Saturday, April 11, 2020

Just Following Orders

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by the history of human events and human nature itself. If we can answer two fundamental questions, not only could we avoid repeating the mistakes of our forefathers, we would likewise be able to mitigate our reaction to external stimuli.

The first of two questions is, what can we learn from those who came before us and their actions? Second, what makes somebody act the way they do?

The horror of what one human being can visit upon another is one of those things that is beyond my ability to comprehend. I understand the mechanics of it. I understand we are born in a fallen world, and that the heart of man is exceedingly evil, I get all that, I really do, but there is evil, then there is grotesque evil. There is abortion, and then there is post-birth abortion that you sign into law on Good Friday, like the governor of Virginia did last night.

One of the darkest periods in human history took place not in the dark ages, not in medieval times, but less than a hundred years ago, long after the invention of the automobile, the airplane, and indoor plumbing. The world witnessed horror on a whole new scale, primal and brutal and soulless and cruel.

Although one man was the figurehead of it all, it took more than one man to carry out this grotesque vision; it took many hundreds of thousands of men, if not millions.

It’s highly likely I’ve watched more hours of the Nuremberg trials than most. It is also highly likely that I watched it for a completely different reason than most. The reason I watched as much footage as I could find of the Nuremberg trials was to see the justification of those on trial for why they did what they did. Almost all, without fail, said they were following orders.

They were just doing their job. They were just following through on a command or edict they received from a superior.

We are currently seeing elected officials who have sworn to uphold the law and the constitution of these United States not only doing the opposite but direct law enforcement to harass, arrest, or fine otherwise law-abiding citizens just for being outside.

We are seeing people dragged off of busses, fathers handcuffed in front of their six-year-old daughter for daring to be in a park with her, and churchgoing folk fined $500 for sitting in their car and listening to a sermon over a loudspeaker.

Are you really comparing what the Nazis did to this? No, just the mindset. Every time law enforcement was asked why they were doing what they were doing, whether fining churchgoers or threatening to arrest a husband and wife for not respecting social distancing guidelines, their answer was I’m just following orders.

If you think men will not do today what they did eighty years ago under the auspices of following orders just because we have the internet and electric cars, you’re fooling yourself.

The curve is flattening; every model has been grossly exaggerated, and yet, certain governors continue to tighten the screws and come up with more draconian limitations on your constitutional rights each day.

As long as the populace complies, they will continue to push. They’re even floating the idea of immunity cards. Not as pronounced as holocaust badges, but undeniably serving the same purpose. Remember! It was the law, and those enforcing it were just following orders. Now shut up, show me your papers, and do as I say!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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