Friday, January 25, 2013

Irreconcilable Differences

One cannot rewrite history at infinitum. No matter how many compliant sheep regurgitate the same obvious lies, no matter how many smiling faces attempt to reassure us simple folk that we’re just too dumb to get what’s really happening, that it’s for our own good, and we just have to shut up and go along with everything, eventually there comes a tipping point wherein people just can’t take it anymore.

You can tell me the sun is shining all you want, but if I get drenched each time I walk outside, there will inevitably come a day when I’ll start to seriously consider whether you are, in fact, insane, or just lying to my face.

Even though I am not physically in America at this time, I still get enough e-mails and read enough news reports to know that things are not as some would like to make them seem. Much as the media would like to spin what’s happening and make us believe we are revisiting the golden era of American capitalism, the e-mails I’m getting are from men and women of all ages and all walks of life asking for prayer to find a job, and be able to put food on their family’s table.

There is a marked difference between reporting something in good faith that later turns out to be false, and intentionally attempting to deceive an entire nation, making them doubt what their eyes are seeing and what they are personally going through.

Of the six e-mails I received asking for prayer for a job over this past weekend, three of them had a variation of the naturally occurring self-doubt which comes upon a man when he is told that everyone’s got more work than they know what to do with, yet they themselves can’t find part time employment to save their lives.

The tension is visible from afar, and as with anything under extreme pressure, it will not take something major to cause it to give way.

We are the camel. All we need is the straw, and it doesn’t help that some, in pursuit of their agenda, are throwing hay bales on our backs.

I find myself spending more time praying that the faith of my brothers and sisters in Christ will not fail than ever before. The truth nobody wants to hear is that we’re just getting started, and we’ve got a long way to go until we come out the other side. Welcome to the valley.

If it’s of any comfort, know that you are not alone in this valley, and as long as we keep our eyes firmly affixed upon Christ Jesus, we will get through it without losing our way. Some will choose to give up along the way, others will try to find shortcuts, others still will give in to their feelings or emotions, and a blessed few will have the Word as a lamp unto their feet, and follow the path faithfully until they reach their destination.

Much as some would like to say otherwise, we choose which camp we belong to, we choose which group we walk with, and due to the choices we make we will either be among the conquered, or the conquerors.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


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Barbara said...

Does tithing work? If you ask someone like Pat Robertson, he says there is a law of reciprocity where God will multiply what you give to him, and that he demands ten percent of your income in order to take care of you financially. If you watch 700 Club, there are constantly stories of how people were desperate financially, maybe with no job and huge debt. They just start tithing off of what they do have, and then maybe in a few months or sooner, they have money flowing in and job offers.

I wonder if it is that simple and easy. I have heard other Christians say that the reason you are poor is because you are not tithing and as long as you tithe, you will be taken care of.

Then I read that the tithe was just a tribute of the Levites to the priests so that they would have enough food while they were busy doing sacrifices. I think all the tribes had to give 10% to keep the temple going. I think this was a food offering though.

I once knew a Jewish man who gave his shul 10% and then 10% to chairty. He only had a very humble apartment with a shared bathroom and a cranky landlady who he successfully fought with. There was a great peace in his apartment though, even among his very few things.

I really don't know what to think about some people being very poor and some rich. Is it the fault of the poor that they are poor, and can you be happy if you are poor?