Friday, January 18, 2013

Reality Check Part 8

Part eight of this series is up. Two more to go until this series is done. Thanks for watching and God bless.
With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

                                         Reality Check Part 8


Anonymous said...

I really need help understanding something. I know there will be a great falling away. If my life has been wishy washy, andII'm beginning to see the seriousness of God's there mercy for me if I truly repent? I read some of Hebrews about sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth....this has me terrified. I honestly want to surrender my life to Jesus, please tell me its not too late. Please....I need God's strength to endure. Can you help with scripture? I don't want to perish...please help.

Barbara said...

If you are scared, anon, God has not hardened your heart, so he has not abandoned you. Keep reading the Bible and praying in faith and you will get closer to God and feel more secure.

As for the video, I take the descriptions of man as not only what I will see in others, but also what I have to watch out for in myself. It is easy to point out others doing the wrong, but if you don't understand their motives, you can judge incorrectly and be brutal in your ignorance.

Westboro Baptist don't got to funerals to harass families. They go there to get attention to the need for repentance. You would have to listen to their whole story and listen to Shriley speak on the Bible to understand what they are doing.

People are very brutal to them but they are within their rights and practising freedom of speech. If you really mourned the loss of someone, you would be consumed with that and not with what is going on down the street.

I beleive God does hate evildoers, meaning all of us, when we are not in obedience to him. Homosexuality is disobedience, denying Christ is disobedience, allowing pedophilia in the church is disobedience, hence the pickets.

The truth is found by much work and effort. To sit back and judge is the past time of the self righteous or fearful who need the reassurance of the crowd of haters. They may hate the word of truth but as long as they can get you to agree on what scapegoat to hate, you get a seemingly free pass.

Anonymous said...

Barbara: regarding Westboro being within their rights and practicing freedom of speech, be aware that what is legal and what is moral, especially for a so-called Christian, are two very different things. We are commanded to be loving and to treat others as we would want to be treated. Their behavior may be legal but it is hateful and cruel, not anything our Lord would condone. Remember also that Jesus told us that many would say to Him, upon discovering that they were denied entrance to heaven and were in fact on their way to hell - Lord, Lord - did we not do (all these things)in Your name? And He will reply, "I never knew you" - because so many of the things done in His name were abominations in the light of what He actually commanded us to do. If you have studied history enough to know what the Spanish Inquisition was like, you will realize that there are countless priests, cardinals, popes and other church officials burning in hell for what they did to innocent people. And they rationalized all of it as service to God ... and all of it was legal at the time, by the laws of their land.

Kevin B said...

Anonymous (first one),

If you are beginning to see the seriousness of God's Word, then I would surmise that He has been opening your eyes to see it. If He's been opening your eyes, then it's because He loves you and is trying to teach you His word, what He does and doesn't approve of. If you were hopelessly lost, He wouldn't be trying. If your heart still yearns for God and you fear that you may have committed an unforgivable sin, then you haven't. Anyone who commits such sin has hardened their heart and does not desire to please God anymore. They don't care about holiness, they don't care about God's desires, they are reprobate. That passage in Hebrews basically details that sin. If someone persists in disobedience and will not repent, God won't interfere with the person's decision.

They came to the knowledge of the truth, they knew God and understood His ways, they had the Holy Spirit within them, they were true Christians. But because of constant rejection of God's leading and conviction, denying Him by the way they live, whether they still claim Him or not, they commit a sin leading to death, an unforgivable sin (1 John 5:16; There is a sin leading to death, I do not say you should pray for this). If you have realized your ways and desire to repent, and do it, God so easily and joyfully forgives you.
(1 John 1:9; If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.)

Confess to God what you have done, and repent of what you have done, and God will forgive you and cleanse you of your sins. That is His promise. I myself went through this once as a younger Christian, and all it was was a stumbling block from Satan. Live a life sold out to God, a life glorifying Him. Seek God with your whole heart. May He bless and keep you.

Barbara, Shirley Phelps believes that anyone who is not part of their church is not going to heaven. She also uses some foul language that the Bible condemns, and either them or another family of that church has disowned their own daughter out of their home because she rejected what they believe. By how they present themselves to the world, regardless of the underlying message they seem to be trying to convey, I don't see Jesus Christ in them even the least bit.

Love in Christ,

Barbara said...

Most people don't take the time to get to know Shirley and her church. They judge based on the bad publicity. If you judge, you will be judged with the same measure. Seeing as how the world hates real Christians, that doesn't look too good for you to ask to be judged by that standard.

I am sure netheir of you has ever bothered to listen to her in a debate. She is great and one of the greatest Christian apologists that I have ever heard. Nearly everything she says is Biblically based and rationally sound.

If you don't like her style, is that a reason to condemn her? Does everyone have to be your cup of tea to be allowed to live in your world? We all serve a unique function if we are part of the body of Christ. Maybe you would not like to look at a rear end, but you can't live without yours either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barbara and Kevin for encouraging me in the Word. I almost took my life because of compromise. The trigger should have gone off, but God divinely kept it from happening. I realize I would be in hell this moment. That was a SERIOUS wake up call. Michael, no matter how weary you feel, keep sharing the Truth. I'm encouraged to read and hear what Jesus puts in your heart to say, and from our brothers and sisters here. The Lord is working in areas you do not see.