Monday, April 1, 2013

My Conundrum

Some time ago I said we would resume our teaching on prayer entitled ‘Lord Teach Us to Pray’ today.

Although I am willing to do so, and do plan on finishing the second and third book in the series, my conundrum is this: when posting a standalone article or teaching, the number of visitors to the blog triples and even quadruples compared to when we have a protracted teaching series going on.

Although numbers in and of themselves don’t affect me in any way, what they imply must nevertheless be taken into account.

And so, my question to you is as follows: do I continue the teaching on prayer on the blog, or do I keep posting standalone articles and teachings as the Lord leads?

Since I value your opinion, and respect those of you who read this blog regularly, I will submit to the will of the majority.

And so, please let me know whether you would like to see more standalone articles, or the continuing of the series on prayer.

As I said, I am planning on continuing to write the books because I know there is a need for a deeper understanding of prayer…I’m just wondering if the blog is the best place to post these piece by piece.

Thank you for helping me with my conundrum and helping me make a choice in this regard. Whichever you choose, we will commence shortly. God bless every one of you.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Suzie said...

Brother Michael,

As much as I enjoy any of the ongoing series that you so generously put time into, I love the standalone topics that you tackle. Especially when they coincide with what's going on in in today's world.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I would say let God pick (and He does seem to guide you) and forget about the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Dear brother,

You know how to be led by the Lord and not people. Obey Him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking our preference.

Our family reads your blog and teachings and also occasionally watches your videos. We are very grateful for them all. The teachings are very relevant...we look forward to them, but also have ordered the books in order to "digest" them better...sometimes we would miss several days of reading and/or skim through too quickly at the time of posting.

However, the stand-alone articles have been much more relevant, for our family, of late. They have been the encouragement and confirmation we have needed to hear. We are just very grateful to the Lord, to find these truths you share, that mean so much.

Yes, we take for granted that you will post a teaching or share what's on your heart. We are truly at a loss as to the lack of places to find Truth...reminding us, encouraging us and edifying our hearts! The Holy Spirit bears witness to our hearts, causing us to ponder,consider and repent in our day to day lives as we meditate on His word and His truth. Affirmation is what we find here.

Our own little world has increasingly grown smaller and smaller, a much lonelier place than we have ever known, but we genuinely appreciate the connection we have here. Hope this helps.

Thank you, again.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it won't help you to say both, but that is how I feel! I very much like the teaching series and would not want to see it suffer or delayed.
I think the stand aloned posts get a response because, as you have said before, we are prophecy junkies and the stand alones seem to give a glimps of what is to come.

The Lord will decide.

Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

I for one would have found great insight from these teachings "Lord, Teach Us To Pray!" and welcome the teachings continuation. Also with my husband being a new convert to Christ, it has been help in his understanding of the written word of God.

Of late, there has been much discussion over communion, as I won't take it at a church my husband is attending, that I will not name the denomination, you only have to answer 5 questions to take it. I have discussed it with the pastor of the church at my husband's request. At some time, can you teach us what the word of God says concerning this matter? I also look to what I Corinthians says, including the warning. Thank you

Anonymous said...

You had devoted Fridays to Freedom Fridays...

Anonymous said...

I love all your teachings however, I look closely at what God is telling you. Especially during these trying times. It helps me to know if I am on track with what I feel the Lord's will is for my situation. God has blessed you with such discernment and understanding for today. Those of us who follow you need to hear you since America doesn't have many Godly voices anymore. Thank you for staying strong and courageous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to keep posting, but you need to do as the Lord leads you, as it's about His will and not ours. God Bless said...

I'm a published eschatologist that shares many of your sentiments. When I blog about theology, ten or twenty people read my reports. However, when I blog about comets or Petrus Romanus, hundreds read my reports. Michael, you've walked in the spirit all these years, why change your steps now? Write as the spirit compels you to write. God Bless you, your family, and your ministry!

marshall warren said...

