Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Thoughts and Updates

For the past week or so I’ve been nursing my sickly wife back to health with everything from chicken soup, to vapor rub, to contraptions invented with the sole purpose of decongesting the nasal passages. After a mountain of Kleenex, repeatedly wondering how the human body can produce so much mucus, and sleepless nights feeling powerless as I listened to her sneeze and cough, the worst is behind us and she is feeling better.

Thankfully it wasn’t the flu; it was just a bad cold.

Because she was feeling better, and I’d agreed to it before she got sick, I had a two hour long radio interview last night, and among the things we discussed I also ended up reading some of my grandfather’s vision for America on the air, something he’d received back in 1984, and something I’d not read aloud in at least five years.

I was his translator, so I still remember every word verbatim, but I guess a different part of your brain is engaged when reading something aloud, rather than when you remember certain words. Something to do with right brain, left brain, and synapse firing, but all I know is that for the first time in a long time I tried to put myself in his shoes at that particular moment, and imagine how I would have reacted in his stead.

The thing that struck a chord wasn’t so much the message for America, because that’s pretty much playing out before our eyes at this moment, but the fact that this messenger of the Lord told my grandfather that he would be on television, on radio, and speak in churches, and he didn’t just start laughing and walk away.

Imagine being new to a country, not speaking the language, not knowing anyone there, and having someone tell you that you would be on television and preach in churches and be on the radio. It would have sounded absurd if not outright ridiculous, and it really hit home how much faith my grandfather must have had in order not to question what the messenger was telling him and just take it as a statement of fact.

If God promises you something, or tells you He will do a certain thing through you, even if it seems improbable and impossible, trust that God will follow through and keep His word.

Just as the messenger foretold so many years ago, at a moment in our family’s story when we were sleeping on suitcases in a rented apartment in Fullerton California, knew no one, and didn’t even know what a ministry was, he was on television, he was on radio, and he spoke in countless churches even though he never mastered the English language.

Trust that God will make a way because He can make a way. Trust that God will keep His word and His promises to you, because He is able to do exceedingly beyond what the human intellect can conceive or imagine. All we need do is trust, and when He speaks believe as though it has already come to pass.

Tomorrow I travel back to my homeland to see my brother and my father, and I would ask that you keep me and my wife in your prayers. Hopefully, I will have time to write a little more regularly, and perhaps finish up some projects that are long overdue.
With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


meema said...

You and yours are always in my prayers.

For Him,

Barbara said...

The main Dudiman prophecy that I worry about is the coasts flooding. We haven't seen that yet but allegedly fragments of comet Ison are circling the sun and passing close to the earth. I suppose that could happen at some point that they will land in the ocean and flood the coasts.

America as a group is not cohesive. People are mainly out for themselves and willing to step on others to get ahead. There are pockets of people who try to live decently and follow God, but mainly God is just an excuse for a social gathering and a business referral network.

If America wants to turn godless then why should God extend His favor unendingly? They are taking on the the theories of the communists that religion is just made up nonsense for people with weak minds.