Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally Home

I finally arrived home, to find that my father had already planned the week out for me. The past few days have been spent doing benevolence, passing out food packages, clothing, checking up on church building projects, and about a dozen other things that have taken up my time.
I got to see my niece and my nephew, they've grown.
Every time I come home nostalgia seems to wash over me. I remember my childhood with great clarity, the times my grandfather used to come home bruised and beaten by the secret police, the unannounced visits by the police who would ransack our home looking for Bibles, the apple orchard, the well in the front yard, all the things that make up the essence of who we are at the end of this life, the memories we hold onto, for better or worse.
This present life gets busy sometimes, we have responsibilities, bills to pay, porches to mend, fences to paint, children to raise, and we overlook or minimize the need for taking that precious time and making happy memories with those closest to us, family and friends, wives and husbands, children and grandchildren.
Since my Internet connection is intermittent at best, I will not make this post long, and I promise sometime this week before Christmas eve, I will carve out a niche of time and make a more substantial post.
The only thing worthy of note on my heart tonight, yes it's night time here, is to make the precious times with those you love, truly precious. Life passes so quickly, and we often don't notice that it has slipped away until we are far advanced in years, when the knees start to ache, and the joints get stiff. Life, even this present life, in this present generation, duplicitous and unloving as it may be, is a gift from God, one that we as children of God must value and appreciate.
Life's too short to hold grudges, or harbor ill feelings, to let bitterness stain our hearts, and stifle our spiritual growth. I don't know who this is for, but perhaps it's time to forgive, for you were once forgiven of far more grievous things than a misspoken word or perceived insult.
May you be blessed, and loved, and comforted. May the light of Christ shine in you and through you that the world might see His nature in all you are and all you do.
Until the next time I am able to get a connection, and have a few minutes to spare, God bless.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Bonny said...

Thanks Michael. Beautiful word and so true - we should never take these gifts for granted, but be always thankful. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and praying that your visit will be fruitful and accomplish much.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

You spoke those words for me. I shall from this time forward live my life to let the hope that is in me shine forth , not worrying about the things of this world, just the people in it. You are a light in this dark and dying world and I thank you for helping the rest of us to stay on the strait and narrow.

rebecca said...

Thankyou brother for once again you have spoken to my heart. I was not saved and born again til i was almost 50 yrs. old, 50 yrs. of unforgiveness and resentment and sorrow for real and imagined insult and grievances. I was physically, mentally and spiritually ill, in the darkness of despair , The Spirit of the Lord whispered words of life into my spirit and gave me a new life a softened heart and a renewed mind. You do not know me but you were one of His instruments He used, you came to a small church in mi. i just started going to, in you and in the pastor and many of the brothers and sisters i heard the truth, you spoke of our need to repent,not with condemnation but with love and i knew that i needed this, His mercy and forgiveness. i knew that this was a place where i was safe, i knew for i could see the light and love of Christ in all of your hearts in your words and in the touch of a gentle hand there, and in that place i met the Christ who was in His people and i fell in Love with Love, Mercy and Grace. i am forever and eternally grateful and blessed, this is my prayer also, may the light that is in you always continue to shine brighter until this present darkness is no more.

Elm Street Chapel said...

God bless you and yours Michael.
May you prosper in all you put your hand to. I pray that your harvest be plenteous as you provide for many.

JeepThang said...

yep.. home is good.

Like the old saying goes, you don't know what you've got until its gone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, you def. have a way with words, and it is very enjoyable to read what you write, you also have love in your heart, it comes out in your writing. I would like to link to your blog, as I create different websites that I am working on, if that is ok? You can contact me thru this site:
Thank you, and God Bless...