Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reality Check Part 9

With this installment of reality check, there is but one more to go and we are done with the series. Tomorrow we return to our prayer series, and see what more the Lord would teach us about the prayers of the Old Testament.

Thanks for watching, thanks for reading, adn thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

                                         Reality Check Part 9

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Barbara said...

The Bible says we are to depart from people who teach doctrines that differ from what we recieved at the outset. If you compromise with people who keep insisting that they are right, they are going to corrupt your faith and drag you down. They are already lost and chose their path. People can be wrong but when they insist that they are right and insist others go along with it, that is when they turn dangerous.

You can't be devoted to the body of Christ but to Christ alone. He chooses his bride, you just show them love when you find them. You treat them well because he treated you well. You are not supposed to fight with people to make them worthy of what you think he wants. That does seem like what alot of people who attend church are doing.

That would make them traitors because they don't honor what is Christlike in your walk but only try to ruin you for what they think is incorrect. I think it comes from self righteousness and self love over humility and respect for others.

You can't trust a backstabber so I don't think it is a Christian's job to try to convince them of anything. I don't see them suffering from fear so much as contempt. If they were fearfully incorrect, they would probably say that is what they think but not try to force it on someone else.

People who come from good stock can be molded, but people who bear bad fruit are going to be cut down anyway, so you might as well cut them off. We receive the seed of faith and depending on what soil is within us, it grows up promising or grows up with no chance of survival.

People who use the Bible merely as a means to judge others I don't think had much depth to begin with. They choke on the meat of the word, so they resent it being given to anyone else. They use churches as a gathering place to attck those who may have been given what they cannot receive themselves.