Wednesday, October 19, 2022


 You thought I was done? Not by a country mile. If we’re going to hash this out, then let’s get to it because my wife has plans for my life for the next few days, with it starting to get cold and me not having put away all the summer things like tables and chairs and bird feeders.

There will never be a discordant note between the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, or the written Word of God. Let me establish that outright, get it over with, pop some bubbles, crush some hopes, and eliminate some confusion, accidental or otherwise.

There will always be perfect harmony between what you find written in the Scriptures and what the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. The Word will never disagree with the Father, the Father will never disagree with the Son, nor will the Holy Spirit disagree with any of the aforementioned.

If contradiction does exist, perhaps the spirit speaking is not the Holy Spirit because the Word is the Word; it is established and foundational. If you have to decide who’s in the wrong between you, your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas, or preconceived notions, and the Word of God, it’s you, always, every time, no exemptions, period.

I know, I typed out ‘feelings’ as though they mattered when it comes to the Word and will of God, and yes, I did throw up in my mouth just a little bit, but I’m a trooper; I swallowed it down and just kept right on typing.

You don’t get a say in how God runs the show. You don’t get to voice an opinion as to whether or not you think He could have done things differently, better, or otherwise. He is God! He is the creator; you are His creation. Are you loved? Most assuredly. Will God deny His nature to placate your feelings? No!

This should be clear enough, but some of the things I’ve been seeing and reading lately from presumably mature believers make me question my previous assumption.

The evidence that the world has leached its way into the church is undeniably self-evident, going so far as to affect the mindset of believers. God is not suggesting that you consecrate yourself and be holy because He is holy; he commands it!

You are either in obedience or rebellion. You are either a good and faithful servant or one who does the bidding of another master, a different god, one of your own makings who whispers in your ear and speaks of things found nowhere in the canon of scripture.

This is how we get unicorn dust, oily hands, unfettered shaking, and maniacal laughter. This is how truth is fallen in the street, how scoffers have multiplied, and how shame has been brought to the people of God time and again. This is how the wolves devour the sheep while the sheep are defending the wolves from the shepherds who would see them live.

My wife says I’m getting more curmudgeonly the older I get. Perhaps it is so. She knows me well enough to gauge it, but we’re running out of time, kids. Things are about to turn fifty shades of terrifying, and there’s only so much the human mind can take before it snaps if the entire foundation upon which its psyche rests is that they’d be long gone before any of it happened.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  


April Fields said...

I suggest that you are not curmudgeonly as much as you are filled with righteous anger. I so get it. We know what is just ahead and that this war is with dark principalities. My prayer life is now reduced to 'deliver us from evil, protect us from tragedy and grant us grace, though we don't deserve it.' I've chosen the hill upon which I am willing to die but I'm old, one foot out the door anyway. I grieve for the children.

Anonymous said...

The Amen corner is applauding!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, but I still keep praying for holiness while praying against the evil. Blessings