Monday, November 5, 2007

Somebody Had To Say It!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy one liners with the profundity of a fortune cookie insert as much as the next guy. If it were only one isolated incident, I would have let it pass, since I am a gracious sort of person, but today I got hit with two 'how dumb to they think we are?' moments.
The first was when I clicked on a link a friend forwarded to me, with no explanation, featuring a preacher of the female persuasion who boasts of titles such as evangelist and prophetess. I waited patiently as the video loaded only to hear her start talking about pens. Yes, pens, the writing instruments.
She began by instructing everyone present, and those watching at home, not to use a Bic, because it was for the common person, and I waited to see the profound prophetic insight attached to such a foolish remark.
I gave her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she had a contract with the Pilot people, or Cross Pens, or even Sharpie. So fine, don't use a Bic, now what?
She then went on to say that your writing instrument determines where you're headed, and that she has even paid upwards of five thousand dollars for an ink pen. Yes, I said five thousand dollars, it was not a misprint, or a misspelling. What a way to spend the widow's mite! So if you're writing with a Bic, you're out of luck, you will always be common and ordinary.
Luckily I write with a Dr. Grip someone gave me at a meeting a few years back, and I buy the refills for a dollar, so I don't feel that ordinary.
Jesus wrote in the sand with His finger. Did that per chance determine where He was headed?
My second 'how dumb do they think we are?' moment of the day came by way of a letter that was waiting in my basket this morning when I got to the Hand of Help office. The perfectly polished teeth of a smiling face caught my attention, and a fraction of a second later I saw the big yellow letters, scrawled as if by hand on the outside of the envelope that said, 'your future is decided by who you have chosen to believe!' Yes, and you are what you eat as well.
I opened the envelope, just for kicks since I already knew, if only in broad terms what the letter inside entailed, and discovered that my success was on this man's mind, in fact powerfully so, and he queried as to whether or not I saw in myself the four success qualities he saw in me. Lucky me, my own personal cheering section.
Requests for a faith promise ensued, as well as promises of seeing my 'miracle day' if I was inclined to sow a seed.
For some unexplainable reason it isn't the world, but the leaders of today's church that think Christianity is the oasis, the last and only refuge for the simple minded and semi literate.
We have boiled the message of the cross in all it's beauty and complexity down to catchy one liners, and monosyllabic clusters of unrelated words that usually end in 'you can do it', or 'make a vow.'
We need to once again be reminded that the Bible is unique. Although the essence of the message can be grasped by the simplest of minds, its depth is as such that it has challenged and stimulated the intellect of some of the greatest minds ever to walk this earth.
There are layers upon layers in God's Word, and the deeper we go, the greater and more priceless the treasure.
When I was young, I was fascinated by archeology, so I will use an archaeological analogy to explain myself.
When considering a dig sight, archaeologists perform what is commonly referred to as a core sample survey. Basically, they take a hollow metal tube, and drive it into the ground, then lift the column of earth trapped in the tube and study it for evidence of previous and bygone civilizations.
Each strata of earth tells a story, and reveals something about the people and the culture that once inhabited that precise piece of earth. Although you may only find gum rappers, and bottle caps on the surface, the deeper you go, the more valuable the things you will find, and the more insightful and revealing the information you will glean.
Don't be content with the one liners, the substance less promises, which amount to the gum wrappers and bottle caps of doctrine and wisdom, dig deeper, for that is where the true treasure awaits those who diligently seek it.
I have often been criticized for using big words in some of my writings, and to those critics I have said, and continue to say, that I am writing for the Children of God, and they are anything but ordinary, or of average intelligence. I choose to believe the best of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and consider myself the dumbest of the lot.
Even if some may not understand a word here or there, the essence of the message is clear to all: Jesus, the Blood, and the Cross.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Well said! Bravo! Too funny...I needed that laugh! Speaking on your writing skills, you do write very well. You should write books if you don't already. Thank you for the truths that make you think, seek, bring conviction, and those that make you laugh.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Paul Morris

Elm Street Chapel said...

