Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Forest, The Trees, & The Baby Jesus!

I woke up with a message in my inbox this morning informing me that just because I’d mentioned Christmas in some interview or another, I was now on a one way, non-refundable trip to the bowels of Hades itself, wherein I would be the enemy’s footstool for millennia on end.

That was it! My fate was sealed, I was doomed, and I would evermore suffer the torments of hell itself because I dared to utter the word Christmas, and even intimated that people should have a merry one. How dare I? How dare I wish people a Merry Christmas?

Just for the sake of context, I said nothing about Santa, Christmas trees, presents, egg nog, reindeer, yule logs, stockings, or other such accoutrement usually associated with Christmas by those who fail to grasp that it’s about the birth of Christ, and nothing else.

I actually went back and listened to what I said, and all I said was that it was a good time of year to be more introspective, and meditate upon what the birth of Christ meant for mankind, as well as it being a good opportunity to share Christ with those who as yet to do not know Him.

I was going to let this go, as is the case with most of the negative correspondence I get from individuals who have taken to being one-man outrage armies, but this caught me on a bad day, so here we go:

If you’re myopic enough not to see that sentencing people to hell for celebrating the birth of Christ, even if He wasn’t really born on December 25th, is a bit rash if not outright nutty, then you are likely doing more harm to the body of Christ than any atheist who mocks and insists that there is no God.

If you’re myopic enough not to see the forest for the trees and refuse to acknowledge that you are attempting to dishearten the hearts of the righteous by your insistence that if they don’t get in line behind you and say as you say they are somehow disqualified from the Kingdom, then there is evil in your heart that needs to be repented of.

If you’re myopic enough not to see that self-sensor regarding speaking the name of Christ, and sparking a conversation regarding His sovereignty no matter the context is counterproductive to the mandate of sharing Jesus with one and all, then you are helping in the decline of Christianity in the western world.

Churches are closing down by the thousands, atheists, witches, warlocks and all manner of evil are seeing a swelling of their ranks, but yes, the hill we should all be willing to die on is sending anyone who would utter the words ‘Merry Christmas’ to hell. Good job! Well done! No wonder the church is in the shape it’s in.

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas!

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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