Monday, January 14, 2019

The Commies Are Here!

On a nondescript evening in 1775, the name Paul Revere became immortalized when he set about his famous ride to warn one and all that the redcoats were coming. A clear and present danger was evident, and Paul Revere took it upon himself to do his utmost to warn his countrymen, hoping that they would rally, mount a defense, and do something other than roll over and show the whites of their bellies.

It is far easier to point to a physical threat, warn people, and have them respond, than to warn of a theoretical threat that you see growing and metastasizing but which, as yet, poses no imminent threat.

Granted, it was much harder to warn people about a resurgence of Communism twenty years ago, especially when you insisted that the resurgence would take place in the Land of the Free, rather than some former Communist bloc country somewhere far away. Although still largely skeptical, the mockery and derision seems to have lessened because people can’t deny what they are seeing with their own eyes any longer.

What seemed like a far-fetched fairy tale less than a decade ago has become a disturbingly vivid reality. Communism has been re-branded, and is now the darling of the young, the intellectual class, and anyone who likes the idea of free stuff without once wondering where all this free stuff is coming from or who is paying for it.

Before having to answer a dozen e-mails about how it’s not Communism but rather Democratic Socialism, as someone who grew up in a Communist country, please understand that the difference between the two is whether or not absolute power has been attained. As has been the case time and again, they play nice until they no longer have to play nice.

Once a Democratic Socialist attains power, that’s when they pull off the mask to reveal the full-fledged Communist underneath. The notion of the newly branded Communism is so appealing to the unmotivated and lazy that save for the shenanigans of the Democratic National Committee, a man who didn’t hold a job until the age of 40 but who believes everything should be free, would have been the presidential nominee of said party.

Although I wish we still had enough time for me to say ‘the Commies are coming!’ the truth of it is that they’re already here, and with the aid of a whorish media more than happy to push their propaganda, and an entire generation ignorant of what Communism really is, open Socialists, Communists, and haters of freedom are being elected to office in the house of representatives, as well as in the senate of these United States.

If we continue to be indifferent to the ever growing embrace of this dangerous ideology, it is inevitable that the boot of raging impotence will be firmly planted upon our necks sooner rather than later. Everyone wakes up eventually. For most, it’s simply too late.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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