Thursday, October 27, 2022


 Let’s get biblical, biblical. Now I’ll have you humming that to Olivia Newton-John’s physical for the rest of the day. You’re welcome. Seriously though, I think we’ve set the table well enough wherein we can start to delve into the Word and see what it has to say.

It’s funny how after all these years, there are still people who, with a straight face, say, “I know that’s what the Bible says, but….”

As an aside, if you try to convince me to take man’s word over God’s word or believe someone’s theory over what is written in the Book, you’re tilting at windmills and aren’t going to get very far with me.

The Bible is not an authority; it is the authority. It is not on par with the opinions of men or other writings; it is superior in every way and, as such, is given deference. I keep returning to this because it’s important and the battleground of our day. Do we believe the Word, or what men say they think the Word meant to say? That is the crux of it, after all.

It’s not as though God sat down and had a confab with the Son, the Holy Spirit, and saints of old to brainstorm how best they can complicate the Word. If we are of the light, why would God want us to be in the dark regarding the final beats of this symphony?

But this is the way of man. We always try to find the easy out. That’s why five-minute abs outsold ten-minute abs, and if some intrepid entrepreneur comes out with one-minute abs, they’ll outsell the five-minute abs by an enviable margin.

We have the Original. It is perfect in every way, as can only be accomplished by the hands of a masterful genius. Then a high school cover band comes along and interprets that original to the great adulation of the masses. Why so? Because the high school band will play for food and gas money, and the originator, the artist forever known as God, requires your all.

Some people are okay with a cover band. It’s all they’re willing to shell out, and they know they’ll only get their money’s worth. Perhaps the rhythm will be off here or there, or the lead vocals will fail to reach the high notes, but it sounds similar enough to the original for them to be passable. But then, the cover band decides to start playing their original material, and everything falls apart faster than the US economy under this administration.

Ever wonder why the cover bands are screeching about sweeping revival while the Original speaks of a great falling away? Ever wonder why while the Original speaks about being hated, delivered up to tribulation, and killed, the cover bands are droning on about best lives, prosperity, and fluffy clouds reserved in glory?

Because the cover bands are no longer cover bands. They’re creating their own music, and in many cases, it directly opposes the Original. The dirty little secret is that to the cover bands, it’s not about the music anymore; it’s about what’s hot, what’s now, and what the people want, baby! It’s like seeing Kenny G put out a mumble rap album and shrugging your shoulders, thinking it was bound to happen.

It’s not about staying true to the calling or rightly dividing the Word; it’s saying whatever it takes to fill the sanctuary, fill the coffers, and get some satellite churches under your belt. It’s the only way you’ll make an impact is what they tell themselves. You have to have the network before you can start preaching the truth. Tragically, they never get around to preaching the truth even when they have the network.

Even with all the glory hounds and everyone thinking the spotlight gives off warmth and succor, there are still purists who know the entire anthology of the Original and raise a ruckus whenever the cover bands try to play off one of their songs as one of His songs.

By all means, do your thing, but stop calling yourself a cover band. It’s disingenuous to want the clout that comes with connecting yourself with the One without adhering to His symphony. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, just because it’s easier to make gullible women captive.

There he goes again with misogyny and patriarchy! We knew it! Actually, I was quoting Paul the Apostle from his second letter to Timothy, but who cares about facts nowadays?

Some men use Jesus as the vehicle for their ambition. Some men use Jesus as a vehicle for their financial gain. Some men use Jesus as the vehicle to give validity to their ramblings. And some, fewer and fewer as time marches on, don’t use Jesus; they serve and obey Him. 

With love in Christ, 

Michael Boldea, Jr. 


Steve Hollander said...

It's really nice that you are posting regularly. Thank you. Blessings

meema said...

Can I get an AMEN!

Anonymous said...

The wolves are everywhere.

May the Lord strengthen us with wisdom, knowledge and, discernment.

Thank you for taking the time to write down your heart.