Monday, October 26, 2020

Worse Than Death

 For some in this world, death is the most horrifying thing this side of life. Especially for the atheistically minded, the great unknown of the great beyond is an ever-growing terror the older they get. The best they can hope for is nothingness, oblivion, or permanent fade-out absent awareness or sentience. That's the best! That's their ideal! That's the hope they cling to with white knuckle terror. And you wonder why they're always so somber, downtrodden, and sullen?

If the best possible outcome for one's future is nothingness, then the gloominess is understandable and warranted. People with no hope are rarely optimistic, jovial, and good-humored. This is why I'm always skeptical of sullen Christians or those who seem to fetishize the Apocalypse to the point of browbeating anyone who dares hope for a delay or postponement in its inevitable arrival.

Sorry, not sorry, there's nothing wrong in enjoying this present life, in wanting to see your kids grow up, or in hoping to see another summer. Apparently, anyone who doesn't want to relive the Communist era's nasty bits is now part of the New World Order. If you dare point to the fact that one candidate is demonstrably better than another, well, you're a sellout, and somehow the boogeymen in the shadows got to you.

How dare you encourage people to be practical in times such as these? You must tell them to hope in the return of John Kennedy Jr., look to the sky for the imminent alien invasion, and blame everything on the Rothschilds and Rockefellers because that way they'll be absolved of any personal responsibility. It's all pointless, hopeless, dark, and bleak! There's no point in coming out of your basement anymore. Maybe some bricks and mortar, and you can wall yourself in your basement. That way, you'll be sure to ride out the possibility of contracting mild flu-like symptoms.

Okay, rant over. I had to get it off my chest because it was bugging me, like a small stone in one's shoe or a hangnail that keeps snagging on your clothes.

As I said, for some, death is the worst thing ever, but for others, there is a fate worse than death. You can tell who these people are by how hard they try to remain relevant, whatever that means nowadays. These are the people who will go to any lengths to remain part of a conversation that passed them by eons ago, not realizing that all they're really doing is opening themselves up for ridicule and disdain.

For people such as these, death is not so much of a bother, but irrelevance and obscurity are. They would rather die a thousand deaths than be irrelevant or have the notion that they are somehow influential or shapers of conversation be irreparably shattered. The reason they despise this president to the point of madness is that his election ion 2016 proved what they had suspected all along: that people really don't care about their opinion and don't take them seriously when they insist you're supposed to stay in your home for the foreseeable future from their multi-million dollar estates.

Every pathetic, needy, attention-grabbing pseudo-celebrity is out in full force, trying to tell you what to think, what to do, how to vote, and who to vote for, and seeing them be proven irrelevant once more is something I look forward to with childlike glee.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

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KatAmonte said...

Speaking of unhappy and people who are hopeless, reminds me of the Biden supporters! They are so unhappy and hurl the f-bomb and burn buildings, yell and scream!! Trump Supporters on the other hand, are happy, smiling, carry the American flag, optimistic patriots!! We have an election coming up, and I have been watching the Trump rallies (10's of thousands) vs the Biden get togethers, (maybe 25 people), and The Trump Rallies are exciting! These people are happy and love America!! The liberal women are ugly, dark, angry countenances, while the Trump ladies are pretty, happy, smiling!! Just Sayin.