Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Rules for Thee!

I find it ironic that those bleating about how you’re to stay locked within the confines of your domicile for the foreseeable future are exempted from having to follow the same guidelines and mandates. I find it downright insufferable and stomach-churning that those insisting businesses should be shut down until this virus has been eradicated have yet to miss a paycheck or have their lives affected in any negative fashion.

How many government employees have you heard of being furloughed or laid off? How many bureaucrats have you heard of having to go on unemployment, then watch the hours ticking by waiting for a check that is slow to arrive while the landlord is leaving threatening notes on the door about how you’re late with the rent?

There are people today whose jobs in government are secure that are hoping this drags on for a while longer so they can get a nice foreclosed home at a rock bottom basement price. Collateral damage be damned, mommy wants a McMansion, and she is willing to see others suffer to make her dream come true.

If there is no equal application, and more importantly equal justice under the law, if the way the stripping of individual liberties is flaunted in such a perverse fashion that even the apolitical are starting to buck the edicts, civil unrest in this nation is not afar off, and if this continues for much longer, inevitable.

If the rules conjured up by the rule makers apply to everyone else except for the ones conjuring up the rules, then we are no longer living in a constitutional republic. Instead, we are living some Orwellian nightmare where the ruling class does as it pleases, and the working class is abused, dictated to, misrepresented and mistreated. Rules for thee, but not for me!

History teaches us that this is a recipe for disaster, and once the dominos begin to fall, there is no stopping it. Once you push too far, you can’t walk it back. Once you stretch the rubber band until it snaps, there is no putting it back together. It is impossible to accurately predict how an individual with nothing left to lose will act, but on average, chances are they will react violently.

Law-abiding citizens are being arrested for the high crime of reopening their businesses, going to the beach, and taking their kids to the park. Simultaneously, hardened criminals are being released from prisons for fear of their contracting a virus that has a less than 1% mortality rate.

Governors are taking it upon themselves to suspend conceal carry, even in red states, but the catch-22 here is that criminals aren’t law-abiding by definition. Hence, the only thing you’ve done is take away a law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend himself in case of an emergency.

Not only are these measures illogical on their face, but they are also counterintuitive on a very basic, fundamental level.

The dam is beginning to crack, the fissures have become pronounced, and the media can no longer use panic as a cudgel to keep the people in line. It’s not as though they aren’t trying; they’re doing everything they can, but it’s just not working anymore.

Even the threat of second waves and third waves isn’t having the desired impact, so now they’ve turned to demonizing people who just want to go back to work, earn a living, and provide for their families.

All this, while there is collective myopia regarding the future that is downright frightening. How long do they think they’ll be able to collect a paycheck once the coffers run dry, and there is no incoming revenue because all the businesses are shut down? I know, I know, there’s still booze and weed, but once they start dropping of liver failure, alcohol poison, or drowning in their own vomit after a bender, those streams of revenue will begin to dwindle as well.

As I’ve oft-repeated, I want your great aunt, grandma, or grandpa to celebrate their centennial birthday; I really do, but not at the cost of seeing my kids homeless and starving. Call me selfish. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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Loy Leslie said...

Our Gov. here in Maine has just announced the ruination of our beautiful state.
We are a vacation/recreation state and she has said that resorts. hotels, motels ect can not open till August or Sept. Our businesses here can't not survive this action. : ( I am praying she changes her mind.
thank you for your columns.
Loy Leslie