Thursday, November 29, 2007

A God Sanctioned Murder

Warning: The following post is symbolic; please don't rush to your telephone to call the police informing them that you would like to report a murder!

Galatians 5:22, "And those who are Christ's have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires."
1 Corinthians 15:31, "I affirm, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.

I have a confession, I killed a man today. It was not the first time, and it will not be the last. In fact yesterday, and the day before, and they day before that I killed the same man. The man was me, I hung him on a cross, and I nailed him to a tree.
With the dawning of each new day, I stand, hammer and nails in hand confronting the flesh that somehow manages to survive every time, and as per God's order, I crucify it. Each day is the same, yet different, every time I stand over the mirror image of myself, ready to strike, it pleads and attempts to beguile, the syrupy voice asking me to let him go, 'no one will know' he whispers, 'there is so much I can do for you, you don't know your potential, but I know it. It doesn't have to be this way, we can coexist.'
Before he can utter another word, I strike. My aim is true, I've had lots of practice, and practice makes perfect. He does not scream, in fact he doesn't make a sound, if not for the flash of anger in his eyes, like lighting across a clear blue sky, I would wonder if he even knew what was happening, or if he felt the sting of the nail in his palm.
The first strike is always the most difficult. The rest of the task has become habitual, and I go to work without delay. 'It's still not too late', he says, 'you can still let me go, I won't be mad.'
I turn and leave the flesh hanging there, nailed to the cross, knowing that tomorrow we will meet again, and once more he will attempt to beguile me, and I must be strong enough to resist.
Life is a daily struggle, and the mortification of the flesh is a constant in the life of every believer. Merciless as it may sound, knowing that the smallest of compromises will cause the flesh to overtake the spirit, we must not give in, make no concessions, and allow no negotiation.
The flesh is a liar, no matter what it promises, no matter how it attempts to deter you from your spiritual walk, always remember it is the flesh's job to attempt and deceive you, to drag you back to the mire from which you were plucked and cleansed by the blood of Christ.
Some days are easier than others, some days rather than spend an hour in prayer, it is necessary to spend three hours in supplication before the heavenly Father, until the fact that the flesh has been crucified for the day is a certainty, beyond doubt.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Amen

deannaslater said...

How the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing, why don't we when were weak let the spirit take us, because we are lazy, it takes time it takes an effort to pray, to pray away this lust for the flesh that tries to drag you down to the mire of sin, it takes shouting and screaming, you are a liar, go in the name of Jesus, and begin to let the spirit pray, praying with authority that has been given to us Luke10:19 I give you authority over all the power of the enemy, he left us with all the power to defeat the liar, but instead we take the lie and without a fight go down to the depths of hell for a night, to what? to only contend with the guilt, the shame, of again causing the Spirit of the living God such pain, such tears, but the flesh is alive I can touch it I can see it, I cannot see the Father with my visual eye ,its easy it seems to fall prey to the wantings of the flesh, but the spirit after sin has taken its toll, cries out with agony, deep groaning s of pain, that another battle of the flesh has taken rule over the spirit , is this the battle Paul was talking about in Romans:7 Oh wretched man that I am! who will deliver me from this death? I thank God--through Jesus Christ our Lord!

A Seed Sower said...

Thanks I needed that, yes He is worth it, He is worth every nail in the flesh, every pain of resistance, every lonely hour, every rejection, every rebuke, He is worht everything...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but smile as I read your post...your descriptive writing makes it seem almost as if I was watching it play out :).

Yap...the flesh is had to kill but we can immobilize it temporarily at the cross. Everyday i have to ask the lord to rule over my heart, mind and my tongue...its a daily battle and at times a moment by moment endeavor.


Anonymous said...

I really needed that. The operations and the manifestations of our sinful nature fights us so much. And what alot of us, call the devil is actually US submitting to OUR passions and our own desires!!!

O that we may kill our flesh and its passions and desires that we may walk as HE walked on this earth....

I love u man of God, and may God keep you!!!! one day, i would love to hear how the lord has kept you from the multiple temptations around us in this Babylonian nation.

with love, Tylee Johnson

Bonny said...

How true, Michael! Dying daily is the toughest part of living the Christian life....there is always something to entice the eyes, the ears or the intellect...the man of the flesh always says 'yes, but...'
The old man always cries out to be fed and satisfied.
May we be willing all the more in these times to die to self!
Bless you and your family, Michael.

A Seed Sower said...

"Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him."

I came across this scripture while reading just now Bro Michael, and I felt led of the Lord to share it with you to keep you in remembrance of how precious you are to God.
God bless
Helen B

James Kinsman said...

he sits in his room and never leaves the glorious God and if he leaves he knows he will be ready

lilaclady said...

Just when i think I've overcome something, then my dumb flesh rises up again and messes up everything . Pray for me to be victorious in this area. I had an arguement with my husband and I shouldn't have. I been reading James about controlling the tongue, yeah it lashed out again.Thanks for teaching the truth . lisa