Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thoughts Volume 1

Love delights in truth.

May God never allow me to be temporarily, what I cannot be in perpetuity.

If every man who's had a momentary glimpse of goodness was truly good, then good men would not be so rare in the world.

It is not good deeds that make a man good and just, but rather a good and just man performs good deeds.

Christ must be visible in those He inhabits. He cannot remain hidden. How can the sun be hid in midday?

Selflessness is a virtue most necessary in today's day and age.

Faith is the foundation of spiritual wisdom.

Counterfeit spirituality is veiled sin. True spirituality can only be achieved in righteousness.

To those who possess true faith, God is sufficient.

Fellowship with God is birthed in humility. Often, we approach God in the flesh, considering ourselves to be wiser than He, demanding of god in our pride things that could only bring us harm.

There is nothing more criminal than to infuse the Word of God with our own opinions.

It is impossible to attain wisdom, without living wisely.

God does all things with purpose.

Men of faith honor God, and God in turn, honors men of faith.

Life and death hang in the balance of our teachings. If the teaching is pure, it will inevitably lead you on the path of righteousness, toward Christ Jesus. If the teaching is false, it will lead you on the path of deception, toward darkness and death. Cling to Christ, and know everlasting truth.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Sapphire said...

To those who possess true faith, God is sufficient

Yes... I have struggled with much over the last 4 years, and that is one verse that I cling to...

My grace is sufficient

I am not the strongest of this verse means much to me. I am so glad Jesus is there and He has much grace!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.