Some time ago, I went deer hunting. After sitting in a blind for sometime, staring, searching for a glimse of the alusive quarry, my mind began to wander; Why can't I see a deer? To many trees in the way. What if there were no trees? The rolling hills cover and hide the deer. Well you know that they are out there, you see the tracks, the rubs, the dodo. Ya, but why can't I see them. To many trees!

Being a Christian is allot like deer hunting; Where's the Christians? You can't see them for the weeds. What if there were no weeds? The big, tall church buildings would hide them. Well you know that they are out there you can see their footprints. Ya, but why can't I see them in my town? To many weeds.

We only see the high profile, whats put infront of our eyes. But in our spirit we know that you are there. Hidden in plain sight, awaiting the night, when we light our lamps, then we will see, then you will be known.

Elm Street Chapel said...

I just happened to read this post for the first time, only shortly after writing my father-in-law regarding a women TV evangelist who promised those who pledge $80 for 12 months prosperity and a 'threshold' that the enemy cannot stop.

I begin to laugh when I hear things like this, until I catch myself and realize that thousands, if not millions, of so-called Christians are eating the things that this lady is offering. Not to mention, shortly after she had to speak about, by name, all of those big names in TBN that were in the audience and how much God has blessed them and will bless them.

I cry out for the righteousness and justice to be established. Lord have your way in us all, that we could speak words of Truth that would set the captives free. Only you have the words to eternal life and I pray that those whose hearts are stirred, and have heard, would come out and be separate unto you in Jesus' name.

God have mercy on us,

Anonymous said...

Apparently "we" ARE that dumb.

I wonder if this prophetess would even begin to count the cost of the ultimate Pen of the Spirit that can write righteousness on the hearts of the people to whom she ministers?

2 Corinthians 2:17 - 3:6

Anonymous said...

yes dear brother Michale this world cheapens all that is good. Jesus who I love beyond telling, is joined with Santa Satan, tricky isn't he. then there is also frosty and that red nosed deer. Jesus said " he who gives these little ones even a drink of water in my name will by no means loose his reward". I am 54 years old. I have heard probably a thousand times " what did santa bring you" . I haver never heard " what did Jesus bring you". There is a reason that the Bible calls Satan the God of this system. We don't need to conform to this system. We need to conform to the will of God. Why is salvation a free gift? Because not one human could pay the price of it. All of us together could not pay the intrest on the life of God's Son. Stop seeing Jesus the way the world sees him. He is not a cartoon . He is not a helpless baby in swadling clothes. He is not a man on a cross. Two out of three he has been. Jesus will return in all the glory of his Father. He will fight as in the day of battle. On that day you better be behind him not in front. My Lord, My best friend, My hope, is coming back, soon ,Praise God. Thank you Father.

Anonymous said...

5000 dollar pen. I didn't know such a thing existed !! I can't help but think that someone who would pay that much for a " pen " is " touched in the head " instead of touched by God. Is the ink made of crushed diamonds ??

Who is this lady ?? She should be shamed for spending donations of ' God's people ' ( and I say that ' lightly ' ) in such a frivolous way. I don't know what bible these people are reading.......and again I say that lightly. They have no clue as to who Jesus is and they certainly preach another gospel, and another Jesus.

It makes you want to cry..........among other things.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago a wise pastor helped me to understand that when God leaves a person to their own devices this is what happens.
When He stops intervening ,it's over.
It's judgment on the church and it will get worse.
Israel went so far as to have Temple prostitutes.
" Come out from among them "

We sheep are easily led.
I was looking for a church in Orlando when the World Super Star Christian TV, buckets of money man had a church there and I foolsihly thought I stumbled into good grazing pasture.
The Lord showed me many things I could not see with my natural eyes in a short time and I escaped.
Many in Christiandumb do not know that two of his original slain in the spirits 'catchers' died of heroin overdoses.
The wolves among us hide their pelts well.

