Friday, November 2, 2007


I would like nothing more than to simply sit in front of my computer all day, and answer every comment, question or query personally. I enjoy the fellowship. I realize full well that there are some who are in need of counsel, who are in need of an encouragement, direction and teaching.
Sometimes I wish I could tell the sun to stand still as Joshua did, extend the hours of the day so that I could get at least half the things I have on my list, done. No matter how hard I try, the sun continues its journey, dusk arrives, then darkness, and I find myself at two or three in the morning still typing away, still reading, still studying.
To those who have felt slighted for not receiving a personal reply from me, I apologize. I am one man, who is trying his best to balance a ministry, an orphanage, close to one hundred employees on two continents, speaking engagements, radio interviews, newsletter publishing, book writing, and the list goes on.
I am not bragging about how much I do, I am just trying to make some understand that this web log, is a small part of the whole. I get some comments, written in anger and frustration, stating that 'when I get a ministry, I'll respond to everyone personally, I'll take the time', and my prayer is that those of you who have written such e-mails will have the strength to keep your promise. I would take the time, if there was time to be had.
Today I fly to Kansas, and I still haven't shaved, showered or packed. If not for the cup of coffee my wife brought me a few hours ago, I would have had nothing to eat or drink since I woke up at six am.
My life is not filled with glamor and adventure, I don't have ghost writers penning my articles or books, and if my name is signed or typed to anything, it was me who wrote it.
To those of you who are seeking counsel, I have been reading the posts of a few of the brothers, and I have seen wisdom and understanding in their writings. If I am unable to respond to you, and they do, please do not feel slighted. We are a family, the body of Christ, and each of us is trying their best to do their part in the light of the gospel.
I just had to get that off my chest before I left for this weekend's speaking engagements. May grace surround you all, may wisdom guide you on your journey, and may Jesus always be your destination.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

If you had to remove the comments section to maintain your sanity I wouldn't blame you. I'm happy to just read your frequent insights.

I think the issue is that since you are such a high profile person among the many that frequent this blog, the opportunity to communicate with you for some (myself included) is a bit of a rush. And when you don't respond to them, it causes them to loose heart and become frustrated.

I understand the allure that people have for those that are “famous”. I use to do stand-up comedy (I wasn’t famous, but I had a few fans). Also, my brother is a post-production editor in Hollywood whose been nominated twice for an Emmy and the winner of a well-known film festival.

Obviously, you are not putting yourself on a pedestal, but some have put you there in their minds. It might be necessary for you to maintain a distance in order to function and still be effective in the Kingdom.

But I’m sure the Lord will let you know what to do.

God Bless,

A Seed Sower said...

Well God Bless Jeff, but...some of us are not the "rush" kind and are blessed by reading other saints comments, and find them just as encouraging. I guess I am older that a lot of you young ones, and have had the honor of hearing Bro Michael preach in person before, it didnt give me a "rush" just thrilled my soul to see someone so young, so on fire for God, and so dedicated to preaching God's Truth. Personally I believe, rather that have the comments section shut down, should pray that God comes up with a way to make Bro Michael's load a little lighter, and for God to send him more people to come along side him to help. Perhaps he needs to learn to deligate more or something. But please Bro Michael don't take down the comments, we saints need as you say to be able to minister to oneanother. God Bless Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Michael, would you please post the internet radio programs you are going to be on? Blessings, Gary and Joyce

Elm Street Chapel said...

Hhmmm, WWJD. Past the point of value (a pearl). What is the Holy Spirit saying to do?

If Jesus had a choice, minister in person to 50, 100, 200, 500 of which 10% would walk away richer in truth, 90% what they listened to couldn't absorb because of hardness of heart and would becounted against them because they couldn't or wouldn't hear.
Minister to 50, 100, 200, 500 online, right wrongs, set captives free, correct the wise that they will be wiser, of which 50% receive because they are truly thirsty, because of drought in the land, but come away encouraged and blessed, prepared. Helen, Jeff,Ryan, others and myself included in this group.
Do the best you can at both.
I don't know Michael, maybe Helen was right. You write the blog delegate maintainence to some one you trust and can decern good and evil, someone who has ears to hear, someone who knows scripture, your brother maybe. The potential here is great. I would miss anything less. God bless and guide you Michael, you are just one man.

Anonymous said...

To everything Helen B. said, (except the part about seeing you in person), I say "ditto".

The comments posted here offer insight, provoke thought, and on occasion make me giggle. I would hate to loose this forum.

One of the lesson I have learned in life is that a lot of the people who write and complain about things (with a few exceptions) tend to like writing and complaining. If you answered everyone that complained personally, then they would probably just find fault with your answer. I will quote you again, "If you have time to read this post or your bible, read the bible." The answers are there.

You just keep doing what you are doing. Don't let anybody suck you dry.

Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog -it's a somewhat more personal interaction.I must say that somewhat belatedly I started reading your series on Revelation today, and when you were commenting on "the Lord's day" and saying there 3 points of view, I was curious to see to which you "subscribed". I was thinking to myself about the verse (Colossians?) that some esteem one day, some esteem another, and some esteem everyday (or something along those lines - I didn't go look it up). I was thinking to myself that in my view, every day that you are in the Spirit, walking with the Lord, consciously seeking to follwo Him,is the Lord's day.Then I read further and found you saying much the same thing. I just wanted to say that it really is the one that makes the most sense.I grew up in evangelical / Pentecostal circles, where a lot of emphasis was placed on Sunday as the Lord's day, as if it was His only day,in that, behaviour was different on that day from all the others. I never fully subscribed to this, it didn't make sense. I probably spent too much time in the wilderness due to coming to the realization very late, that EVERY DAY is supposed to the Lord's day.

