Thursday, September 20, 2007

Semantics Notwithstanding

Although they may sound similar there is a great chasm that separates contemplative spirituality, and spiritual contemplation. It seems more and more Christians today, choose not to meditate and contemplate the spiritual, they avoid seeking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, writing off what amounts to terminal laziness, as being cautious and guarded against the modern day wave of contemplative spirituality.
In a nutshell, contemplative spirituality is the teaching that spiritual growth and true spirituality occur by contemplation not of Christ, scripture or the cross, but rather on inward meditation and repetitive mantras. I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that it is a dangerous practice for anyone seeking greater intimacy with God, but too often we confuse spiritual contemplation, with contemplative spirituality.
It is a good thing to meditate on Christ, the cross, salvation, redemption, righteousness, holiness, and sanctification; It is a good thing to spend time in prayer, in reading the Word, in learning to hear the voice of the good Shepherd, for these are the things that lie at the foundation of our relationship with Him.
Although deception may abound, even within the house of God, although alternatives to true godliness can be found on nearly every street corner, although with each passing day it seems to get a bit easier to get into heaven, and less sacrifice is demanded of those who want to get there, the cross, the blood, and the promise remain a safe harbor for us to contemplate.
Every true believer must endeavor to grow, to mature, to ascend from glory to glory, and grace to grace, for this journey upon which we have embarked demands that we not be static, that we remain in a constant state of motion, pressing ever onward toward the great prize.
God will always point out the snares and pitfalls to the pure of heart, and to those who with humility and sincerity kneel at the foot of the cross, desiring nothing more than to worship and praise Him forevermore.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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A Seed Sower said...

oh how i long for the time that we will be a parto of that eternal worship of our Lord that is to come