Monday, December 10, 2018

Dusting Off The Ole' Blog!

I don’t believe in multi-tasking. Allow me to rephrase: I don’t believe that multi-tasking works. I’ve met people, my wife included, who insist that they can do two things simultaneously and equally well, but no matter how insistent such individuals are, my skepticism is not abated.

I have tried to multi task and I have utterly failed at it. What ends up happening is rather than two tasks being done equally well, two tasks get done shoddily, almost embarrassingly so, to the point that it takes me twice as long to go back and fix the jobs I attempted to multi-task, as it would have taken me to focus on a single task until it was completed.

I have been busy. That is the good news. The bad news, as is readily discernible, is that certain things I used to do regularly have been placed on the back burner. This blog is one of those things, and it has been a long time since I’ve sat down to write something exclusively for the blog.

While I was away I’ve nearly completed the next book that I will be releasing entitled The Battle Tested Believer, but with this project nearing its end I thought it a good time to dust off the ole’ blog, and get back into the regular rhythm of posting on here.

Much is happening in this world of ours, and not much of it is good or positive. Prophetic events are flying by faster than we can catalog them, and it seems the church has once more taken its default position of comfortable numbness, and blissful sleep.

To be perfectly frank, I also need a place to vent since I can tell by her facial expressions that bending my wife’s ear on a regular basis has become less than fun for her. She suffers me, as all wives likely do, but I can tell that the well of her patience is by no means bottomless, and I’m nearing the bottom. Yes, I say these things in jest, so no marriage advice needed.

My youngest daughter turned 1 last week. She is shuffling around, determined to keep her balance, discovering a world that was heretofore closed off to her. I watch her explore her surroundings, the awe of it all intoxicating, and I can’t help but feel that I can do more, perhaps even should do more to make sure that if the Lord tarries, the world she and her sister grow up in is not dark, and godless, and absent hope.

Whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, it seems the darkness is getting a bit darker, and the light is getting a bit dimmer. I don’t want to be counted among those who by doing nothing allowed evil to triumph. I don’t think I could look my girls in the eyes if that’s what I concluded about myself.

And so, here we are again, staring down the darkness and the minions thereof, wielding the truth like the flaming sword that it is, and hopefully reassuring some of you that you are not alone, and that yes, God still has His remnant, unsullied and pure.

I don’t know what taking the blog off the back burner will mean as far as frequency, but it will be a priority once more, and if I have anything to share, it will be done posthaste.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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