Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Between The Lines

Ever wonder why people who express a white-hot hatred for a nation and despise everything about its founding would want to rule it? It’s not so they can maintain it in the form in which it was conceived, and it’s not so they can govern judiciously for the good of its citizenry. To borrow a phrase from a now has-been dreamer, it’s to transform it fundamentally.

No sane individual puts forth the effort to sustain and build up something they detest, something they believe in the deep dark recesses of their heart is illegitimate, or in the infants' parlance pretending to be adults, unfair. Since when was the world fair? Since when was fairness for a handful of souls who chose their lot in life the ideal to be achieved at the expense of everyone else who toils, labors, and puts in the necessary effort to survive?

Since when is it fair to penalize someone who is responsible with their finances and who actively worked to pay off the debt they’d accrued? Am I missing something here? Why are the rest of us expected to go along with the notion of writing off the student debt of countless ne’er-do-wells who spent four years doing bong hits and going to keggers? Why should I be responsible for their poor choices?

Forced charity isn’t charity. If someone puts a gun to your head and insists that you donate to their cause, it’s not done out of the kindness of one’s heart; it’s done because of fear of the gun. Heartless and cruel as it may sound to some, we can’t save everyone from the consequences of the bad choices they’ve made in life. Sorry, that’s just the reality of it.  

I am more apt to show empathy toward someone who, through no fault of their own, just lost the business they’ve been building up for a decade than I am toward someone who wasted gobs and gobs of money getting a degree in the synchronized lesbian water dancers of the Paisa Region.

Should’ve listened to the old-timers who insisted that you’d get twice the bang for half the buck going to a trade school, but what do those salty old fellas know anyway? I mean, plumbing, electrical work, so passé. It may be passé, but it puts food on the table, something most degrees today can’t do.

So what’s the point of this morning’s rant? Well, dumb people are being promised things that those hoping to seize power have no way of delivering. Every time the word free is thrown around, as though slow Joe will just take a sponge and do away with trillions of dollars’ worth of debt if he gets elected, it’s an outright lie. There’s no such thing as free. Someone always ends up paying for it, and more often than not, it’s us, the little people.

When you have an entire generation being motivated to remain unmotivated and just sail through life on government handouts, you have a recipe for a disaster in the making. When you have disingenuous politicians promise things they can’t deliver just to get elected, people will no longer vote based on what’s right for the country in the long term but what’s suitable for their personal interest in the short term. What this means is that if enough people fall for the lies, sooner than you might imagine, we will no longer have a country to decimate or a constitutional republic to dismantle. The task will already have been done.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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