Thursday, January 24, 2019

Worse By Far!

This morning I found myself contemplating a strange thought. I began to wonder if ever at any point there was an individual in Sodom that looked at all the other Sodomites and how far they’d descended into their own madness and tried to reel them in.

I realize this is a layered hypothetical, but excluding the one man we knew to be righteous, I wonder if any of the Sodomites trying to kick in Lot’s door to get at the two angels had an inner monologue going, thinking that this was a bit too far even for them.

I’ve heard of stories, and have read testimonies of individuals who turned their back on the darkness altogether, simply because it got too grotesque even for them. They had cheered right along with everyone else up until a point, but when that point came, when what was taking place was so far removed from any semblance of humanity that they could no longer stomach it, they made the choice to walk away or risk becoming as the others, so dead inside, so seared of conscience, that nothing was taboo, or forbidden.

This week we saw the pinnacle of the grotesque get signed into law in New York State, but what was even more stomach churning was the throngs of people who were cheering and hollering, approving of this madness as though it were not outright infanticide. In case you haven’t heard, the Governor of New York signed in a new law that allows for a woman to have an abortion up to the point of, and including labor, for any reason, and at the tax payer’s expense.

Just consider this for a second. A woman goes into labor, and for some reason, that day of all days doesn’t feel like bringing a new life into the world, and now, based on the new law in New York, rather than go in for a delivery, she can go and have her baby murdered by butchers, and suffer no repercussion for said murder.

If anyone’s in the mood to split hairs, save your breath! If a woman is in labor, the baby is viable, and so, it is, by any definition, murder. Yes, murder! Now it is legal in the state of New York, and soulless ghouls cheered and applauded as though it was announced that we had found the cure for cancer, or multiple sclerosis.

I wonder. Was anyone in that crowd thinking that perhaps this was a bridge too far? Was anyone in that crowd having second thoughts about the murder of a viable human baby on its delivery due date?

A baby’s heart starts beating at around the six-week mark. After 23 weeks of gestation, 70% of babies survive outside the womb. After the 27-week mark, the number is well over 90%. These are facts! They are not made up by right wing pro-lifers, they are not made up by fundamentalist Christians, they are facts, demonstrable, provable, undeniable.

New York State is now allowing for abortions into the 40th week, as I said, right up and to the point of the woman being in labor, and there is no revulsion, there is no outcry, there is no righteous indignation. There is cheering, and fawning over the progressive stance the governor made.

Anyone out there still doubt that judgment is coming or say it is undeserved? What we have become is worse by far when compared to Sodom, and God wiped it off the face of the earth with fire and brimstone. Just a thought on a snowy Thursday afternoon.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Bonnie said...

And yet these same people will cry out against the judgment which they themselves brought forth! Our country has absolutely embraced the culture of death - so that is what we will receive. Heaven helps those who cry out against this abomination, and all of the abominations that we are facing at this very dark, evil time. (Ez. 9)

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I totally agree!!!