Anonymous said...

Helen...I hope I didn't offend you or anyone else. Based on some of the responses Mike said he received, it reminded of a "fan" mentality. I don't know if the number of these types of comments are great or small; but he does get them none the less.

I appreciate Mike for being a down-to-earth guy with a heavenly mind; wanting to respond to all of us. That speaks volumes of his humble nature.

My guess is that as more like-minded Christians (and not-so-like-minded) begin to discover this blog; Mike will find himself swamped; trying to read and/or answer everyone's comments; both those that support him and those that appose him. Kind of like Moses before he began to delegate the work to others.

I too have gotten to hear Mike in person. My wife and I had the chance to speak with him alone in the hotel room the night before he spoke at our church. (And it is true what he said about himself...he doesn't like to impose himself on others.) He's just a normal guy seeking to serve the Lord in every area of his life. He was taller than I expected, but still just a faithful brother in Christ. An excellent example for us all. After a few minutes I felt like I was talking to a friend that had the same interests as I did.

I do enjoy reading everyone's comments, but for Mike to have to approve every one, for the sake of preventing any obscene material, might be a bit too much. But again...if this is the Lord's desire to have Mike do this then please don't listen to me. Do what the Father says.

God Bless you Helen,


lilaclady said...

Hi,Brother Michael & fellow believers.I have read most of the materials you have wrote and say you are right on in what you are teaching.I'm glad that you are not compromising like many others. I respect that.I'm going to commit to pray for you at least 15 minutes per day. You may e-mail me with specific prayer requests if you like.My husband , son and I were wanting to come to the Maryland services , but my husband prayed a bout it and felt God was saying no.I would like to ask the other Christians here to pray for me & family too. I have health issues and seeing DR. this week. Blessings , lisa

deannaslater said...

A rush, Thrilling, Lovely, wonderful, a complete blessing, so many words we can use to describe our Joy of having you here with us Micheal, and thank you for the explanation, it will be a great help to those that just didn't understand.Your heart is so genuine Micheal I love you so much, like I love my own Sons, Blessings to you and yours my friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear brother Michael,

I just want to encourage you in doing only what the Father has called you to do and what you see Him doing. Without Him, none of us can do anything of eternal value. I pray that you will be able to daily discern what is the best use of your time for the Kingdom, because from what you share, I'm sure this concerns you.

This blog is a blessing to me and obviously to many others, and as Helen says, reading the comments of others who are part of the remnant encourages me that I'm not alone. It provides us an opportunity for connecting with and ministring to each other. God designed it that way, that we should function as a Body, and He has always been adverse to the bent of His people toward setting up an inidividual man to mediate between themselves and Him. He desires that we each know Him intimately, face to face, yet most are just like the people who told Moses, "No, you go hear from God and tell us what He says, we don't want to hear His voice ourselves, it's too scary," and the people who demanded a king. This is why there is so much deception, because people believe and trust in men - whether they are men approved of God but fallible as humans nonetheless, or not even approved or appointed by God in the first place.

Ultimately, we all have one Shepherd, the Wonderful Counselor, and His Spirit is responsible to teach us all things, in His time, and lead us deeper and deeper into the Truth of knowing Jesus in us, the hope of glory. Thank you for continually pointing people back to Him.

I appreciate your humility and how you simply deliver the messages He gives you and trust Him to do the rest, knowing you cannot be the Holy Spirit to anyone, or a policeman trying to control how people interpret or misinterpret your message or what they say. You have made yourself vulnerable to all kinds of things by creating this blog, and I thank you for your willingness to do so. I am praying that the Father will be a shield about you and speak clearly to you each day on what He has for you to write, who He wants you to reply to, if you need to address or clarify something or simply let Him defend you, and what you are free to ignore and/or entrust to His care.

I say all this not as if I think I'm telling you anything you don't know better than I, but in an effort to encourage you by repeating the truth and acknowledging what I hear coming from your heart. Stand fast in the calling you have received. If you are a son of Zadok ministering before the Lord in His Temple, don't let anyone try to make you feel guilty for not going and helping the people outside with their offerings.

Shabbat Shalom my brother

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your honesty and for sharing from your heart. I find your posts very enriching and empowering as they point us to hearing God for our selves and to weigh everything we hear. You have so much to do and all we can do is pray for you. for God to give you strength and direct you as to how you should handle and steward his work (in terms of to delegate or not). Thank you for keeping the faith and striving to become all that He is calling you to be and to be accessible to so many. May God reward you and your family for the sacrifice and obedience to serve.
In His Grace

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Michael

This Blog is for many of us our only daily sprit food. The Holy Spirit speaks through you and others in a beautiful simple way that reaches hearts. Of course our advisary will not like this. God our father will send you what ever help you need. I am praying for you. I praise God for you, this Blog, and my wonderful brothers and sisters. In Christ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

You didn't offend me with your "rush" remark. And I do understand what you mean about fan mentality.
My "ditto" was for the comments about lightening the load, delegating, communicating with the saints and Helen's other points.
From what I read I sure didn't think Helen was offended either. (No, I have never met or spoke with Helen, I'm just guessing!)
Everyone's comments here are wonderful to read. Even the ones I may not agree with entirely, they still make me think, and study.
God Bless,
Mrs. Pugh

Bill from Fla. said...

Brother Michael,

Just one thing you should learn to do. Delegate! Nobody can do it all. Lets' face it, when you try to, something or someone always suffers for it. Quite often it is either ourselves, or our family.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I am so appreciative that you somehow make the time to post on your blog every day. I would never expect a personal answer, and I am sure most others would not either. Thank you.