Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Complicity Part 2

I was recently asked by more than one person if I would have written the same article if the other political party had won the race for the white house. My answer is an unequivocal yes, because my angst, and my frustration is with the churches, not with the world. If the men that claimed to be the children of God lived as though the were the children of God, the world would be a very different place. Before we can hope to reach the world, we must clean up the churches, we must reinstate the principles and standards that proved necessary in the history of God's house, principles and standards that are plainly outlined in the Word of God.
Knowing that judgment begins in the house of God first and foremost, may we rightly judge ourselves, before we are judged.
Yes, God saw it as an insult, God saw it as His people rejecting Him and not Samuel, but even so, love compelled Him to warn them one last time, to open their eyes to the reality of what a king would mean for them. Perhaps the people didn’t fully understand what it meant to have a king, perhaps they were only duped into seeing the positive aspects of it, and so God spoke to Samuel and said, ‘solemnly forewarn them, and show them the behavior of the king who will reign over them.’
Before I get into all that God informed Israel would happen if they went ahead with their desire and demand to have a king, I need to point something out about change. The people wanted change; that much was obvious from their approach of Samuel. However there is always a price to be paid for wanting a non-specific change. They really didn’t care whether the change would be positive or negative, it was a non-specific linear train of thought that did nothing to incorporate the information they were about to receive from Samuel. Blinded by the need for change, Israel would be either indifferent, or deaf to the warnings of God.
Whether we like to acknowledge this fact or not, change isn’t always positive. Some things change, in fact except for God all things change, but it is for the negative as often as it is for the positive. We get older, thereby hopefully getting wiser, but at the same time our bodies begin to break down at a basic level, the joints start to ache, and the hair starts to gray. Change comes about, but unlike man’s often linear perspective it is a fluid occurrence, not necessarily headed in the same direction in which it started out.
If I thought about it I’m sure I could come up with a better example, but I was in a coffee shop not long ago enjoying a scone and a hot cup of tea (I was just wondering what the English saw in them) when I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation that was taking place at the next table. One of the ladies had just gotten divorced and remarried, and she was pouring her heart out to her friend, that the reality of this new beau didn’t quite match up to the fantasy she had created for herself. Apparently her ex husband had not been abusive, he was a good provider, a loving father, but she had just gotten bored, the relationship had gotten stale, and she needed something new, she needed change. Since ‘til death do us part is something you say simply to get a preacher to marry you nowadays, and not something you really mean, it seems the lady went and filed for divorce, and shortly thereafter met the new man that would replace her old man. It seems the new man, is not as caring, loving, supportive or sensitive as the old man, he likes his liquor a little too much, and has a tendency to use his hands and fists when he’s angry, and not merely to gesticulate. I guess the point I’m trying to make, is that the grass isn’t always greener, that change isn’t always positive, and sometimes man’s desire for something new blinds him to the reality of the information he already possesses.
God might have been disappointed, but He was not bitter. The thing about being created with the freedom to choose, is that more often than we would like to admit, we choose the lesser rather than the greater, the easy rather than the right. God made one last attempt to turn the hearts of the people, He wanted them to have all the information they would need to make their choice, and then He would leave them to the desire of their heart.
I’m sorry to break the news to those who insist upon the idea or sovereign appointment regardless of what the individual does, but the word of God tell us that life and death has been placed before us, blessing and cursing laid out at our feet, and we have the power to choose which avenue we pursue and which path we follow.
It’s easy to breathe a sigh, wave a hand, roll our eyes and say ‘it’s in God’s hands’ but the truth of the matter is that God’s desire is that none perish, that all have everlasting life, yet the population of hell is growing by leaps and abounds. Why? Because we choose whom we serve, we choose who we surrender our hearts to, we choose what path we follow, and in the end suffer the consequences thereof.
The warning of God was solemn, sobering, and severe. I will not go into great detail, because the length of this post keeps getting longer and longer, but if one is so inclined they can find the entire passage in 1 Samuel Chapter 8. Among the highlights of God’s warning to the people of Israel, of what would occur if they chose a king over Him, is the fact that they would be servants, they would give a tenth of their grain and vintage to the king’s officer’s and servants, their sons would be sent to war, and their daughters taken to be servants. The direst warning however, was the consequence they would have to suffer if they rejected God in lieu of a king:
1 Samuel 8:18, “And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you in that day.”
The most tragic consequence of rejecting God is not the absence of blessing, or the absence of prosperity over a nation, it is God no longer hearing when the nation calls out to Him. If history has taught us anything it is the fact that leaders, kings, generals and presidents have a tendency to fall woefully short of the people’s expectations. It is inevitable that they disappoint some of their constituency, if not all of it, and perhaps by now we should have learned that promises made on stump speeches, regardless of the political party that regurgitates them, are empty and without substance. If we look to any one man as the savior of a nation, if we put out trust in any one man to legislate morality or to change the moral course of a people, it is inevitable that we will be disappointed and disillusioned.
God’s message to Israel was clear and absent of double speak, duplicity or vagueness. You will eventually open your eyes, all that I have spoken will come to pass, you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you. Even so, Israel simply said, ‘we want a king.’
What remains for a nation that rejects the leadership and guidance of God? We cannot reject the standard of God and live with the expectation of His blessing. We cannot deny the will of God, distance ourselves from Him, and reject His very nature, and still feel entitled to all the benefits of being called a child of God.
Those that rejected God were not the gentiles of old; it was not the Philistines or the Egyptians, it was the people of God. No I do not expect the world to become more moral, to stand up for virtue and righteousness, but I do expect the church, the house of God, those who call themselves His to do it. Morality is not a virtue that must be legislated among the children of God, it is a state of being that comes naturally to them. This nation, and in fact the world is what it is because the children of God today, the churches in large part, just as Israel did some three thousand years ago, rejected God. We found Him stifling, legalistic, intolerant, unwilling to see the bigger picture, unwilling to sign off on money making schemes and the dissemination of false hopes and empty promises. No, if we were to continue embracing God’s vision, we would still be just a handful of folk praying in homes, and reading the Bible, striving to live righteous lives, and keeping ourselves spotless and without wrinkle in anticipation of Christ’s return. If we would have continued seeking first the Kingdom of God, we would still have no political voice, we would still have no influence, the world wouldn’t embrace us like some long lost kin, and our leaders couldn’t boast of their achievements.
We have chosen that much is certain. The only question that remains to be answered, and with the passage of time the answer will become painfully obvious is: Was the tradeoff worth it? Was it worth surrendering intimacy with God for the allure of the mainstream? Was it worth forfeiting God hearing us for the world loving us? Was it worth rejecting God to be accepted by the world? The day will come when this nation will cry out as Israel of old. They will weep and mourn and no answer from heaven will be forthcoming. No matter how heartfelt the pleas, no matter how sincere the tears, He will not hear, and it will not be because God is asleep, it will not be because He is on a sabbatical, it will be because even though we have free will, we must, everyone, suffer the consequences of our choices.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Excellent sermon! I only wish that you could be heard by every person in these United States. You preach the truth and it is so refreshing to be able to read the words of a person who thinks just like I do. Rivers of Living Waters flow from your pen.

