Monday, September 9, 2019

Merchants of Fear

The easiest way to get someone to act against their own self-interest is to create an environment of fear, then convince them that the only way to do away with the fear you’ve created is for them to give up certain rights, privileges, or protections.

Self-preservation or at least the promise thereof will always trump self-interest, and more often than not when an argument is framed around the notion of self-preservation, reason, logic, or the need for scientific proof to back up one’s assertions fall by the wayside.

Because they know that when it comes to self-preservation, most people will usually react emotionally rather than logically, the merchants of fear are beating the drums of existential crisis with such ferocity as to give religious zealots and cult members a run for their money.

Unless we give up something, and that something varies from debate to debate depending on what the cataclysm du jour happens to be, we are doomed, facing total annihilation, just waiting to die in some horrific way.

It’s for the good of humanity, don’t you know? Why else would the merchants of fear be so single-minded in their desire to strip you of your freedoms and rights? I mean, come on, it couldn’t be for something as petty as control. It couldn’t be for something as sinister as enforcing globalism on a sovereign nation, could it?

You want to live as the indentured servant of Bernard Sanders or Elizabeth Warren; you just don’t know it yet. You want your pre-teen daughters seeing boys pretending to be girls changing in front of them, robbing them of their innocence, you just don’t know it yet. You want reading the Bible verbatim to be viewed as a hate crime; you just don’t know it yet. You want an open homosexual to shame you into silence because you believe the baby kicking in your belly and responding to your voice is alive, and not just a clump of cells good for nothing more than to be butchered, vacuumed out, and disposed of in the trash. You want all these things; you have to want them; otherwise we’re all doomed.

You want to chase rats down alleyways and see for yourself that cat tastes a lot like chicken; how can you not if you are a responsible citizen of the world? Granted, eating cats and rats as they do in Venezuela has become passé, so now there’s a push, I kid you not, to save the planet via cannibalism.

Not surprisingly, everything the merchants of fear are pushing and attempting to normalize ultimately gives them more power and strips you of the ability to control your own life. They know better than you, and they have no qualms about reiterating it. Go along, do as you are told, grovel well enough, long enough, with enough excitement and fervor, and when they take power, there may be something in it for you. You might be close enough to the ruling class where unlike the rest of the plebs you may just get to drive your car every other weekend for no more than ten miles, or have a piece of steak once in a blue moon.

What of freedom? You can’t possibly expect to live free anymore; we have a planet to save. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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