Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Guess It's Decided

Although I can’t speak for others who blog regularly, I can speak for myself and I can tell you most of the time it feels like you’re screaming in a vacuum, or throwing words down a bottomless pit from whence you never even hear a peep.

It is a solitary thing, this writing, and if not for the knowledge that God requires it of me that I might encourage and edify others, I would have given it up a long time ago.

As such, it was a surprise to get so many comments to my question as to whether I should continue the series on prayer, or continue writing standalone articles as the Lord leads, and I want to thank every one of you for taking the time and voicing your opinion.

As someone so astutely intuited the issue is time more than anything else, and having to juggle all I need to do is becoming increasingly difficult.

Throughout the course of the next two months I will be traveling and speaking beginning this weekend, filming more of the ‘truth in a nutshell’ teachings as well as longer teachings, finishing the second book on prayer, finishing a couple other books I’ve been working on in tandem, and getting some side gigs for a little extra scratch so I can do something nice for the wife for our thirteenth anniversary…and all this if the Lord wills.

So the decision I’ve made in regards to my conundrum is that I will do as the Lord leads, for as long as He gives me the strength to do it.

Since most of you have likely lost the thread on the prayer series, I will continue to post standalone teachings, and when I have a certain prayer done front to end, which will end up being a whole chapter in the book, I will post it in its entirety rather than a thousand words per day. That way, those of you who like to read can read the whole thing in one sitting, and won’t have to scroll through months’ worth of posts.

Again, thank you all for your encouragements and your comments. Who’d have thunk it? Someone actually reads this blog.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Well, there is one old lady up in the North Maine woods who reads your blog every day and really thanks God for it! I should have said so more often but God usually prefers me to keep my mouth shut as I usually end up with my foot in it somehow.

You are one of the lone voices of God's word these days. I hope you keep it up for as long as you can, and if you ever need a break, there are a pair of chairs waiting for you and your wife where you can put your feet up and just relax.

Ed Devine said...

Sorry Michael that I didn't respond sooner. I check your blog daily for new info and rely on it as a source of inspiration (a confirmation that I am sane and what I'm witnessing in the world is real!)and am greatly encouraged by your writings. Please continue bringing these much needed and appreciated messages.
Thanks, Ed

j said...

I can remember you coming to Shawano,Wi. to speak about 10 years ago.
I want to say you spoke on a Sunday night. After you got done speaking you sat in the back of the church with your head down praying.
I approached you and said thanks for your message. I went on to tell you that I haven't heard a message like your's in a long time spoken in our church.
Mike please keep speaking the truth as the Lord will honor you. Pray for me as I desire a deeper walk with the Lord. Pray for me that I maybe more in tune with the Lord as he leads and directs my life.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Michael , you and your family are in my prayers.
Please know that the words that God has spoken to you that you have shared has changed my life!
Thank you !
Also got the Kindle version of When Ye Pray that God has shown me so many things in His Word about prayer
Please take care,


Thank you Michael. I do read the blog every chance I get, sometimes several times over. Edification, insight, and wisdom are good things to find nowadays.

Mary Lamoray said...

I love the solution and will look forward to all the Lord has for us through your writings.

You are very much appreciated!!

Barbara said...

I would like to read a series on discipleship, as in how to develop good character as a Christian. It is one thing to know what is right or how to pray, but it is another thing to be able to want to do what you hear after.

I would like to read articles on things like resisting temptation. There isn't much information on this. I think when you are able to do this, you grow in the Lord, but it is the hardest thing to do. There are so many places in the Bible where someone fell to temptation and messed up their lives and God's plan.

You want to do right, but the spirit is willing while the flesh is weak, as Paul said. He got a thorn in his side to remind him of what could go wrong again if he just does what he wants.

Another thing I would like to learn about is endurance, as in how to survive continued torture and abuse. This wears out a lot of people and makes them give up. It is not just the promise of good that you can't have that makes you stumble, but also the fear of something bad that you can't survive any more.