Thursday, September 5, 2019

An Update

I’m tearing up again, but this time my wife is not here to see it. She had an early appointment, the kids are off to school, and I just now got a few moments to collect my thoughts, and give you an update on Dumi’s situation.

The surgery went better than anyone expected. This is not me saying it; it’s coming from my brother Daniel who isn’t known for his unbridled optimism. By what we’ve learned thus far, I would agree. By any metric, the surgery was a glowing success. They only had to remove part of Dumi’s lung, which we were told would have to be excised completely, and he is already taking a few steps at a time, staying active, and recovering quite nicely.

I couldn’t imagine the spectrum of emotion I would feel if a handful of months prior I would have been given a death sentence, written off by the medical establishment and told there was nothing that could be done, to now seeing a life and a future beyond a few months. For a young twenty-something, it must have been a rollercoaster, and that’s putting it mildly.

This entire episode was a learning lesson, and if ever we sit down to write just how we came to have Dumi operated on by the most renowned surgeon of his kind in the whole of Europe, you will understand that miracle upon miracle had to occur for this to take place.

I do believe in divine healing, but I also believe that God uses people whom he has endowed with abilities to bring about His perfect will.

The reason I’m tearing up isn’t so much because the surgery was a success, although that’s part of it, it’s because of the outpouring of support so many of you offered for a young man who many of you have never met, nor likely ever meet.

It warms my heart and humbles me that so many of you answered the call, and without hesitation gave to this cause. To all who prayed for Dumi, I thank you. To all who contributed to this need, I thank you. To all who plan on giving toward this need, I thank you. All I can do is say thank you. All I can do is express gratitude, but the God who sees all things can do far more. It is He who watches, it is He who sees, and it is He who rewards.

Please continue to pray for Dumi’s swift recovery, and if the knowledge that you helped save a young man’s life doesn’t make you cry, I hope that at least it makes you smile. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


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