Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Knowing and The Doing

I know exercise is good for me, I've known it most of my adult life. I hear it praised every day, I know its benefits, I hear the testimonials of people whose lives have been forever changed by exercise, yet when it comes to the doing of exercise, it is a different story entirely.
Somehow, something always seems to come up at the last minute, even when I have every intention of getting some exercise. Whatever that something might be, I tell myself it is far more important than going for a jog, or throwing some weights around, and so the doing of exercise gets put off yet another day.
The knowing is easy. The doing is hard. Sunday after Sunday, or for the keepers of the Sabbath, Saturday after Saturday, we go to the same houses of worship, between the same hours, dressed differently than the other six days, Bible under one arm or in a purse whichever the case may be, with a light air of superiority, animated by the feeling of duty fulfilled. Although we don't come out and say it outright, just being in Church seems to elevate our self-image, making us feel better about ourselves. We sit through the songs, some off key, then the sermon, and often think to ourselves, 'well that was simplistic, I know that already. Why does he keep repeating stuff I already know?'
If per chance our conscience is awake and aware, at this moment in time, it may rebuke us by saying, 'you know, but do you do?' and blushing we justify our absence of doing that which we know, with an always timely, 'all have fallen short.'
The hour is upon us, when we must wake up, and acknowledge with all due sincerity of heart, that there is an ever widening chasm between what the church believes, and what it lives on a daily basis. The chasm has become so great, so pronounced, and visible that it will not be tolerated by He who is holy much longer.
The day of reckoning is coming it is almost upon us, when simply knowing and not doing will be seen for what it is, criminal and negligent, and punished accordingly. God is not mocked, a fact that many have conveniently forgotten in today's fast paced church world.
I have seen many a believer, far, far too many who use religious cosmetics to mask a character scarred and tired by so much duplicity. They say all the right things, quote all the right scriptures, yet something is amiss and it is clearly visible in their countenance. One who has divided loyalties, one who attempts to please both the world and God at the same time will please neither.
Our faith, our obedience, our devotion our worship, is an all or nothing proposition. Either we devote ourselves fully to the things of God, or we don't.
It is time to bridge the gap between the knowing and the doing, and no one can do this for you, or on your behalf. It is time to live what we believe, to do what we know, to know what we believe, and believe what we live.
The world readily spots the hypocrisy and duplicity of the modern church, and thus rather than being drawn to the light of the gospel, to the life of Christ, they are turned off to God because of His ambassadors.
It is a horrible thing indeed to be found guilty of causing a little one to be repulsed by the gospel, due to the inconsistency between our words and our life, rather than drawn to it. When God looks upon those who call themselves His children, He must find them pleasing in His sight. When we fail to do what we know, we are but mere Pharisees, with an uglier wardrobe than their priestly robes. The heart of every man is an open book to God, and in it He must find active obedience of His will.
In our hearts we know that we don't need new sermons, new ways of bringing across the simple message of the cross, or new means by which these messages can be transmitted to us, we need to do what we already know, we need to apply the word of God to our lives; to do what it tells us to do, and abstain from those things it tells us to abstain from.
The will of God is not a complicated matter, nor is the message of the gospel. We would however, rather hear a complicated and vertiginous message lasting hours, yet going nowhere, than submit to the simple message of God's Word.
The true message of the gospel, always brings our flesh face to face with the cross, and compels us to choose between repentance and restoration, or disobedience and death. Though men throughout the ages have attempted putting off the choice, one cannot delay it forever. Eventually all men must choose, all men must either do what they know, or admit, if only to themselves that they are living a lie, pretending to be something they are not.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Today at the office, our HR department was making a presentation and stated that we all need to "purpose to be here and no where else" relating to managing our work/job but I found myself thinking how much that relates to our walk with Christ...and it is now confirmed by your message on this post. To make the decision to fully follow Christ and be found in Him and no where else....heart, mind and spirit