Well, I think you answered your own question when you said, "or write as the Lord leads." In these rapidly changes times we your readers may need the latest word from the Holy Spirit. Fundamental teaching is important and most of us have good sources for them. Always let the Holy Spirit direct you. Not the program. Keep up the good work. God bless you.
Marshall Warren

FionaB said...

Michael, While I cannot say that I am among the "majority" as my good friend was the one who told me about your blog a little over a year ago (so don't know how long you've had this blog up), I would like to give my two cents. I believe that the quantity of visitors to your blog can be a factor but should not be the deciding factor. I would say that you need to post what you believe the Lord wants you to post, even if only a few read it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am probably NOT as the majority of your readers. I Sometimes am only able to get on the internet with "free time" to read and absorb once or twice in a week or 10 days. I love your teachings on prayer and before that the Holy Spirit, however, I end up having big holes in my learning when suddenly a week or 10 days go by that I have missed and I only have time to read 3 days blog to catch up. Also, I sometimes find great comfort...or a 2x4 to wake me up, in your singular teachings. I wonder if perhaps others feel the same. Would you consider doing the prayer a few times per week, and other teachings the other 2 or 3 days?

meema said...

The issue is time - there is only so much time. Writing a blog takes time, writing a book takes time. Combining content is time saving. Of course, if I get a vote, I really enjoy your stand alone teachings and then look forward to the books as well. So, greedily I like both. :-)

But! In the end, only you and God know how much time you have. If you leave it up to us, we’d never let you rest.

For Christ,

Two Pilgrims said...

I vote for stand alone posts. Thanks and God's best!
Tom Nowack

Anonymous said...

Michael, faithful servant,

I am learning so much from the kindle version of your book I purchased. I can access it at any time together w/ my Bible & notes & it is really ministering to me in a way I have been starving for in the last 10 years. THANK YOU!

I still enjoy your articles/updates...check it every day. Wish I could hear you minister in person...we need the Word desparately!

Patient Pilgrim said...

I would love to see more stand-alone articles on your blog. Since I consider you to be a watchman on the wall, your stand-alone articles are essential to strengthen and encourage the body of Christ, especially those of us that are determined to be part of the remnant. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus.

MarsHill said...

Open a second blog for the prayer series. Link it to this one so people know about it. Then continue with the articles God is laying on your heart. We use your prayer blogs for the girls homeschooling lessons. I enjoy reposting the random articles on facebook and my email newsletter.

Just a thought.
God Bless,

j said...

I like your stand alone articles. With that being said you have to answer to the Lord. Which ever way the Lord leads you I willl still read your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this will be of any help or not.

I enjoy your series--such as the one on the Holy Spirit and prayer. I go back and read those: it's sort of like reading a book.

But I do enjoy your stand alone articles. Sometimes, your single articles speak to me about something that is going on at that particular point in my life.

Maybe a mixture of the two?!?

I warned I wasn't sure this would be helpful...

Anonymous said...

I like to read your stand alone articles as led by the Lord and often share exact quotes by you on Facebook to encourage others. I enjoy your " Truth in a Nutshell" teachings, as well, including your series on 2Timothy 3.

Anonymous said...

How about this - standalone articles on the blog itself, but as you finish sections of the prayer series, make them available on your website and then publish them in book form when ready? That would be the best of both worlds, attracting the maximum readers to be exposed to whatever God lays on your heart to write, plus continuing the needed teaching on prayer and making it available both online and in book form, as it is now. That would mean more work for you, writing a daily blog in addition to working on teaching that can no longer be used as blog entries - regularly, at least - but I am guessing that when the Lord lays something on your heart it would flow from the keyboard rather more quickly and easily than researching and working out the organization of a teaching??

Thanks for all your hard work and excellent teaching. I am working my way through your book on the Holy Spirit now and it is excellent. But I also greatly value your commentaries on various issues of the day and especially the increasingly strange goings on in the world.

Anonymous said...

You must follow has The Lord leads

Mary Lamoray said...

