Wednesday, October 7, 2020

An Innocent Man

I’ve always been a reader. Once I learned to read in English and discovered the public library, I was a teenager at peace, with no worry in the world. The books didn’t care that I was awkward, chubby, or that I wore pinstripe polyester slacks my grandmother sowed for me. The books accepted me for who I was, as I was, without the need for pretense or disguise.

If memory serves, somewhere around the sixth grade, I discovered The Count of Monte Cristo, a book written by Alexandre Dumas. Think what you will of the man, but he could spin a yarn. I can still remember the feeling of revulsion I felt at the thought of an innocent man being framed for a crime he did not commit just because someone felt like it, or because they had something to gain from it.

I believe this sense of revulsion is universal in anyone with a working moral compass, irrespective of who the individual in question might be. An innocent man is an innocent man, whether you like their attitude or not. An innocent man is an innocent man, whether you like the way they come across or not.

It becomes all the more repulsive when you discover that the innocent man in question was not only plotted against, but just how deep and intricate the plot was, and who was involved in it. A false story was fabricated out of whole cloth; it was run up the flagpole for approval to the highest echelons of power. It was then incessantly pumped by a compliant media until people accused an innocent man of treason and demanded he be hung in the streets.

Then, when this innocent man, knowing that he is innocent, knowing that he is being framed reacted, everyone rolled their eyes and chortled about how he comes off as mean and overly animated. For all the pearl clutchers, benchwarmers, armchair quarterbacks, and faux-prophets who were endlessly going on about how this president would be impeached for the Russian collusion, we now know was wholly fabricated, how would you react if you were falsely accused of betraying your country and conspiring with the enemy?

In case you’re not a news hawk, and have not kept abreast of what has just occurred, in a nutshell, Hillary Clinton came up with a plan to tie Donald Trump to Russia, former CIA chief Brennan briefed one Barack Hussein Obama on the idea, and once it got the green light, well, we know the rest.

An innocent man has not had a day or peace or rest for the last three and half years, because of a story concocted by a sore loser and approved by the sitting president of the most powerful country in the world. A story wholly fabricated, with not a tittle of truth therein. Let that sink in for a spell. Let that marinate, then ask yourself one simple but all-important question.

If they were willing to destroy an innocent man, his family, his acquaintances, and anyone close to him just because they thought they could, what depths of depravity are such people capable of? How far would they go to ensure that power was theirs in perpetuity once they got it?

As an aside, just so you get a glimpse of how incestuous and swampy the swamp is, the individual who first proposed vilifying Donald Trump by claiming Russian interference is now a top aide to one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Once done, some things cannot be undone, and even if they could, it’s very painful. Ask anyone who once thought it was a swimming idea to get a face tattoo before realizing that ‘loser for life’ etched across their forehead limited their employment opportunities. You’ll get the gist of what I’m saying.

They have fought like rabid dogs to destroy an innocent man for the high crime of beating them in an election. His innocence is undeniable, yet I feel this is a story that will die a quick death because it does not fit the narrative. He’s unhinged; he comes off as abrasive; he despises the media; he goes on about fake news; wouldn’t you if they’d done to you what they’ve done to him for the past few years?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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