Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Catching Up

Time doesn't just fly, a new word needs to be invented as to how quickly time evaporates. Between writing, doing radio shows, guest hosting for other radio hosts, and having dinner with my wife once in awhile, its a wonder I still have time to sleep.
I have been working on a three part post that isn't quite ready yet, but will upload it as soon as the rough edges are hewn and it becomes on the screen as I envisioned it in my mind.
I just wanted to throw up a short post saying that I have not forgotten about Homeward Bound, but am actively working toward incorporating it in my daily routine.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jeanie for the quilt. Thank you. The miniature one is lovely, my wife put it on the coffee table.
As some of you so aptly put it in previous responses, now, back to work.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Bonny said...

Dear brother, we love you. Don't apologise for not writing on your blog every day....I think we all appreciate the fact that you take the time and are faithful to write as much as you do. Even a short post is always a blessing to us.

Anonymous said...

Are the radio shows available on the web for download. I didn't see any archives on the Spirit1 website.

Anonymous said...

I just starting reading a book this morning that I just received from Ebay 2 days ago called The Heavenly Man- story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun. Though I just starting reading it, I felt impressed to share a little of the beginnings of it.

Humble beginnings-
...Marie Monsen was different from most other missionaries. She didn't seem to be too concerned with making a good impression on the Chinese church leaders. She often told them, "You are all hypocrites! You confess Jesus Christ with your lips while your hearts are not fully committed to him! Repent before it is too late to escape God's judgment!" She brought fire from the alter of God...

China became a Communist nation in 1949. Within a few years all missionaries were expelled, church buildings were closed, and thousands of Chinese pastors were imprisoned. Many lost their lives...

In just one city of China, Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, 49 pastors were sent to prison labour camps near the Russian border in 1950. Many were given sentences of up to twenty years for their "crimes" of preaching the gospel. Of those 49 pastors, just one returned home. 48 died in prison.

In my home area of Nanyang, believers were crucified on the walls of their churches for not denying Christ. Others were chained to vehicles and horses and dragged to their death...

Life was not just difficult for Christians. Mao launched an experiment called the "Great Leap Forward", which led to a massive famine all over China. It was actually a great leap backwards for the nation. In my Henan Province it was estimated that 8 million people starved to death.

During these difficult times the small fledgling church in my home town of Nanyang was scattered...

Marie Monsen call to the church for repentance reminds me of our Bro. Duduman's and Bro. Boldea's cries to the church today for repentance. Though the famine was due to one man's doings, it was mostly because of the rejection of God, his Son and word, thus the judgment that Sis. Monsen spoke that was to come. This makes also makes me think of the word of our Lord on 12/16/07-

...He said that a famine shall come over the land and many cattle, livestock and other animals will die. "You will know of, but not see the devastations around you; earthquakes, explosions, flooding and think that you will be spared, but judgment will be upon all the land of your nation."

"You do not even realize that when the rains were held from you this past summer and your corn and beans did not grow, that this was a taste of things to come. But look to Me now and draw close to Me, so that when this day comes, I will supply all your need."

"There will also be a famine of My Word in this nation of iniquity and it has already begun, but you have not recongnized it for what it is. My Word is not spoken in the congragation among you. It shall be considered obsolete, not necessary any longer and in time be considered heresy to possess or speak My Word. Do not be dismated when this happens, but rather remember that I have sent you a Comforter who shall bring all things to remembrance."

Sorry this is so lengthy and not related to anything on the site at this time. It's just what is on my heart, your sister in our Lord.

Bonny said...

Perhaps the speed of light is speeding up!!!!The days seem shorter......or is that part of being busy and getting older anyway!!! Take care, Michael. Praying that you will get the rest you need and that the Lord will sustain you in these times.

Bonny said...

Dear Anonymous, The Heavenly Man is a wonderful book. My daughters and I were all very moved by it, particularly to see the power of God move in times and places of great need, and the church grow strong in spite of great hardship and persecution. That we in the West would be found so worthy!

Anonymous said...

Brother you need to post more warnings time is running out and nobody wants to
hear it. God has called me to be his watchman and they hate me for it every thing I say is negative to what they want to really hear but I have to tell it like it is Ezekiel 3:11