Michael, I know for myself that I got very behind in trying to keep up with the gets in the way and before you know it, you are trying to catch up and subsequently, losing the richness and the depths of the series. Putting it in book form is so fantastic!! I couldn't wait for the first book and am still in the first few pages. The intense, WONDERFUL! depth of the teaching has me stopping every few sentences 'plunging into incredible times of prayer' and I continue to take it very as to not miss anything.

This series is so powerful and I am so happy to hear you will be working on the other 2 books. Also, because of the fantastic richness and depth, I have not written a review yet because I thought I was going to need more time (I thought this before I got the book :) and now I may just use some of what I've written here :)

Anyway, all that to say; "Because you are still planning to write the rest of the series in book form, they are so wonderful that it would probably be just fine to finish the books and leave the blog to single teachings... that way you will have a win-win situation.

Barbara said...

I like both. Sometimes the stand alone articles are more relatable, but the series have deep insights into scripture. Probably some of both is good. Maybe some heavy topics of Bible understanding interspersed the next day with some modern issue that people are dealing with.

Anonymous said...

I understand your dilemma and am not dismissing the need for the valuable study on prayer for it has been indeed priceless. But, my concern is if you submit to the will of the majority as you have proposed and do not post daily as the Lord leads, we may miss something important that He knows we need specifically for that day.

My vote is, as always, as the Lord leads.

Ohatchee, AL

Anonymous said...

Michael, I always want to hear what the Lord places on your heart. That being said, perhaps you could do both? Maybe continue the series one day a week (or more), and use the standalones as the Lord leads?

I thank the Lord for your ministry and your faithfulness. I am especially thankful today that your new kindle book is on Amazon! I can hardly wait to get started.

A Sister in Washington said...

I vote for the stand-alone articles as the Lord leads for now. I know prayer is extremely important and I have been enjoying your series on prayer, but the times are changing so quickly now, I would not recommend locking yourself into a single topic for the blog. Thanks for all you do and for how the Holy Spirit is working through you to teach us and convict us.

Sam said...

I admit that when I am behind in a series, I feel like I must start from where I left off. However when you digress or have a side post, it stands out and it detracts my attention, and I can read it without trying to correlate with what I missed in the series. Don't get me wrong, I love the series, it is God sent and heart felt and needed! But for me personally, when I'm so far behind in the series, I feel bad trying to pick up where I left off, yet when there are posts aside from the series, and I want to read something to stir my spirit, I admit, I'm more likely to click/read the side posts rather than going back to where I left off in the series at times.

God bless you brother, keep on keeping on!!!

With love, in Christ,

brother Sam

marshall warren said...

You can never go wrong writing, "as the Lord leads." In these last days events can happen rapidly. Our Lord sends out warnings via the Holy Spirit to the saints as they are needed to prevent our being deceived. You have been used by Him in this capacity. So, let the Spirit lead you, not the program. God bless you and thank you for your diligence.
Marshall Warren

Anonymous said...

I buy your books, so I would prefer standalone articles on your blog. Either way, I will read what you post.

Thank you!!

Eli said...

I love the standalone articles that you share with us. I think the only thing that really "scares" me, if you will, in regards to the "Lord Teach us to Pray" is the "part 200+" label. If you broke them down into smaller parts they would be a little easier to take on.

ntribley said...

For whatever reason, I find that your stand-alones seem more relevant to me. However, I would agree with those who said, "Do as the Lord leads!" The last thing I would ever want you to do would be to give into the majority if the Holy Spirit is telling you otherwise!

Barbara said...

I kind of like the prayer series. It is the first series that I can stick with. I think it is for serious believers. There are probably a lot of readers who aren't at that level yet. They probably enjoy the current stand alone topics more.

Maybe there is a way to combine the two in one. You can take the prayer information, and then relate it to a current topic. That might be hard though, so maybe you can just switch between them.

I know it takes a lot of imagination to write something. Sometimes you only have but so much. You could also try to go slower with the prayer topics and break them down more so people can see and understand better.

The easy stuff is nice now and then for a break, but the deep wringing out of the word is good for people who enjoy the meat of the word. Most places just offer the fluff and milk and you don't learn anything new after a while.