from there, I think the woman had some issues with her husband, but there is a point to this abbreviated story.
When God commands, we must obey. It is not our job to ask why, and if we do, the answer will most likely be, "because I said so!"
God does not suggest, He commands. He is not a guidance counselor, or a life coach, trying to find the positives in your life while overlooking the negatives. He is the sovereign omniscient, omnipotent, Creator of all that is, whose voice shook the heavens when He said, "be ye holy, for I am holy."
There is no getting around the fact that many today have redefined the nature of God. No, it wasn't the atheists, the agnostics, new agers, or unbelievers that have redefined His nature, but those who claim to know Him best, the preachers, the teachers, the pastors and pharisees among us.
Long forgotten are the concepts of a wrathful God, a jealous God, a righteous God, a just God, a holy God, all having been replaced by the singular more palatable and seeker friendly mantra, 'He is a loving God'. Nothing more, no other qualities necessary, he's simply a loving God.
I agree wholeheartedly, He is a loving God, but this does not mean we can reduce the nature of God to five words that fit well on a bumper sticker.
Because the righteousness and judgment of God are no longer being preached from the pulpits, most have made the impossible leap from God being a loving God, to 'since He is a loving God, there should be no fear, and even if I sin willfully, well He's loving, and even if I trample the blood of His son, He'll overlook it, because love covers all.'
There is a reason God commands His children to live up to a certain standard, and that reason is their sanctification. Without holiness, no man will see the Lord, and knowing this God commanded that we aspire, seek after, and attain holiness.
If we were to reacquaint ourselves with the authority of God, and understand that He desires the best for us, He desires to see us with Him in eternity, perhaps less of us would constantly be asking why, and simply obey God's commands.
I do not have the authority or the right to question God's commands, or His requirements concerning my life. I cannot ask why, all I can do is submit, humble myself and obey.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that some of these preachers are not necessarily preaching against the Word, they are just emphasizing one aspect of God over the other. I think we should follow the proportions set forth in Scripture. If Christ preached more about hell and repentance, then we need to do the same.

It's kind of like food. If you eat to many sweets you'll become overweight and experience health problems.

It seems the church has become bloated, lazy, and sick; too much spiritual candy.

Elm Street Chapel said...

Of a truth Michael.
I was considering who will hear or even can hear what you wrote in, "But Why". I pondered that if you were granted twenty minutes in the twenty largest pulpits in the USA to speak this message what would be the outcome. The child like faith part of me wants to think that hundreds, possibly thousands would turn their unholy lives over to our merciful Father though the blood of Jesus. The quit yourself as a man part that judges all thing by the Word and the Holy Spirit knows that the great falling away is at the door.

The apostasy that pervades "the church" though the unchecked, unquenchable heresies, the lies of our so-called spiritual fathers, appeals to the lust of man for a free eternal life. The lukewarm Christian not only sits in the pew, but also speaks at the pulpit of Vanity Fair, spiritual Babylon, or the land of the daughter of Babylon, thru out this nation, and the world. They are the fodder of the beast.

They will not believe sound doctrine. They are the product of simple lies, oh the church won't be here, we get a free ride called the rapture. Even though in several places Gods word says otherwise. Even though it says that the beast will make war with the saints. If the saints get raptured who can the beast make war with? This is in a world with a drought for the word of God, strong delusion sent by God, and how can they be saved without a preacher? Fools and blind guides they are, the strength of the great falling away.

I believe that through the mercy of God this world was granted an other watch in the night. But, oh so many, do not use this time to be in filled with oil. They practice their skills at imitating the diluted, self indulgent, drunk on the blood of the saints mother of whores.

BTW, 'little cuties', I'll honk.

Bonny said...

My flesh always wants to protest, squirm and say "yes, but..." I always look for logical, reasonable argument. Often my prayer is "Lord, make me willing" because what He asks seems too hard. Time and time again, His dear Spirit within enables me. I echo "Wretched man (woman) that I am"...
Thank you Michael, I really needed to hear this.

Anonymous said...

Hello, This is Jim in Indiana. For those of you who have been praying for my wife Tammy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God has heard our prayers. The brightness has returned to her right eye. She can see fine with it. Her left eye has a large dark spot in the center of field of view, yet is much improved. We praise God in the highest. Thank you Lord Jesus. All give glory to God Please. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Michael, Thanks brother for speaking the truth in an age of confusion. I also live in Wisconsin and it's an amusing bonus to read your comments about our State.

Bonny said...

Jim, that is wonderful news about your wife.

