Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Macabre & The Grotesque!

It would seem that the governors of New York and Virginia are entangled in some deranged competition of the macabre and the grotesque. Last week or thereabouts, Governor Cuomo of New York signed a bill into law which basically allows a mother to murder her own child up until, and including the day of birth.

For those who wrote in and said I was starting to sound like a fanatic or an extremist, the only thing that matches my pity for you is my contempt for your position. How you can rationalize infanticide, and try to look for the nonexistent silver lining is beyond me, however, since we will not stand before the Great Judge as a collective unit but rather as individuals and be judged individually, as the old country song says, you go your way, and I’ll go mine.

I’m done trying to convince professing Christians that abortion is wrong, or continue to lay out the reasons as to why we should resist it, and fight against it. If you can’t see it for what it is, if you can’t see it as infanticide, the snuffing out of a human life with a soul and a purpose, then your conscience is likely seared beyond any help that I may offer.

So, back to the story. Not to be outdone by his contemporary in New York, Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia is floating an idea that the baby could actually be delivered, alive, viable, cute as a button and with not a care in the world, then the mother and the doctor can decide if it lives.

If it looks too much like it’s no good daddy, well, tough luck kid. If its eyes are brown instead of blue, if the mother, having gone through one of the most traumatic experiences of her life by giving birth decides it cries too much, well, just take it away and do what you do. Thumbs up or thumbs down, after a confab, the doctor and the mother decide. So, basically, unless the child is able to physically run away from the scissors and the calipers, it’s not out of the woods. Behave yourself little Billy, or we just might have you put down.

I’m waiting for the next extreme idea to be floated, because you know it will. The descent into madness has no emergency break. It doesn’t slow down, there are no regulating mechanisms to deter it from impact. I’m waiting for one of our enlightened and esteemed elected officials to float the idea that if your kid disappoints you in the second grade spelling bee, then you have every right to terminate it. I know, I know, dark, over the top, overly dramatic…. So is murdering a baby after it has been delivered viable, just because the mother and doctor agree on it.

I keep coming back to this point because it’s what frustrates me most, and that is the silence of the church in all of this. Where are the people of God? Where is their voice? What, pray tell, is more important than saving the lives of the defenseless and unborn, that all we are hearing from the Christian Right are crickets and an occasional complaint about the wall not being built?

The church doesn’t have blood on its hands, it’s drowning in it, and to the ghouls and soulless servants of darkness, your silence is interpreted as consent, so why not push the envelope a little further?

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Check, says VA bill failed and two delegates has come forth saying they regretted being part of it. The Lord be praised.

Lee said...

What has always bothered me is that it is murder from conception on and the ones who stood against us were usually Christians that voted democrat. We have gone so far into vile sin I am waiting for the rest of the fulfillment of what the Lord showed your grandfather. I find it interesting that the destruction is mainly democrat strongholds.
There has been plenty fulfilled already. We praise Jesus still for the faithfulness of your grandfather and your family.
Don & Carole Louthain