Friday, September 20, 2019


It’s troubling, the length to which some people will go to maintain an illusion and keep their delusions intact. I have seen it firsthand on more than one occasion, and the unequivocal refusal to listen to reason is breathtaking.

When it comes to delusions there are two types of people. Those who internalize their delusion, who aren’t harming anyone but themselves, then there are those who externalize their delusions and insist that all of humanity fall in lockstep to their every proclamation.

The guy who still wakes up puts on a suit makes coffee and drives off every morning because he can’t bear to tell his wife he got fired a month ago isn’t really harming anyone. Sooner or later, if no other gainful employment is found he’ll have to pull off the Band-Aid, tell his wife, and the obfuscation will make matter worse, but he attempted to impose no new philosophy on anyone else.

Then there are the other types of delusional people, and those are the dangerous ones because they insist, nay, they demand, that you not only validate their delusion, but upturn your life, and radically change the way you live your day to day. All this, without a shred of scientific evidence, or any room for debate.

If you don’t believe in manmade climate change, global warming, global cooling, or climate disruption, then you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as those who do. That’s it! There’s no debating this point, there’s reasoning or attempting to inject logic into the conversation. Either you submit to every idiot thing they come up with, or you hate your kids, your neighbors, and the planet.

This movement has morphed into a religion, but a religion where the individual is still god. Hear me out on this, I’ve thought through it quite a bit.

What this new cultish religion is now preaching is that you have the ability to affect the planet’s climate. It is within your power as an individual, if only you stop eating meat, use only one square of toilet tissue per movement, stop driving, flying, using anything with a combustible engine, and go live in a hole in the ground cooking all your meals by the sun’s rays.

This new religion even has its apostles of sorts, like an autistic Swedish teenager who was lecturing the United States Congress recently about how evil this nation is because we still sell plastic straws to people.

If you attempt to point out that plunging this economy into the dark ages for the sake of climate change will do nothing to alleviate it, especially if China, India, Europe, and pretty much the rest of the civilized world doesn’t get on board, then you’re not looking for a solution, you’re just part of the problem.

These people are zealots, and as zealots have done since time immemorial, they are more than willing to destroy your way of life in order to keep their delusions intact. To true zealots it’s less about whether what you plan on doing will work or not, it’s the fact that you did something!

For anyone to think that their actions on any given day or throughout their life will have any effect on the climate is the epitome of delusion and self-importance. Then again, it’s right up the alley of those who believe they are their own god and can heal the earth by switching to tofu, and not bathing. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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