Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thoughts Volume 2

In our attempt to reinvent God, we have stripped Him of every semblance of sovereignty, omnipotence and authority.

We have reshaped, remodeled, remade and reconstructed God in our image, and though the flesh may be pleased with this outcome, the spirit weeps bitter tears.

Why this constant need to mold God in our image rather than submit ourselves and allow Him to mold us in His own?

With growing dread we see that the days are upon us. We recognize the finite detail in which the prophets of old foresaw the future of humanity, yet indifference still plagues us.

The glory of God, and the glory of this word are two mutually exclusive ideas. One cannot embrace both ideals.

Outside of God, there is no truth. If truth then, is singular and transcendent in its essence, its home lies neither in science, philosophy, or art.

Theological thought is rare in a nation wrought with excess. We have no vocation, and we invoke God only inasmuch as we need Him to bless our business, our marriage, or our endeavors.

Jesus Christ is the eternity that defines history.

Faith is not about believing the plausible, but seeing the impossible.

We glory in ourselves for the smallest act of kindness we show to others, but fail to glory God for all that He does on a daily basis. Truly, the wretchedness of the human heart knows no limits.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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Ryan French said...

Hi Mike,

I was pleased to see that you started something like this (although I understand the comment regarding the difficulty in embracing technology).

I know that many from our small church have been blessed to know that there are other brothers and sisters out there who do have the love of the truth found in them.

I visit the Hand of Help site often (for confirmation of what the Lord has shared with us), and it will be nice to be able to communicate with you on a more personal level, God willing.

You may not remember, but a small group from our church (approximately 5 of us, all youth) made our way up to Dearborn, MI during one of your speaking engagements and were very pleased that you spoke the truth of God's word, just as we expected. You did not add to God's word and spoke what He put on your heart, and for people like you, I am grateful. I do not speak this to make you feel good or lift up any man, but rather to express my gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord for preserving His true servants.

God bless you, Bro Geno and the rest at Hand of Help, and may He give us wisdom and strength to stand in these coming days.