Monday, January 7, 2013

If You're Bored With My Ramblings

I don't do this often, but I like to do it once in awhile. If you are bored with my ramblings, or are just looking for something new to read, the following is a list of sites I visit on occasion, peruse, digest and mull over.

Like any good Berean I would encourage you to examine the Scriptures and see if what is said is true.

I've learned to do this consistently no matter who it is, whether I've just run across something they've written, or have known them for years.

The number one person responsible for safeguarding your soul is you, so I pray you be diligent therein.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


meema said...

You know, of course, if forced to make the choice, I'd go with reading your ramblings over writing mine. ;-}

For Christ,

Kevin B said...

I remember when I was a new Christian, I began to wonder about eschatology. When I searched the internet for information about the end times (bad, bad move), I read that we will be raptured, then the end comes. So I thought, "Huh, ok." Later on I read that Christ will return after all is said and done and take us up. So then I thought, "Huh, ok. That's likely right".

Always, use, discernment...never simply soak in everything people teach. Let it pass through the "approved by God" filter. I really could have messed myself up if God didn't have mercy on me.

Love in Christ,