Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thoughts On A Plane

I can make like a wall, and pretend to be impenetrable, but the truth is that I am not impenetrable.
Throughout the Word of God we see men who were called into ministry, men whom God endowed with power, still retaining their humanity, still having emotions, struggles, times of uncertainty, and even desperation.
Just because we have been called, it does not mean that we will no longer experience the gamut of human emotions. Even Jesus wept.
When I started this web log, I made a promise to myself and to God, that I would be honest and forthright, even when my honesty didn't portray me in the best of lights. No airbrushing allowed, you get to see me, pimples and all.
Maybe some of you need to see the humanity in the servants of God, to keep you from idolizing them, and raising them up on pedestals. Others need to see their humanity, to realize they are going through the same hardships you are, and they need your prayers just as much as you need theirs.
I was flying home from Kansas today, and the following are some random thoughts I wrote down in the notebook I carry with me, and use as my journal. Chances are they won't make sense to many of you, but I promise I will post something more coherent tomorrow, once I've gotten some rest.

Just as you're about to dip your toe in lake cynicism, someone bakes you a carrot cake!
(Thank you for the carrot cake Helen, it was delicious.)

Just as you start pleading with God to release you from your duty, having grown tired of dead churches, and fake smiles, God send you to a place where there is still a hunger for the Word, and where the man shaking your hand, and smiling isn't doing it because he has the word 'usher' stenciled in gold letter on his blue blazer, but because he really means it. He is honestly glad to see you in the house of God!

Maybe we can still hope after all!

Just as you start worrying about tomorrow, or a thousand other things fighting for attention in your weary mind, you look behind you to see a little boy, grinning from ear to ear, clapping along to the worship music, and just for an instant, all seems right with the world. So precious, those moments of stillness and peace.

If only we would stop confusing the journey with the destination, life would be so much easier to live.

Sometimes in order for us to be whole there needs to be less of us. The great Surgeon knows what needs to be removed, that we may be complete.

Never forget the selfless acts of kindness , those you've only just met perform on your behalf. A man I'd only just met, once offered me his shoes. Almost ten years later, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Love must be the driving force, the principal motivator, otherwise the wounds caused by truth will not cauterize. The wounds will not heal if the Word is not preached in love!

Be humbled by the calling in perpetuity.

As far as delegating is concerned, I am by no stretch of the imagination a micro manager. In many instances I find out where I'm going the morning I drive over to Geno's house to pick him up. The things that I do, and yes I realize it sounds conceited, but it's the truth, can only be done by me. Prayer helps. Thank you for your prayers.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Father, in the Name of Your Son Jesus, I lift up Brother Michael to you. Lord I ask you to extend your grace to him, to sustain him in Spirit, soul and body.Lord,pour out your spirit upon him both former and latter rain, so that he can partake of a much needed refreshing and energizing. Multiply what rest he does receive Lord, so he may continue to do the good works that you have ordained for him to do from the foundations of the earth. Bless him for his faithfulness to you, to his family and to the body of Christ, honor his faith in you, his trust in you as his Redeemer, His Provider, His All in All. When he is weak Lord, let him say " I am strong", when his body knows sickness, let him say " I am well", and when he finds himself without this worlds finances, may he say " I am rich", because what you Oh Lord have done and are about to do for him and each of us that puts our lives in your hands, and trusts in you for our very life, breath, and being. Thank You Father that you give to Brother Michael, Brother Geno, and all of this household of faith everything they need that pertains to life and godliness. I thank you Lord for Brother Michael's safe journey, for the Word that went forth, let it accomplish what it was sent out to do and fall into the good soil, so that it brings forth much fruit.
All blessings, praise, and glory be yours Father, thank you that you hear and that I have received what I have asked for, because I beleive. Amen.

Grace and Peace to you and your household brother Michael Boldea

rebecca said...

Dear brother Mike,
Therefore the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.
Is. 51:11
You and your family are always in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one day the Lord will send you to Australia, Michael! Wish I had been there to have some of your carrot cake as well, Helen. God bless, Michael. Keeping you in prayer, and don't be discouraged.

A Seed Sower said...