A story I heard some years ago; While the moslems hordes
surrounded Constantanople that a number of 'wise ones' spent a great
deal of time debating the topic of "how many angels could fit on
the tip of a needle.

And the West was defeated at Constantinople.

Whether the story is true or not ,the message is unavoidable.

This is what I see happening again,as the enemy prepares.
We are seeing a repeat as our leaders and the people follow the same paths to destruction.

I seriously do believe many of the present day pursuits in the light
of what is going on beflore our eyes is indeed moronic.

The lesson of the Pen is another example of the condition of Jesus' Church before He return's.
'When the Son of man returns will He find faith ?'

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael, for reminding me to keep my message clear, well written, and above all else, worth reading.

Shalom in The Messiah,
Priscilla R

Michael Boldea Jr. said...

Yes, a $5000 pen. You can't make this stuff up. Go to Youtube, and punch in Juanita Bynum $5000 pen, and hear the exciting sermon.
You'll never be the same again, but you might need a shower afterwards. Just made me feel dirty.

A Seed Sower said...

Bro Michael, Saints, saw the video, all i can say is "Yes surely judgment Shall begin at the house of God, and when He brings that certain judgment, we will know why He did what He is going to do".
Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Colossions 2:8 says,
"See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ."

This is a verse that has held me captive for years now. It doesn't say "Oh, just avoid it if you can..." It says, "See to it", that means actively avoiding those pitfalls. How sad that the "leaders of the flock" are encouraging people to fall.

Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

In just the past 2 week's a Bible centered Church in Gainesville,Fla
and a Bible Church in Lakeland,Fla those who watch over the children were arrested and charged with sexually abuising the children in their care.
These were 'good' Christian Churches.
The pastors are blind and make
pitiful excuses.

If we do not have discernemnt now we better ask the Lord for it.

Pray for the families and these children as this is more than enough to shipwreck their faith in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is a bit of a paradox, isn't it? The deepest treasures are at the surface, and also deep within.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago, I had a strange dream. In it I went to a church that is known to be a godly church. Everyone had big bibles, people were well dressed, singing wonderfully, lifting up their hands and everything in the service was like an ordinary "pentecostal" church. Then I was taken "back stage" ( or somehow i found myself there) and the scene was drastically different. There people were wrestling, back biting (literally biting chunks off each others backs!!), killing and cannibalizing each other and swimming in very a dirty, filthy sludge that stunk horribly. The people who were nor fighting were cheering and rolling in the sludge. I was so shocked and I begun to cry asking God what I was doing there and to let me out. I woke up and realized that what I had just witnessed the true state of some of the so called churches...its evil.

I’ve not shared this dream with people beyond my immediate family but for some reason, reading your post brought it to mind. We need to be very careful where we go to church because it can defile us and worse still kill us. The age of deception is here. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so we can discern the true spirit of the church we call home.

In His Grace,

Anonymous said...

I wonder what pen the Lord uses to write our names in His book? Perhaps she might offer Him one of hers...."Lord, my name is not there..? Perhaps that is because your pen was not working. Here, try one of mine!" Oh dear. It is hard to believe that people are so gullible and so desperate...however it is because they will not receive the message of the Cross. I pray that some, at least, get hungry and cry out to the Lord instead of sending money to buy blessings.

Anonymous said...

I am grieved to the core of my being at the apostate church and those who are posing as the Chosen mouth pieces of God. What judgement to think that we can cause, those Christ died for to stumble,fall and lead the sheep to sharp cliffs of destruction, truly the sheep are lost We need the Shepard of our souls to Help us we need ,His mercy and His deliverance to the young souls, WE must cry out!!I don't even remotely find the false humorous I find it revolting, it makes me very angry at the ministers who say they have a word. Western Christianity is lukewarm and where are the men and women to stand up and Contend for the faith. Lord Forgive us for our willful ignorance of your unyielding truth. My heart is broken and saddened, In your wrath remember mercy for your people. We are lost and undone with out you. Contend for the Truth, We are admonished to be wise as serpents and harmless of doves.