Anonymous said...

hey michael,

with all that is happening around the world, is it not rather strange that the voice of change emanates from amerika first and foremost. what spirit approached the throne with such a beguiling tale of deceit to be allowed to engage the minds of those who once embraced the spirit of truth.

your words "We cannot reject the standard of God and live with the expectation of His blessing.", will be an epithet emblazoned upon many a cathedral once the dust settles and silence rules land.

how awful things must really be that someone is willing to exchange his birthright for a pocket full change.


Anonymous said...

Brother Mike,
I am an african evangelical christian, and I cant tell you how many of my brethren made that trade-off, knowing what they know!
I feel it in my spirit that it is a trade-off, not only put in the obvious, but I also feel it in my spirit. The direction the church and country went is following a soap box of the world, waving a loud banner of liberalism and wide roadism that leads inevitably towards destruction.
Amidst my brethren's hype to the 'change', I cant help but feel starkly sober, and left out, but peacefully so.

Ken Stolar Jr. said...

Hey Mike! Great follow-up to the last post. I am suprised at some of the responses. We are indeed a pluralistic society and it will be the degree of pluralism that destroys us. While there is only one true God, lets create new ones because we want to be different. While the Word of God instructs us to conduct ourselves in a particular manner and live a life that exemplifies the Kingdom of God, lets live the way we want to or even opposite the Word just because we want to be different. After all we are a pluralistic nation.It is absolutely absurd to think that we can twist God Holy Word and fashion it to our pluralistic (which will always satisfy the flesh) and think that God will just overlook it! I read in the scriptures the prayer of Jesus Christ being "that they may be one even as we are one". Sounds like God wants unity not division, I mean pluralism. Outwardly yes we have the right to be pluralistic. I prefer a red car, you prefer blue. I like striped shirts, you like solids. You get the point. But inwardly God has called all of those that bear His name to be like Him. Integrity, character,piety and all of those Godly and heavenly attributes. Behold a picture of unity yet pluralistic. But now that we,as a nation, are attempting to erase any kind of Godly standard it will soon be like the days of Noah, every man doing right in his own eyes. The climax of self destruction, oh I meant pluralism. Press on Mike!!

Anonymous said...

Michael other christians seem to use the same anology of Israel wanting a King with this next president . Why use this particular anology in this point in time ( they always have presidents every four years )and not with the other presidents before ? Something has to be different this time than in previous times .

Anonymous said...

Greetings Brother Michael, May you and your family be blessed in the Name of Jesus.
I may have misunderstood what you have written concerning the issue of Sovereignty in political elections. Are you saying we ( humans) are the ones who choose who is brought into power? Here is your statement I am asking about.
Quote: "I’m sorry to break the news to those who insist upon the idea or sovereign appointment regardless of what the individual does, but the word of God tell us that life and death has been placed before us, blessing and cursing laid out at our feet, and we have the power to choose which avenue we pursue and which path we follow."