Dear Bro Michael,
Your humanity and your emotions do put you in the best light. It's refreshing to see someone with a heart of compassion with real feelings. If you didn't have those emotions, and feel the freedom to express them, then you wouldn't be able to have compassion for others, nor be able to comfort them in their time of need.
You are a true blessing to the children of God. You for such a young person, show such grace and love of Christ to us less graceful, and slightly crazy ones. May the Lord comfort you,in ways that we the fellow sheep cannot.
Helen B.

Pam said...

There may be dead churches, but you, I am sure, are often there for the one....the one soul that will hear your words and take them to heart...Often never approaching you but that seed takes root and grows changing him first and then those around him...

I loved your comment on carrot cake......My daughter's personal favorite...

blessings Pam

Elm Street Chapel said...

No pedestal, just sincere appreciation for a brother in the Lord of the same Spirit.

I know that feeling of talking to "Christians" when nobody is home. I can hear the suck of the vacuum in your life from here. The sadness is a burden that no man can or should bear.

The macrocosm in which you dwell is only a magnified reflection of the microcosm in which we dwell. During this time of the Holy Spirit crying out, "Come out and be seperate", we who live in Smallville are sucked dry by those who should lead the way to refreshing. The hired shepherds have taken their toll. The sheep cry out for any bit of water to quench the thirst that a drought brings, a bit of food that strengthens in time of famine. I have seen local churches on local stations. They may not be as glamourous or polished as the "Giants" but every bit as self serving. I've listened to the drivel, the power words, the persuasive body language, the latest buzz words, the backwoods whine, all without the Holy Spirit, the Lord confirming nothing.
Michael, I feel for your plight. The demands seem enormous. The "Days of Noah" bring with them a level of demand not seen of anyone alive on this earth, or ever will be again. Preachers of "Righteousness" are few and far between. The good news is that God is for you, He will not leave you powerless or forsake you. And for such a time as this you were brought into this world, not your grandfather, you. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Be encouraged and of good cheer. The time of God revealing those who are now hidden, is at hand.

Brothers and sister, those with ears to hear, do not fear, the brightness of He who is within will soon be apparent, to those without.

A Seed Sower said...

If you don't mind Bro Michael, a note to Jeff: You didn't offend me young brother, just made me panic for a second, at the thought of perhaps loosing the fellowship and hearing the comments of fellow sheep. Personally this blog was an answer to prayer for me.
I appreciate you Jeff, God Bless.
Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Helen. I may have been too quick to make that suggestion. We had a pastor recently leave our church who was always swamped. One of those being too many people wanting his time. In fact, it turned out to be a few people wanting a lot of his time. I thought; "Oh man...I've seen this before." I was concerned; but Mike's a big boy and he'll know what to do.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with Pam about being there for the one...Bro. Michael, remember Sardis (Rev. 3:1-6)! Even there in that dead assembly, there were "a few names"...."worthy" to walk with the Master in white garments. How can those in a dead church ever find Him and enter into covenant with Him (or have it renewed) unless someone walking in His Life is willing to go present Him?? We must be "Shepherd's helpers" (Ezek. 34) and take Him to those He sees as His own, who may have been swept away by religion.
That none be lost of the Remnant!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I am glad you are "keeping it real". You are right, we normaly do not think of our leaders as being men of like passions, trials, joys and sorrows and we get so shocked at such revelations that some of us turn around and say like they said to Jesus - "you healed others and now you cann't get yourself of that cross?!" I appreciate your humility, your recognition of the misplaced adoration that we tend to give all those we want so much to be like, and your steadfastness in being committed to reflecting Christ and His power to all of us. Thank you for being so accessible and giving. May the lord truly enrich you in all things His way.

In His Grace,

Elm Street Chapel said...

Michael, I thank God for the ministry God has entrusted to you and the way that you stay in the background not looking for any man's approval is what a servant of God should be like. I thank you only for your obedience to God and your faithfulness to feeding those who are weak that they might be made strong in Him.

The times we are in should leave us all at the feet of Jesus, all the time seeking wisdom and understanding, and putting on humility. If any one who calls themselves servants ever looks to get glory for themselves, they have their reward for they love the approval of men more than the God.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. Continue to be obedient to all that He speaks to you and many will be strengthened.

Continue to judge a righteous judgment and love to speak the truth more than pleasing any man, and God will see to it that His words, out of your mouth, do not return unto Him void.

God be with you brother, for He is all that we have, all that we need.

Love in Him,