Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Back in the olden days, before the advent of the internet or mobile phones, my family and I would regularly have to fold and stuff over two thousand newsletters every couple months. If you’ve never had to fold and stuff envelopes, be thankful, and take it from someone who has, it gets real old real quick, and you have no choice but to barrel through and get the job done.

I remember that the worst of it was the first few hours. After that, after the requisite paper cuts, and the twitchy fingers from too much repetitive movement, I would get sort of numb, and it would be mostly mechanical.

Collate, fold, stuff, seal. Collate, fold, stuff, seal. It went on and on, until finally we were down to the last box, and then the labels.

Why I share this story with you is because seeing all that is going on in this nation, and the absence of reaction most everyone is having, I realize a sort of numbness has settled upon most. Although things are spiraling out of control at an alarming rate, a great majority is just going through the motions, unwilling to take the time and process what they are seeing, then come to a logical and reasonable conclusion.

Gamblers, especially poker players, call it going on tilt. Truck drivers, and most motorists who drive long hours call it spacing out, but whatever the term we use to describe this sort of numbness, this sort of unfeeling mental fatigue, it does us no good, and it is of no benefit.

I realize full well that some are just so disgusted with everything they’ve decided to tune out and no longer bother, but we have not been called to indifference, we have not been called to apathy, we have been called to action.

We must know by now that the world interprets our numbness as acquiescence and even approval of their agenda, and as a result grows bolder and more aggressive in implementing it.
The godless being what they are, to them silence is consent, and so our numbness, our silence, is to our own detriment.

Will calling darkness and sin by name make a difference? Probably not, but at least our resistance will stand as testimony one day.

I know it’s hard to keep getting up when all that seems to happen is that you get knocked down, but we have no other choice but to shake off the dust and get up again and again as long as we are able, and as long as our legs will hold us.

To understand the importance of standing for truth, to understand the importance of being light, we need only look to the alternative, and what the absence of truth and light would mean.

Jesus said we are the light of the world. Jesus said we are the salt of the earth. If these things be no more, then darkness will reign, and that which the salt kept from putrefaction will resume its natural course.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 


Helen Bowser said...

Yes, I, too, have felt there is a numbness--complacency, even apathy BUT yesterday spoke to a friend who had "seemed" to me to be going through the motions. In recent years she has grown in the Lord and I was pleasantly surprised to learn how deeply she feels about the world, national, and Church condition. Her comments were that she did not know what else to do, other than pray, be in the Word, live godly and ask God every day what He'd have her do. One thing she has done now for a long time is to host a weekly prayer group. While that group has grown, from it other groups have spun off.

The main reason people are not outspoken is FEAR. YES, we KNOW God has not given us that spirit but we do not see it modeled from our Christian leaders. We don't need to have them lead us for us to take a stand but it is why we don't see more. We see this fear in the pulpit every Sunday when nothing is said about the overwhelming immorality and godlessness. At one time, not long ago, it was not uncommon for pastors to write letters to the newspaper taking a stand for righteousness. There are some large well-known churches in our area and a major Christian Broadcasting Network. These prominent leaders represent many people but have long been silent.

Along with fear is that complacency, due at least in part I would say, to our great affluence and comfort. While we don't want to suffer, we pray God would do whatever it takes to make us that spotless bride, light of the world, salt of the earth.God is sovereign. Revival could happen. So we pray. But my feeling has long been that it is not going to happen without a catastrophe that will eclipse 9/11.

We pray God will arise, stir us, shake us and embolden us to be faithful.


A grieving sister said...

I understand exactly the numbness you describe, Brother Michael. In the last few years I've had to confront different family members that claim to be Christians because of how badly they treat other people (people that treat them well, btw). These are people I loved very much and was so devastated by watching them destroy themselves for the sake of selfishness. I told them point blank: "what you are doing is WRONG! You can't keep doing this! You need to repent and take responsibility!" All I got back was rage and fury and attacks and sulking and the silent treatment and the inevitable destruction of the relationships. I have been watching as they slide deeper and deeper into the Pit -- while keeping up their church activities and polishing their images before others. I've become numb and dead inside from the stench of spiritual rot that surrounds them. (sorry for the grpahic imagery) I don't want to be around them and I know nothing I can say or do is going to make any difference. These are people that have had years (in some cases decades) of church, Bible study, etc. and yet they are determined to follow the path so many others choose to follow: worship of self. I've dealt with enough of these so-called Christians now they don't even shock me. I really have become numb to their blatant sin and to their likely destination. I really don't know how to be anything else. It hurts too much.

Barbara said...

Sometimes you have to go numb to deal with trauma. Children often do this and then evolve into split personalities to deal with it. The only way that you can deal with massive trauma is to get used to it over time. If you haven't been able to cope with it all along, it is hard to be able to handle it all at once.

People deny the truth by denying the evil around them. As long as life is good for them, they pretend that it is for others as well. God is getting sick of it and judgement is coming. He said he would bring strong delusion on those who denied the truth so that they would not even be able to see truth again.

Those who deny others pain are approaching their fate like Little Red Riding Hood approaching the Big Bad Wolf. They think everyone and everything is so good that they don't know their enemies as they come lurking for them.

Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God said...

Michael, darkness will NEVER reign, the adversary will have his hour, as he did during the death of our Lord and Savior, BUT the victory has already been won! I'm sure you know this :-)

The bride is being prepared and the light of Jesus is definitely shinning in the midst of gross darkness, the problem is that many don't see the light! Why? Because the enemy of all our souls has blinded their eyes and their hearts have hardened because of sin, therefore they cannot see the glorious light of the gospel, and they cannot feel the everlasting love of Almighty God!

The same thing that happened to Christ in the 1st century is happening today! Jesus and Paul prophesied in scripture that it would be just as we are seeing it. But take heart, the Lord is always working and He has a remnant people that have not bowed their knee to Baal!

Keep standing for truth and you will behold the glory and power of God upon the face of this earth before Jesus returns!

In Jesus,

marshall warren said...

Well said. Non participation with the sins of the world and speaking out for the Kingdom of God comes from a heart filled with the love of Christ.


Jim Kermott said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, This is the first time I have ever commented to one of your blogs. I have been watching and reading you for about a year now. Started with your grandfather. My problem is, I am confused on how to respond to the wickedness going on today. I am a rededicated follower of Jesus Christ, and not sure whether I should be standing in protest with many others, raising my voice to the sins, or just stay quiet and do what I can to bring the word to others. I know that if ever confronted with the question of my beliefs, I will not shy away. But should I be out there protesting, holding signs or what. I feel like the Lord has lead me to the book of Jeremiah, where if we allow ourselves to go into captivity, then he will keep us safe and bless us. The Holy Spirit has also opened my eyes on the Rapture. I have always believe in pre, but now I believe post. I know that the Lord in not of confusion, so I feel satan throwing those darts at me. I do a lot of Rebuking. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Just trying to walk in the Spirit.