Please understand I am not asking so as to argue, but to know God's truth, and the sum of His word is truth. So in humbleness I ask, What do we do with the scriptures I am going to share with you, if it is "us and our choice" that brings men into power and not God himself?"
Pr. 21:1, Psm 75:7 Psm 103:19 Dan. 4:17,25,32,35 Mark 10:42 would suggest that we are not be Lorded over by man but be servants one to another, therefore although we are to obey the laws of the land and those God raises up, those He raises up are tools God uses to bring His children into obedience and maturity. ( 2 Sam. 7:14). Rom. 13:1 Eph1:11
I am now in my 50's, and have always been very political minded and active but over the last 5 years Father has spoken to my and my husbands hearts and shown us that Patriotism is demonic and swearing to, taking an oath or pledging our allegiance to the United States of America is a similar form of worship just as bowing down to a man made image was for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego in Dan.3. We in America hear much about our "God given rights" according to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but not all of those so called "rights" are God given according to the Word of God. The only God given right we have is to accept the sacrifice that Christ made for us and to lay down our lives and pick up our crosses and follow Him. I beleive as Christians we are soujourners in this world and Jesus said that " My kingdom is not of this world" in Jn 18:36.
I would never go as far as to tell someone to or not to vote or take part in the political system, because we must be led by Spirit in ALL things if we are the Sons of God, and God may tell some to vote or participate. But as for me an my husband ( who served in the military for 24 years), God brought us out of things political and until he tells us to vote, or participate in some other way, we know we are to just trust Him and follow the Spirit. I believe that I see in the Word that just as God did with Israel when raising up the "beast kingdoms" and it's ruler that He is raising up now a "beast kingdom" which is America, for the exact reason that God raised up Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece and Rome. That reason was to bring Isreal to her cross,but now instead of it being Israel that will be put to the cross it will be America. We know that what happened to Israel was for an example to us and God is doing the same thing now in America. The sole purpose is to bring His elect back to Himself because we have been serving this idol of Patriotism/America and not God.
I am not not condoning sitting back and doing nothing. As we shine forth as light and are the salt that we are suppose to be as beleivers, as we become conformed into the very image of Christ, and Christ in us is the hope of glory, we will be doing what God intended for His Body/Bride/Church to do from the beginning.
I am grateful that I was born here, and that God gave me His gifts of repentance, mercy, grace, provision and so much more. That makes me responsible to use it as He would have it used.
However, voting for the "least evil" of two parties, or even an independent whose life is not submitted to God, is not what I believe the Lord would have his people do.
I know there are many who would disagree with what I have just shared, but I feel less and less a part of this world, but that does not stop me from still being the light and the salt, and a servant to the lost.
Thank you Michael, we appreciate you so much.
Can you share with me where your ministry is in Romania? I wanted to look and see how much it would cost to fly there and to learn about that part of the world.

Anonymous said...

question... if Obama McCain or who ever the people elected should be thought as Saul... then what of David and Solomon? (if this is what I think it is then in 16 years life shall be relatively good unless Novus Ordo Seclorum (New order of the ages*) of the Dragon and Ywo Beasts enters in then we should be thinking of careers in Martyrdom)
* <== Courtesy of Satan 666 Antichrist and the UN
P.S.: not meant to be joking

Anonymous said...

Michael, you nailed it in the first part of your post. It's a no brainer that if the true church acted like it, the world would be a much different place today.

I had a friend tell me that in his opinion there would be an end of "grace" for the church. I don't think I would want to be around to witness that.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm becoming the second type of backslider in the Truth in a nutshell video on Proverbs 14:14...please help me...

Anonymous said...

Your Saul comparison is apt. After enduring the chaotic times of the Judges (bondage followed by repentance and deliverance, followed by bondage, followed by repentance and deliverance), Israel decided they'd had enough of this God stuff and chose a king. A handsome man of ruddy complexion who stood taller than most. When I became a new Christian 35 years ago, back during the Jesus People revival, I remember thinking how "fortunate" I was to be a part of the "end times." Now being older and maybe just a bit wiser, I look at what's ahead of us and I don't feel fortunate. This nation is headed for some very rough seas, and they are dead ahead.

Thank you for your ministry, Michael. Please keep preaching it as you see it. And don't mind the little foxes that spoil the vines. The foxes, like the poor, we have always with us.

randy said...

I can only pray that God, in His mercies which endure forever, will find a Samson, a Deborah, a Gideon or one(s) who will rise up and proclaim Who He really is!

Although Israel feel to spiritual depths that we only imagine days arose when He decided, for the sake of His own Name, to send His Holy Spirit to inhabit people to reignite the flame of His Holiness in their generation.

I pray He does this in our generation; ONE LAST TIME!