Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fake News and True Facts

It was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time and everyone knew it. Some were holding their breaths waiting for the inevitable, while others steeled themselves, hoping they wouldn’t be the ones on the receiving end. It’s not selfish. It’s just pragmatic. I would rather something happen somewhere else, far from my family and loved ones, than to my family and loved ones, and I think that’s a shared sentiment the world over no matter how selfless one might consider themselves to be.

Those who thought the last time was the last time were proven wrong, and those who hoped against hope that it wouldn’t happen again, had their hopes shattered by the sharp edges of reality. As I said, we all knew it. We all knew that a white Christian male was, at some point, going to walk into another public place where there were sure to be innocent women and children, and yelling “Merry Christmas” at the top of his lungs mercilessly open fire on unsuspecting shoppers.

Oh wait! That has happened a total of never! Never once has a Christian, white male or otherwise, walked into a crowded market and opened fire on people who wanted to do nothing more than buy some overpriced trinkets, and perhaps take a picture with a giant turkey leg. The absurdity of it all is that the only unknown factors were the where and the when, never whether or not another of these tragedies would once more play out on the world stage, or what the general profile of the individual who would carry it out would likely end up being. Spoiler alert: It was not a white Christian male!

In case you haven’t heard, the latest place to witness firsthand the viciousness of the acolytes of the world’s most peaceful religion was Strasbourg France. It was at a Christmas market, and a couple dozen thunderclaps later, three people will never see another sunrise, and a dozen or so will never forget that particular day for as long as they live.

We are told by propagandists masquerading as journalists that the most dangerous demographic currently inhabiting planet earth is white Christian men, but for the life of me I can’t find the data to back up this assertion no matter how hard I try.

Don’t get me wrong. Data exists as to the demographic responsible for the overwhelming percentage of terrorist attacks in our modern era, but it’s not white Christian men. Numbers don’t lie, and facts are stubborn things no matter how many talking heads want to pretend otherwise.

This particular ambassador of the religion of peace was radicalized in prison, something he was accustomed to even at the relatively young age of 29. He walked into a Christmas market intent on taking lives in the name of Allah, yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ before opening fire. This is the reality of this tragedy, no matter how much some might try to whitewash, obfuscate, or otherwise ignore certain key facts.

Personally, I’m waiting for the first shark jumper in the media to insinuate that these men who are shooting up Christmas markets and running over people with their cars are actually Christians pretending to be Muslims in order to give Islam a bad name. Think that’s a little far fetched? Just you wait! Nobody believed people would get ostracized for insisting that gender is binary either, but here we are, and fully grown adults with what appears to be fully formed and functioning brains, are trying to convince other fully grown adults with fully formed and functioning brains that rather than two genders there are now 63.

This is what godlessness has wrought. Young men radicalized into taking the lives of people they’ve never even met for no other reason than to glorify a dead god, men stripped of reason regurgitating absurdity until they start to believe it as truth, disillusionment with everything, and an inability to relish and appreciate the simple things in life. Throw in an ever increasing suicide rate among every age demographic, and this supposed utopia we’re all racing toward seems like nothing less than hell itself.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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