Sunday, January 12, 2014

Failure to Post

Since some of you have written in wondering why I haven't been posting as regularly, and inquiring as to whether or not everything was alright, I thought I'd take a few minutes and assure you that yes, all is well, if ever so busy, and inform you that I will be getting back to a semi-regular writing schedule soon.

Since my wife is here with me, we've been spending more time together, as well as looking at baby clothes an in ordinate amount of time in preparation for our little one.

I discovered what Baby Buds are, found out babies can hear sound at a very young age, and have been reacquainting myself with classical music.

Although at first I thought it would be a boy, it has been confirmed we are having a daughter, and the thought of her dating someday has already aged me by a decade.

I know things are happening, but we knew they would. I am not, and will never be one of those individuals who revels in blowing their own horn and playing the 'we told you so' game.

For some time now, we have crossed the threshold, and have entered the season wherein the righteous will become more righteous still, and the ungodly will increase in their ungodliness.

This week, Lord willing, we will return to our Call to Arms series, unless some cataclysmic, prophetic event takes precedent. Thank you all for your understanding, your prayers, and your concern.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Take all the time you need Brother. Family is so precious. No need to explain. God bless you and your wife, though He already has with the gift of this little.

Your Sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again. What fun to prepare for a child - when is the baby due?

Also, I and probably many others would be very interested in your thoughts on Fukushima - as in, it was not a falling star but it has created an unstoppable disaster which will pollute the water of the entire earth, both fresh and ocean. There are already mass marine animal dieoffs with classic symptoms of radiation poisoning, MSM denial notwithstanding. There are many things in these end times that the Apostle John would have known no words for. Like, explosion. I don't think they had anything in his time that would create a fiery explosion like what happens now, Greek fire yes but the scale of that was tiny compared to what we have now. I wonder if the only description he could think of was a star that crashed onto the earth? There has been so much nuclear testing over the ocean and other places, I wonder if he saw these detonations, and they looked to him like a star had fallen into the sea??? Not to mention, the type of energy creation happening in our sun and most if not all other stars is nuclear; and perhaps this imagery was how the Lord got the understanding of this destruction across to John??


Thanks Michael. Have fun getting ready for the new baby.

FionaB said...

Glad to hear all is well in your home. This is off topic and not related to what you've posted here but I wanted to bring it to your attention, just in case you were not aware of it.

Today when I read your post there was an ad off to the side that was promoting Mormonism. I know that when we do a blog we've got the option of allowing ads to be displayed and I'm thinking that's probably what's happening here with this Mormon ad.

I mentioned this to a friend who also follows your blog and she said she's seen ads for transcendental meditation, so she assured me that you were not a Mormon. I didn't think you were but if this was the first time I was to come to your website, it may make me think you are.

Just wanted to pass this on to you as I wasn't sure if you just type your teaching and post it but don't see what ads they are attaching to it.

meema said...

There is nothing more exciting than planning for a baby! Turns your life upside down in a way you could never anticipate.

God bless you both,

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, I wanted to respond to the comment about the ads. I, too, got an inappropriate ad on your blog site (one that had sexual content). It was driving me crazy, so I did a long search to see what could be done. I didn't come up with any clear resolutions as Google seems to make it as difficult as possible to influence what ads show up on the page. What did help, however, was clearing out my cache and cookies. The ad no longer appears. However, that doesn't help the people who visit your page who might see inappropriate content in ads. It's really kind of maddening, but all part of the battle, I guess. If anyone has time to search to see if there is a better resolution, please let us know.