Dave, what you say is true (re end time deception, rapture etc) I think I already commented once that I went to a church where the pastor loved to say "Pie in the sky when you die, and steak on your place while you wait". It tends to give people an arrogance. When their steak is taken, I wonder if they will also forget about the pie? But seriously, we are in an age where as we know, men have departed from sound doctrine, believing even doctrines of demons. The Lord removed me from a church a few months back where they are now using and teaching blatant occult. Discernment is no longer with them. But I shouldn't be shocked I don't suppose. Eventually, when the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is not preached, He removes His restraining hand and gives them over.

Anonymous said...

Any one who watched "To hell and back" on CNN may have heard it for themselves, a dethroned preacher saying he considers the bible as man's thoughts about their interaction with God. That there is no hell because he can not reconcile himself with a loving God who owns a torture chamber...that God is too loving to cast people into hell. This is the type of message that has eliminated the fear of God in the lives of many...they forget that God is HOLY and can not stand sin and unrepented sin will be judged.

The bibles says we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling...


Amy said...

Dear brother Mike,

Thank you for this message, which goes along with the previous "Benefits of Blind Faith." I am encouraged by it, as I have been by all your messages in the past 10 days on Joshua and dying to self. The Lord has had something personal and timely to say to me in each one. I have been away visiting my brother, where I sometimes had opportunity to get online and read, but not to comment. It would have taken too long!

You are a blessing to me, brother. Someday I hope I can meet you and Monica. I pray your time in Romania is totally Spirit-led, in terms of you seeing Him working and using you and being encouraged and excited to know you are exactly where He wants you doing exactly what He wants. And I pray that your heart will be strengthened to see the faithfulness of the Lord to His people and those your family has been ministering to in Romania. My heart has always been touched by those beautiful people so beaten down and deprived yet so open.


A Seed Sower said...

unfortunately Joyce that preacher to whom you refer is far from being de-throned, he has started a new congreation that is growing in leaps and bounds..all in what the people want to hear..that's the day and hour in which we live!

Elm Street Chapel said...

Amen, Michael.

I am thankful to see a brother speaking regarding the Lord's people attaining holiness. Not in lawfulness as some churches and denominations like to teach. But true holiness and righteousness unto the Lord.

It is true that the Lord does not only command us to be holy and come unto perfection, as He is holy and perfect, but He requires it of us in these times. If we are to stand in the day that the Lord Himself calls an evil day, a day of gross darkness, we must put on the mind of Christ, humble ourselves before the Lord and cease from our own labors.

Jesus came as the Lamb, to fulfill all that the Father put before Him to do, to restore fellowship with the Father. Now, we must love that fellowship more than anything or anyone else in this world. All else should pale in comparison.

God bless,

Elm Street Chapel said...

Amen Michael.
Me and a brother were just discussing this very subject. Instead of asking for confirmation (i'm not saying to never ask, but we must have faith once we become accustomed to his voice) or asking for an explaination, we need to be obediant. We may even miss the purpose or point of the direction that we have recieved if we do not act quickly. If God says "move" when a semi-truck is coming our way, and we ask "why?", that may possibly be our last word.

We have to come to the point of trusting God's voice (that of course means we have to get ears to hear it in the first place)that we may move in faith and trust towards God.

I am young and have no children, but me and my wife have started to have our nephew (3 years old) over night on Mondays. I love him with all my heart and have started to understand Fatherly like instincts toward him. Recently i came to the understanding that when we are with him all that I aim to do is to care for him, have him enjoy being with us, and to love us as much as we love him. Any direction that I would give him would never lead to his hurt or harm (although it may not be the funnest thing for him, and he may not understand it) and is for his own good. Unlike others in his life, we do not baby him. We understand (in our walk with God) the incredible value of correction and being treated like a capable being. I feel worthy of his trust.

Me and my Wife are by no means seasoned or skilled in raising or caring for kids but these loving traits come forth anyway (although I am confidant that His Spirit brings them things forth). And if we, young people and young Christians, care for him in such a manner, how much more does a God that is Love care for his own children? I believe that he is more than worthy of our trust.

On that note, we (including myself) need to understand that when God says to "Be Holy" it is not impossible, or he never would have said it.

Also, to anyone who is having trouble discerning God's voice, as Michael said, he commands. His word is a two-edged sword and we either fall on one side or the other. Our voice can be reasoned with (and is usually the most pleasing to our flesh), God's voice is the one that means the difference between peace or no peace. His voice is such that you cannot seem to unhear it or pass it off as another's. A decision has to be made, obediance or not.
I pray that we hear and obey.