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Your blog today "hit the nail on the head" for me. I have often thought that if I could just "live" a small fraction of what I "know" that I would be the awesome disciple of Jesus that I desire to be.
I just recently read the Oct/Nov newsletter. The article written by Bob Banks about the two elderly widows who donated their land for the building of a church. The 77 year old bedridden widow who so proudly was showing her Bible from which most of the books were missing touched my heart and convicted me deeply. I sat at the table and sobbed so deeply convicted of my ungrateful heart. Everyday since I have read the details of her story I catch myself when I am complaining or murmuring about the slightest things and immediately repent and ask for forgivenss. Being raised in America under such capitalism,mixed with the constant temptations that come from my flesh, I all to often find it hard to see the things " I don't have", instead of seeing the richness of what God has provided. This sister's story is most certianly an example of "doing" what the Word says we should do...rejoice in everything, in everything give thanks, be content in all circumstances, God's grace is sufficient...etc. I wish there were a way that someone could tell this widow just how much her testimony has changed the life of someone so far away geographically. Her "doing" of the Word, her love for Christ, has effected the attitude of my heart with forever and I wish that I could hug her neck and thank her and provide her with a complete Bible, although she would not think she needed one, or even ask for one.
I apologize for the length of this reply, but between your blog and the newsletter, Father God is really speaking to me, and I wanted to share it. Blessed Be the Lord who is faithful to complete what He has begun in my life!

PS. I received an error when trying to send this the first time, please forgive me if you do get this twice.:0)

Anonymous said...

I dont need more knowlege. I need more obediance.

Anonymous said...

AMen to that! Holy is the Lord and Blessed is His name! God is good! He made a way for us!

Elm Street Chapel said...

You hit the nail on the head.

People who read this and do not judge themselves honestly take full responsibility for their own future, in this life and the one to come, they made their choice.

Good and faithful witness to what the Holy Spirit is saying to those who have ears to hear.


Elm Street Chapel said...

Amen, Michael.

We must be not only hearers of the word, but doers of the word also.

When looking at the five wise and five foolish virgins, they appeared to be the same. They both walked side by side in many instances. But when the Lord said to buy of Him oil, only the wise were obedient and actually did what the Lord told them to do.

We all need to make sure that we have the oil of God (the Holy Spirit). For though it may seem that we are all the same, when the time comes that men's hearts are going to fail them for fear, it will become clear who among us have the peace of God and those who do not.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your words. How very humbling to be confronted with the truth.
May we all be blessed with seeing eyes and hearing ears at this time we live in. May God in His grace and mercy turn our hearts towards Him that we may be faithful and true. Right now I personally fall woefully short.
Truly I thank you for these words -- doing is of the utmost importance. Sometimes we learn in the doing what can be learned no other way. Oh for a heart that is 100% turned to obedience.

Shalom in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael, for urging us on to the path of righteousness.

I think we all know the time is short, there is no longer room for sitting on the fence.

Mrs. Pugh

Elm Street Chapel said...


Your heart towards God and love of the truth is evident in all that you write. I am always blessed to be able to see the sincerity of your walk with the Lord in all of your comments.

God bless you and may He give you wisdom and understanding, and may you grow in the truth of God by His Spirit.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I discovered a few days ago that exercising is an excellent way of killing the flesh; when the flesh is luring and trying to drag me down its own paths, I say to myself 'ah! It seems I have some extra energy to burn,' and hop on the exercise bike. My legs burn, the flesh screams, promising anything, if only I will stop this purposefully pointless task and let it rest, just for a few seconds. I smile grimly and keep going, ignoring it in the blissfully contented knowledge that the chore of going nowhere has suddenly become relevant and meaningful to my walk in Christ.

After a little while, the nervous, furtive, selfish, devilish voice of the flesh settles down to a weak murmur, no longer even strong enough to be sullen. When finally it is gone altogether, I keep pumping for a few more minuets, just to make certain; by this time thoroughly energized and refreshed physically and spiritually. Finally, with a prayer of thanks and new spring and vigor in my step, I hurry off to do something equally relevant in Christ.
Thanks for the idea and blog, Mike!

A friend

Anonymous said...

Thank-you dear brother in the Lord for writing this. Obedience is the key.. Live what we believe, when we tell someone we are born-again believers we should live like it 24/7. I need to test my faith as the Lord commands me to do. In doing this I can see and know if I am obeying and walking as Jesus did.
Yes, you are right so many people are turned away from the Gospel. Because of people saying and living different than what they confess. I hear this so much with people I meet, it is so sad. I tell them to keep their eyes on Jesus and not people that is hard sometimes.
Thank-you again for writing this, I am sedning this to our pastor of the small country church I go too. Sorry this is so long, but everything you said is so true.
God Bless you,
debbi rennier