Friday, March 21, 2008

Blood Bought

He had known betrayal before, upon Lucifer’s attempted overthrow. He had known disappointment before, upon Adam’s disobedience in the garden. He had known anger before, as the world and everything on it was submerged in the waters of the flood. He had even known joy and pride as He beheld the faithfulness of Job. This however was an entirely new feeling. God felt pain. His heart broke as He watched in silence. He witnessed His only begotten Son carry the cross up to Golgotha, saw as nails pierced flesh, but finally He could no longer stand the agony. God hid His face.
There was no other way, and God knew it. Not all the blood of all the rams and oxen in the world could accomplish what the blood of His Son would, redemption and pardon for mankind. If there was another way, another option, it would have been pursued no matter the cost, for the pain God felt was very real, as was the anguish and agony of His beloved Son.
As time marches on man seems to grow ever more forgetful of what this season is all about. It’s not about bunnies, nor is it about colored eggs, it is about the blood that was shed for our transgressions, and the sacrifice that was made, the life that was given, that we might have life.
We have the unique tendency to argue over the mundane, and gloss over the profound, quibbling over which day Christ really rose on, what sort of thorns were placed upon His head, or whether it was a cross, or just one long piece of wood He hung upon for our sins.
I don’t care whether He rose on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, what is paramount is that He rose. He is risen, and now stands at the right hand of the Father. The price was paid in full! His blood bought me, and cleansed me, sanctified me and granted me entrance into the kingdom of God.
Never forget dear friend that you were bought with a price. It was no mere treasury of gold or silver that redeemed your soul from the darkness; it was the blood of the Son of God. By His stripes we are healed, by His shed blood we are redeemed. May we approach this knowledge with the solemnity, humility, gratitude and thankfulness it rightly deserves, and never take for granted that Christ suffered and died upon a cross, that God ached and hid his face, and that never in the history of mankind will there ever be a more perfect embodiment of love that what took place on Golgotha two millennia ago.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

I remember as a child growing up in a Greek household during Easter, we would greet each other with the saying, "Christos Anesti," which is, "Christ is risen." We would respond with, "Alithos Anesti," which means, "Indeed He is risen."

Praise God.

Anonymous said...

hey michael,

i was wondering if it would even be proper to reply to todays post as what has been said probably needs no acumen-still after reading said post my heart has been stirred in many directions and like looking at a precious jewel we may each see a different reflection within our gaze-

and my gaze happens upon the will of god, and the wonderment that this day would bring such pain, and yet birth such joy. for from eons past this being has pondered the day when what was wronged would be righted, and nothing would thwart what was determined in the counsel of this being from ages past.

for me there were many days determined to reach this point in the history of man, and to say which one is more important-well they all make up the sum total of the mercy and glory of god. it is one thing to anticipate a matter, and another to flesh it out-the fleshing out as we see is where the mystery truly unfolds.

was this the only way? i am not sure it was, but we do know that it was the way that was predetermined-and when christ asked for another way-well the will of what unfolded was the only way offered to him on that day. we now know from our perspective that the tremendous humiliation that god experienced that day opened the way for an exaltation and glorification that the likes of any created being has yet to see.

many still run to stand in the shadow of the first adam, while the cross as we know it luminates the way to the second adam. those short few days truly are the demarcation point of all humanity and yet we know of a better day which will swallow all days of remembrance.

thanks for letting me flesh out my thoughts----p.g.----

Sapphire said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

If we realize that the Son of God was the Passover sacrifice that takes away the sins of the world then it takes one away from anything to do with the pagan holiday called Easter. The Messiah came down here and fulfilled Passover; He was the perfect sacrifice. Nothing but the Blood of the Son of God could have fulfilled the Kinsmen Redeemer Law and ransomed our lost souls.
"But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God,"(Hebrews 10:12)
It was at Jesus's last Passover Supper with His diciples that He changed the traditional Passover meal, which included the sacrifice of a lamb, to the eating of Unleavened bread and wine in remembrance of His sacrifice. When people move away from the traditions of men and call the sacrifice of our Lord the Passover and not mention the name Easter, which we were told never to mention in Exodus 23:13, the seriousness and importance of this intervention in human affairs by the Creator God of the Universe becomes very plain.
"For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified."(Hebrews 10:14)

Anonymous said...

YES, YES, YES. Please brothers and sisters. Put down the bunnies, baskets, colored eggs. Stand clear of the heathen, customs that have stolen the true Glory of Gods greatest gift to mankind, His Son. Rejoice in Jesus. Praise God. Reject false worship. Embrace true worship. Embrace God.

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richa said...
dear brother,
i don't know if this is the place to contact you,but i know you are a godly man and can help.
i am a desparate born again christian,whom God saved in 2005.
i come from a hindu background,i am the only saved in my family.
i have been married for over a year now,and my husband nishant is not saved.
i am so desparate,i long to go to church or have fellowship,but i can't..because he doesnt approve...
moreover,he always encourages me to get involved into his revelries,parties with friends...which are a pain for me..
as christians we are called to a total separation from the world,and i have left all to serve my Lord jesus.
i even gave up looking for job(though i am an engineer) because God asked me can i enjoy his worldly ways and his friends...
my heart breaks...when i see him like this,i am totally heartbroken,and even as i write this,i cry...
please reply
your sister in christ

Bonny said...

Amen to that! Thanks Michael.