Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Not Rocket Scientists

Looking at the way they fumble their words, awkwardly try to make points that have no logical foundation, or how they conduct themselves in general, very few if any people would confuse certain elected officials, both on the local, state, and national level for Rhodes Scholars. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because we feel the need to have heroes or someone to look up to, but we have shrouded elected officials with this aura of competence and ability that just isn’t there.

For the most part, these aren’t people whose performance will exceed your expectations in a clutch, or who can solve problems without missing a beat. Looking at some of the ludicrous things that have come out of their mouths, it’s easy to conclude that these were people just smart enough to get a bunch of other people to vote them into office, but nothing more.

If this is the best and brightest our nation has to offer, all I can say is bring out your violins and strap yourself to a deck chair; this dinghy is going down.

It took a literal executive order to keep meat processing plants to shut down yesterday. I kid you not. It took the federal government and a presidential proclamation to countermand local constabularies who thought it perfectly reasonable to shut down meat processing, because, you know, if there’s no meat anywhere on any shelf in any store, you’ll be forced to try the tofu or the imitation meat. Tofurkey ham for dinner, kids, almost as mouthwatering as Vegemite, or that cruddy stuff that accumulates in your shower drain.

Even children have enough awareness to consider consequence of action; evidently, our elected officials don’t.

So now what’s going to happen is a sequel to the great toilet tissue shortage of 2020, only it will be the great meat shortage of 2020, and even though you can wipe with your hand, you can’t eat your hand. Maybe they can try eating the toilet paper they’ve stockpiled. I don’t know; just spitballing ideas.

Even if the processing plants don’t shut down, panic buying will inevitably occur. Even if people don’t have deep freezers or any way of preserving the meat they’re purchasing, our reactionary nature is so void of logic, that we just don’t care.

While all this is going on, while boobs and rubes and dolts playing at being political luminaries are capturing the national spotlight, every contrarian position, even if it comes from people with letters after their names like MD, Ph.D., GP and the such are being scrubbed from the internet, because it is the nerd kings of Silicon Valley that decide what you should see and hear, and not you.

Dissenting voices must be contained; they must be silenced; they must be disqualified, discredited, discounted, besmirched, and ostracized. But I thought we were supposed to trust the experts. Isn’t that what every buffoon on television has been insisting upon with a pained look in their eye?

Well, experts are saying that the mortality rate for this virus is laughably low. Experts are saying that the draconian measures we’ve implemented to combat this unseen enemy are overkill. Experts are saying that we shouldn’t live in fear, huddled up in our basements, seeing daylight only long enough to spy on our neighbors to make sure they’re socially distancing, but apparently, those are the wrong experts.

Are the only experts we’re supposed to trust those who validate the confirmation bias of globalists? Just asking for a friend, so we’re clear.

At some point, even at the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, one must wonder if these elected officials are this incompetent and brain dead, or if they are actively attempting to undermine the infrastructure of these United States and endangering the lives of its citizens in the process. Are they stupid, or are they traitors? That, dear reader, is the question of the day.

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Traitors bought and, paid for by our enemies. This chaos and, destruction are their agenda. Praying for repentance and, mercy is our only hope.