Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Price Salvation?

Salvation isn't free because it is cheap, on the contrary, it is free because it is priceless.
If you took the accumulated wealth of all the world's richest men, in fact if one took all the world's accumulated wealth, and if the world would unanimously pick one person for whom it would attempt to purchase salvation, the sum would be woefully insufficient.
It is because too often, men consider free salvation to be synonymous with cheap salvation that they deem raising a limp hand in a church service more than enough to ensure their eternal place with God. Without much thought as to the true worth of such a gift, many simply 'cover their bases', just in case all this talk about heaven and hell turns out to be true, and figuring that raising a hand in a stadium is easy enough, they merrily shuffle up to the podium and repeat a few words never realizing the depth of what is being offered them.
In order to obtain our pardon, in order for mankind to receive the salvation that so many take for granted and treat with such indifference, the only Son of the eternal God suffered, bled and died on a cross. Jesus suffered separation from the Father, so we wouldn't have to, took our sins upon Himself that we may be redeemed, and such a gift is priceless indeed.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

What more could be said. Amen.

A Seed Sower said...

We are so undeserving of this great salvation, at least speaking for myself. I still wonder to this day why a Holy God would even bother to reach out to a wretched soul like mine.
It is our reasonable service, the very least we can do, to give Him our all, that is the very least He deserves.
Thank you Bro Michael for giving us an outlet for our souls thoughts.